World Population Coin, an innovative cryptocurrency that revolutionizes the global economy by monitoring the world population through its unique one-coin-per-person approach. With the primary objective of driving widespread blockchain adoption, this innovative cryptocurrency provides an inclusive opportunity for everyone to participate in the new economy.

One of the exceptional features of World Population Coin is the ability for individuals to claim cities across the globe, unlocking a multitude of perks associated with city ownership and fostering a genuine connection to the real world within the Metaverse. By staking their claim on cities like Miami, FL, owners enjoy exclusive rights, ensuring their unique status until they choose to trade, release, or sell their ownership.

To become part of the World Population Coin ecosystem, individuals can acquire the project’s token, $WORLD, during the upcoming Pre-Sale. This allows them to actively participate and contribute to the growth and development of this groundbreaking cryptocurrency.

World Population Coin has officially announced its highly anticipated token Pre-Sale, providing individuals with ample time to prepare and engage with the project. As per the projected roadmap, the Pre-Sale is scheduled to take place in Q3 2023, demonstrating the platform’s commitment to meeting its goals and objectives. The Pre-Sale will commence on July 1st, and interested participants can access it exclusively at

WORLD Private Pre-Sale Details

Token Name: $WORLD

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Due date: 1st July 2023

Token price value: The price varies for the Mini-founder pack, VIP Founders pack, and the Founders pack, each tier offering unique perks and discount rates.

  • Mini-Founder Pack (0.003 per coin)
  • Founders Pack (0.002 per coin) with 5,000,000 WORLD coins
  • VIP Founders Pack (0.001 per coin)with 25,000,000 WORLD coins

Total coin supply: 8,003,013,370

Participating in the $WORLD pre-sale offers a range of advantages, allowing you to not only access discounted pricing but also join the world’s fastest-growing community. By purchasing during the pre-sale, you can enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to secure $WORLD at a significant discount of up to 90% off
  • Access exclusive perks upon release, unavailable anywhere else. (Priority city claiming, Increased % return, exclusive channels w/ direct access to the team, exclusive icons & more)

$WORLD is built on advanced blockchain technology, ensuring a secure, tamper-proof, and traceable platform. With its innovative approach to monitoring the global population and enabling users to claim cities on an interactive map, $WORLD is poised to revolutionize the world of digital ownership.

Stay tuned for the launch of World Population Coin’s pre-sale, providing individuals with a remarkable opportunity to invest in this global project. Transparency lies at the core of our values, and the $WORLD team regularly shares updates and developments with the community to foster trust and a sense of shared ownership.

To stay up-to-date follow our Twitter,join our Discord or Telegram. Our official website where you can find a countdown displaying the number of days remaining until the pre-sale.

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