In a bear market, liquidity exits the ecosystem and those that remain in the space are left wondering whether unsustainable yields and projects with no fundamental viability or cashflow are all the opportunities left to invest in. Infrastructure plays like telecoms are relatively strong performers in a bear market, as people are always going to want to access the Internet, make calls and send money.  

In places like East Africa, rapid population growth and technological advancements have made for a market that seeks connectivity and economic growth, ready to contribute to the rest of the world. The World Mobile network is rolling out in East Africa and beyond, ready to connect millions of users and tie real-world revenues to token holders. 
In this market, it is increasingly clear that crypto needs to tie dApps and their tokens to real, sustainable revenue, and this is what the World Mobile Token and its EarthNode Auction deliver. 

Bid on an EarthNode to own real-world value 
EarthNodes are a core component of the World Mobile network and a valuable and rare example of real utility in the cryptocurrency space, where owners can earn rewards and attribute value to their nodes that is separate from a volatile crypto market. 

The World Mobile Token EarthNode Auction is currently live, allowing token holders to bid on the few remaining EarthNodes and claim their role as the heartbeat of the World Mobile network. 

A limited number of EarthNodes remain available for reservation through the auction, and winning bidders will reserve one of the 1,000 EarthNodes that power the World Mobile network. 

EarthNodes can be owned and operated by anyone in the world, and EarthNode Operators (ENOs) can use their own or cloud hardware to earn passive income and grow their rewards with the network. 

EarthNode Operators not only earn passive rewards by processing transactions on the World Mobile network, but they also have a stake in the network’s core infrastructure, allowing them to secure a foundational place in a global mobile network that has pledged to connect 1 billion people by 2030

The EarthNode Auction can be accessed through the WMT Vault, where users can bid on the limited number of remaining EarthNodes through the Auctions tab. Read more on how to bid on an EarthNode in this blog post

Stake WMT to earn rewards 

WMT powers the circular economic incentives of the World Mobile Chain. Node operators and stakers secure the network. In return, they are awarded a share of the transaction fees. This is how real-world revenues directly benefit token holders – it is fee sharing with the source of yield coming from customers in the real world. 
These five steps show how fiat revenues from the World Mobile network benefit EarthNode Operators and WMT stakers: 
1. World Mobile customers pay for service and top-ups using their local fiat currency. 
2. World Mobile Treasury stores funds that will be deployed to open markets. 
3. World Mobile Treasury purchases WMT off the open market for operators and stakers. 
4. EarthNode Operators and stakers are rewarded with WMT for their role in supporting the network. 
5. Customers increase, revenue increases and the vendor network grows, yet the supply of WMT is fixed and the structure remains. 

A portion of fiat revenues from customers will be used to purchase WMT on the open markets, driving the value of the token which has a fixed supply. Every transaction on the network requires WMT, but the customer does not actually interact with the token.  
The cost of service for the customer will always remain the same regardless of the price of WMT on the open market, meaning customers are not impacted by market volatility. 

Transactions on the World Mobile network, including data usage, calls and texts, all generate rewards in WMT that are awarded to node operators and stakers. 
Earn fees by providing liquidity to exchanges 

WMT holders can also benefit by staking their tokens to receive rewards, or they can earn fees for providing liquidity on decentralised exchanges

As a WMT token holder, you can deposit your tokens into a pool and become a liquidity provider for a Cardano decentralised exchange such as SundaeSwap

Liquidity providers help a decentralised exchange ensure a constant inflow of liquidity from its community and deep liquidity available in its pools. 

The advantage to this deeper liquidity is that it helps to stabilise the price of transactions on the exchange. As a liquidity provider, you can earn fees based on the amount of liquidity you add to the pool. 

Every time a user makes a swap on the exchange, they pay a small fee. Part of this fee goes back to the protocol, but the rest is distributed out to the liquidity providers. 

This lets you put your WMT to work, earning a regular share of the fees generated from trades on the decentralised exchange you provide liquidity to. 

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