London, UK, 6th March Wolfy’s Bar, a thriving cafe and bar in South East London, is excited to announce the launch of an innovative NFT collection that seamlessly bridges digital and physical spaces to benefit both NFT holders and the business itself. Dubbed “Little Wolfy’s,” these 10,000 unique digital collectibles will grant owners special access and experiences that elevate the customer journey. 

We believe our core values of community, sustainability, and innovation should inspire other family run businesses as well,” said Wolf and Marike, owners of Wolfy’s Bar. “The Wolfy’s NFT collection allows us to involve our patrons in our growth, rewarding them in both digital and tangible ways as we continue expanding.”

Forged on the environmentally friendly Solana blockchain, each Little Wolfy’s NFT boasts hand-drawn stylised artwork reflecting Wolfy’s signature branding. Four especially rare NFTs unlock additional perks like naming rights to new menu items and VIP treatment. Owners can also access an exclusive Wolfy’s chat space to vote on decisions about the bar’s future direction. 

Wolfy’s is targeting a wider audience aligned with its ethos of premium fare, sustainability, and digital innovation. They aim to host members-only special events, integrating NFTs and the bar experience, and collaborating with other forward-thinking brands.

Furthermore, the impetus for Wolfy’s NFT innovation was a tale of personal resilience and vision. After a 2019 financial challenge, Wolf turned a modest £13,000 crypto investment into £260,000 that seed-funded his and Marike’s dream bar. Wolfy’s NFTs manifest his success in translating virtual opportunities into real-world community impact.

Wolfy’s immediate roadmap includes selecting a site for a new London Bridge location set to open in October 2024, preceded by exclusive NFT-holder parties. Each new cafe and special event, will emphasise Wolfy’s commitment to environmental best practices and positive community contribution.

The presale for 100 “OG Roll” NFTs is now live for £180 each. The entire team invites you to go and grab your units today before the presale ends.

Additionally, 2000 whitelist spots will be available for £245 before the public sale i.e. the mint date set in the Q2 of 2024 at £260 per NFT.

Wolfy’s Bar was conceived as more than just a place to grab quality food and drinks,” Wolf said. “It embodies innovation, resilience, and our ideals around sustainability and community. We can’t wait to see it continue thriving both physically and digitally thanks to the amazing power of NFT technology.”

For foodies, crypto enthusiasts, and patrons who want the best of both worlds, Wolf and Marike invites you to join their community by visiting their café, grabbing a perfectly crafted NFT, or engaging with them on social media.

In case of any queries, please contact:
Name: Wolf Dette


Organization: Wolfys Bar

About Wolfy’s Bar:

Wolfy’s Bar is a passionate community-driven cafe and bar located in South East London’s Casa del Quays. Founded in 2023 by owner Wolf, Wolfy’s Bar goes beyond serving top-notch coffee, drinks, and fare – it strives to build an inclusive space focused on sustainability, innovation, and enriching customer experiences through the power of digital connectivity.

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