Ziberbug Announces it is Soon to Launch Prototype

Ziberbug is happy to announce that they’re finally working on its prototype. This is a great step for the company as the prototype will reveal to the community how the game will be. The company believes the prototype will help it gain traction when it comes to investors and the follower base. The team managed to get resources and plans to develop the prototype during the summer. The prototype will be playable offline by sharing screens. Since it resembles chess in unit positioning and coordinates, users can play on a stream with people in the chat.

Since it is a prototype, its UI and UX will not be as polished as they will be in the final game. The company plans to make improvements to make it appealing continually. The goal is to give people a taste of what ZiberBugs is and get them hooked. 

The prototype will contain a team of six bugs and two symbiosis cores, which are yet to be determined. It will also include genetic boosters and a few onyx pillars. 

Even though it’s a prototype, it will be fully playable and feature a best of nine rounds, including unit promotions.

Why prototype?

There’s no doubt that 2022 has been a rough bear market, drastically affecting the NFT and crypto markets. This has made investors very specific and more demanding.

This made the ZiberBugs team consider creating a prototype to give investors a taste of what is coming. The goal was to showcase the gameplay and the visual concept, expected to accelerate community growth and help in fundraising. 

The prototype will be happening soon. The NFT sale has been postponed due to this reprioritization, but will be coordinated with the release of the prototype. The team will reveal all information on the prototype development on Discord. 

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