Crypto mining isn’t profitable like before, but staking has emerged as an alternate option to the same, thus promising investors/users an opportunity to earn crypto. As far as mining is concerned, many people struggle to make payments towards the requisite equipment as well as electricity cost, leave aside earning profits from the same. But, mining is not the only method of earning with cryptocurrencies. Staking has become an excellent way to earn crypto.

This is one of the reasons why more and more users are turning their attention to the WISE project. The WISE token provides you with the opportunity to grow your fund’s value via staking. Staking, as such, entails locking up the funds in a contract for a specific time and earn rewards and interest in exchange. Apart from helping users to earn money via their safe and secure private wallets, the WISE crypto contract also offers a huge liquidity pool, which allows you to cash out (i.e. withdraw) profits at any time.


WISE, in essence, is ERC 20 smart contract created for deployment on the Ether blockchain. WISE functions as a decentralized, trustlessly exchangeable, bond-like, and interest bearing token. The WISE crypto project has redefined decentralized finance by doing cryptocurrencies in the right manner. The main aim of WISE is staking, which is quite similar to both CDs and bonds, thus rewarding token holders with interest earned as part of locking the funds for a specified time. The WISE token comes with a host of features from both the traditional financial instruments but is an improved version of them.

Thus, WISE provides stakers with complete flexibility when it comes to selecting when they intend to withdraw their interest earned during the stake’s life. Typically, stakers can withdraw their interest amount either daily, or irregularly, or wait till maturity, or whichever way you prefer.

WISE stakes offer higher returns, much low risk, and way higher flexibility when compared to CDs and bonds. Hence, there is no need to trust governments and banks to remain solvent and no need to worry about the bond issuer defaulting.


Trusting other people with your money can be highly risky. This is one of the major flaws in the traditional instruments available in the market, and also why WISE is being developed. The WISE contract ensures that users are always in complete control and custody of their tokens, even when numerous other economic activities are being carried out.

At the initial level, minting of the WISE tokens, earning of referral bonuses, closing and opening of stakes, interest receiving, as well as even selling of WISE for Ethereum or other digital tokens can be carried out end-to-end without a user’s tokens being controlled by another system or person. Now, when compared with the numerous banks that one can’t trust as well as the money managers who aren’t really keeping your best interest at the back of their minds, you will find that the WISE token is the right way to stake and earn crypto.

One factor of owning cryptos is knowing that you have a place for trading them safely, quickly, and easily as and when the requirement arises. WISE believes that Uniswap, a highly regarded and popular DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is one such place. Following the 50-day liquidity transformer Epoch, WISE will trustlessly, irrevocably, and automatically bootstrap its initial LP on the Uniswap exchange.


As far as the WISE token is concerned, it is a unique smart contract as it enables investors to earn through staking of cryptocurrencies without the fear of losing token value.


You choose the number of WISE tokens that you would want to stake, as well as then you get to set the duration for which you would want to keep them locked up. It can be months, days, and even years. After the duration comes to an end, you get an interest in 3.5percent interest in terms of WISE tokens.

Not every individual will consider staking their tokens. Some of them will use the tokens for multiple purposes i.e., holding, or trading. Those who fail to commit to the lock-up duration get penalized, if people want to access their money during the process of staking, they will lose their interest claimed.


The Wise digital token has been coded to grow in terms of supply by 3.5percent every year. This results in inflation as well as devalues the token. But this is what makes everything good. Inflation is needed for investors of the WISE tokens to acquire interest. So, how WISE increases its demand for compensating for 3.5percent interest is by increasing the instrument’s value. Put simply, until individuals start utilizing the token for several reasons as well as hoarding it in the manner they do for bitcoins.


By Lending: By making the WISE token available on the lending protocol websites (such as Celsius), so that token holders get to acquire interest amount by keeping the tokens in their digital wallet. Increased demand results in higher rates of interest as well as leads to higher adoption.

Trading/Arbitrage: This helps in increasing the volume of WISE tokens daily for creating price patterns, which signal an increased number of traders to participate.

Incentivized Structure: They have a unique referral system that pays 10percent commissions in Ethereum to referrers. Those who use the referral link for joining receive 10% additional shares at the time of staking WISE. Thus, they are incentivizing holding instead of selling.


As already mentioned above, staking is the best way to earn crypto. The WISE token contract has also been designed for the same. It allows users to easily stake their tokens for a definite period. Users can open several stakes based on their preference. Once the stake reaches its full maturity, a user can close it any time for receiving total principal along with interest, without any penalty.

Unlike other stakeable tokens, the WISE contract never applies any penalty on a mature stake, irrespective of how late one is closed. This provides users with much flexibility, particularly for taxable income.


When users open a fresh stake, they pick the number of tokens that they want to stake. The minimum amount of stake is 0.000000000001 WISE (or 1000000 YODA). The minimum length of the stake is 1 day, whereas the maximum length of the stake is 15,330 days (around 42 years).

Once the stake has been opened, it remains in the ‘Pending’ status. This implies that the stake won’t begin until the day after. A user can choose to close the stake in the ‘Pending’ status, getting back the principal amount of stake without interest or penalty. Thus, pending stakes get the ‘Active’ status once the next day commences. When the stake gets opened, the tokens that are staked are burned by the WISE contract and thereafter transformed into shares. These shares will continue to remain until the stake remains. After the stake has been closed, the shares get destroyed as well as WISE tokens are minted back.


The financial trading market is essentially centralized. These central authorities issue currencies regularly that further help to drive the economy. They are primarily used by banks as well as the government for different types of trading and therefore the power to manage and control the supply, as well as the flow of the currencies, is entirely dependent on these institutions. This is where the concept of decentralized finance comes in. This is also why one needs to embrace the WISE token. Wise is undoubtedly the best way to earn crypto. In fact, you can use the WISE token in the following ways:

Reserve WISE: During the fifty-day launching period, investors will get to reserve or buy WISE digital tokens by simply sending Ethereum to the smart contract. Around one million digital tokens shall be available for staking every day of the launch, which shall be provided to token holders in exact proportion to their Ethereum investment. Also, over 90percet of the launching funds will be transferred to Uniswap exchange for forming a massive liquidity pool.

Staking WISE: After you get the WISE digital tokens, you will get to lock them in a smart contract and earn interest during the duration of the stake. Based on the duration for which one wants to stake, one can acquire unlimited returns through the WISE token contract.

Selling WISE: You can also use the Uniswap decentralized exchange to sell the tokens. WISE enables token holders to cash out their stakes any time as well as instantly. The exchange does not require any KYC and helps you to exchange the WISE tokens from the private wallet.

In a nutshell, WISE contracts are both immutable and highly secure. They are audited regularly for bugs and errors. Besides, you will have full control over all your funds as well as can sell or withdraw at any point in time. So, if you are searching for a way to stake, sell, or earn crypto, then the WISE contract is the right way forward!

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