XDC is a popular choice for crypto holders to hold and up until now, the option for staking XDC hasn’t been available anywhere. Globiance just announced the release of its XDC staking program this past weekend and the response has been overwhelming. At a rate of 6% APY, it’s no wonder people are flocking to Globiance to fill-up the XDC staking pools. Staking enables your crypto to work for you — even when it’s locked-up. Globiance has made it easy for crypto holders to both store and access their crypto on the platform — while at the same time offering the flexibility of staking.

Cryptocurrency bear markets are nothing new, but the one that began in 2022 has undoubtedly been the toughest we’ve seen so far. As a Crypto owner, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the current market conditions. Many holders find themselves looking for a secure place to store their crypto while the market works itself out — making good decisions can be challenging. 

It’s no secret that the key to surviving a bear market is to pay attention to a project’s fundamentals such as; utility, stability, and of course the foundation it’s built upon.

Globiance is a global project with it’s own token — GBEX (native to the platform). Founded in 2018, Globiance is a financial services platform that specializes in cryptocurrency and fiat exchange, with financial service institutions across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. It is a banking and exchange phenomenon complete with stablecoin, payment-gateways, and both decentralized and centralized marketplaces, staking, a rewards program and more.

The Globiance native token, GBEX, is used for a wide range of purposes on the platform, including incentives, staking, referral rewards, and fees. Many new to cryptocurrencies are turning to crypto as a potential solution to hyperinflation.  As more people continue to explore less “traditional” avenues for storing value, the popularity of crypto and digital assets is exploding. GBEX is a deflationary token, holders are rewarded by receiving more GBEX tokens simply for holding the token on the Globiance platform. Furthermore, the value of GBEX is likely to increase in the near future because the tokens are constantly being burned which decreases its supply.  

Globiance is also a cryptocurrency exchange — offering retail and corporate customers online banking service capabilities; including a debit card for instant crypto/fiat payments. The project is built on the XinFin Network, through which trillions of dollars will flow in the future. The Globiance platform has both a CEX and DEX that burns and melts away the GBEX supply with every transaction. Additionally, Globiance now offers GBEX and XDC Staking which currently sets it apart from all other exchanges.

Though there is no magic formula during a bear market, Globiance continues to provide its users with a variety of exchange and banking features as well as outside-of-the-box options.  Staking XDC and GBEX is a great alternative to simply storing your crypto on a wallet.  

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your assets are stored securely in a cold, ‘offline’ wallet, until you’re ready to access them again. Staking XDC is another way people can keep their XDC locked up safely and still benefit by earning 6% APY.  You may wish to refer your friends to Globiance, as you can earn GBEX by building your own referral network.  If you would like to maximize your GBEX holdings in this bearish market, now is the perfect time because you can get large amounts of GBEX at an affordable rate.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, discusses the potential of Globiance: “Bear markets are tough for everyone, but they can be especially hard for newcomers unfamiliar with market volatility. Globiance is a good choice in this bearish market, as you can own a large number of tokens at a very reasonable price. The team behind this project has been working hard and they will continue bring additional value to it for years to come. In terms of GBEX’s future, it’s extremely promising because of it’s design to both power the platform and to increase its utility”.

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