XRPayNet, a UK-based payment provider, is one of the first networks to facilitate international fiat-to-crypto payments. XRPayNet’s CEO Kristian Poliszczuk and his team are committed to making XRPayNet one of the most successful crypto projects of all time by revolutionising the payments market. Having been involved in the crypto space since April 2017, he has experienced most of the market cycles, helping him to create the right payment product. 

Recently, XRPayNet announced that they partnering with Dubai-based ChainTechLabs, BAPESCLAN, and Esposito Intellectual Enterprises to facilitate seamless retail payments. Through this initiative, they agreed to implement retail payment systems for 100 stores across the UAE. Also, the company is planning to launch a crypto card alongside their already launched mobile application, available on Android and iOS, to allow consumers to convert cryptocurrency payments to conventional currencies.

As part of its efforts, the team is also implementing one of the first Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) in the crypto space. Through the Buy Now Pay Later model, customers with a certain amount of collateral will be able to obtain a credit limit on their accounts. Through BNPL, XRPayNet users can buy in-store items using their XRPayNet cards without requiring a crypto balance in their wallet.

About XRPayNet

XRPayNet is a cryptocurrency created on the XRP Ledger. XRPayNet converts cryptocurrency payments to conventional currency and returns them to businesses that use existing processing systems. Built on XRP Ledger, XRPayNet allows users to move any amount of XRP between wallets in a matter of seconds for a fraction of a penny. XRPayNet offers a variety of features for its users, including seamless payments, a dedicated app, staking rewards, coming BNPL, and still to be released crypto card. Thus, XRPayNet is poised to be one of the dominant players in the crypto payments industry in the near future.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, says about XRPayNet, “XRPayNet focuses on in-store and online payments to change the payment world forever. This company makes crypto to Fiat payments seamless and promotes crypto adoption globally. Their payment system will become operational soon, most likely during the first quarter of 2023. The project seems promising since it has already been confirmed that they will partner with a huge network of retail stores in the UAE.”

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