Tokens Daily and Early-access Perks

World Population Coin announced its Private Pre-Sale, giving individuals the opportunity to own $WORLD at affordable rates going as low as 90% discount. Become a part of the World Pop Coin ecosystem by owning $WORLD, an innovative cryptocurrency that monitors the global population, by joining the Exclusive Private Pre-Sale. 

Through the official twitter page, World Pop Coin announced the opportunity to win $100 worth of $WORLD tokens daily during the pre-sale. This gesture goes a long way into fulfilling the platforms objective of reaching out to the global mass market so every individual can participate in the new economy. 

Through the private sale, World Pop Coin offers investors access to $WORLD, allowing them to become a part of the world’s fastest-growing community. With the ability to win tokens alongside a wide range of early-access perks, the private pre-sale opens investment doors for the global market. In addition, individuals will have first access to city claiming as well as a unique icon viewable on the interactive map for others to see.

Private Pre-Sale Benefits 

  • Up-to 90% discount off of $WORLD 
  • Win $100 worth of $WORLD tokens daily 
  • Guaranteed returns. An upward permanent increased return from Frictionless Yield Generation 
  • Unique icon viewable on the interactive map promoting transparency 
  • Exclusive social media access on Telegram and Discord for direct access to the team 

WORLD Private Pre-Sale Details 

Token Name: $WORLD

Token price value:  The price varies for the provided three different tiers. Each tier offers unique perks and discount rates from the 0.01 par value. 

  • Mini-Founder Pack (0.003 per coin) offering 75% discount 
  • Founders Pack (0.002 per coin) with 5,000,000 WORLD coins offering 83% discount 
  • VIP Founders Pack (0.001 per coin)with 25,000,000 WORLD coins offering 92% discount 

The consistent popularity of cryptocurrency overtime is growing especially with easier and better access to crypto. $WORLD just as the name suggests, is looking to monitor the global population by having 1coin per person, which allows everyone to partake in the new economy. 

Join the World Pop Coin private pre-sale now and become part of a global community.  

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