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The digital era has seen social media become exposed to mass public and media scrutiny for the advantages and disadvantages of each platform or the type of social media. Social media became a significant movement dominated mainly by Generation X (Gen X) and millennials. The history of social media can be traced back to the 1970s.

Back then, the platforms were created as a way for people to interact with family and friends. Years later, people began creating social media platforms for businesses.


Over the years, many have come up with different terms and definitions for social media. Generally, social media can be defined as a means in which people use to interact by sharing, creating, or exchanging information and ideas. This process eventually creates a virtual network and community.  By design, social media relies heavily on computing technology and is mainly internet-based.

Data used within the social media platform include personal information, videos, documents, and photos. People use different devices, including desktop, Smartphone, tablets, web applications, and many others. Currently, the number of social media users has significantly grown. By early 2020 the number of active social media users was over 3.8 million.


Over the years, social media has grown tremendously and keeps growing by the day. Currently, there are many alternatives for people to use all of which have advantages and disadvantages including:

Social Networking

This is the most popular type of social media. Social networking is defined as the use of technology to stay connected to people with similar interests. Social networks are also referred to as relationship platforms because they allow people to connect and build relationships.  Notabyocial networking can have both a social purpose or a business purpose.

Within perfect conditions, advantages and disadvantages of Social Media especially networks can be vast but the positives within society generally outweigh the apparent negatives, for example, connecting with lost friends and relatives, build brand awareness, provide customer services, and generate new ideas for the market, among many more.


This type of social media changed around the end of Web 2.0 when traditional blogging merged with social media. Microblogging entails using short pieces of content for quick audience interactions. It combines the use of instant messaging and content production. For this social media type, you can also include links, audio, images and video in your microblogs. A microblogging strategy is critical when building connections with modern audiences. It brings various benefits, including real-time sharing, taking less time developing content that enables Frequent posting.

Photo Sharing

Photos sharing is a social media type that allows you as the user t share your photos. Photo sharing emerged in the 90s with many known and unknown advantages and disadvantages of social media at that stage. Thanks to the proliferation of cheap digital cameras and high-spec camera phones, uploading and sharing photos have become popular.

One thing to note is most platform s are free and offer various tools for editing, group images, cropping, and slide shows.

Video Sharing

Video sharing platform allows users to upload and share short video clips with their social connection. Initially, a few social platforms allowed users to share their videos. However, by 2006-2007 the number of people sharing their videos double following the increase of platforms available for video sharing.


Social media users are now spending hours networking across an average of 8 social networks and messaging apps. According to reports, more than 4.5 billion people were using the internet by the beginning of 2020.  To break it down, 90.4% of Millenials use social media, about 77.5 % of Gen X, while only 48.2% of Baby Boomers use social media.

Generally, the number of students using social media has increased by about 1000%. This is to say that more than 98% percent of students use social media. About 27.2 % of these students spent more than six hours. In 2017, 79.6 percent of students said, “every college or university should have a social media presence.” By 2019, that was 86.1 percent.


Years back, many parents were skeptical of their children engaging in social networks. However, as the years passed, people began to understand, there is more to social media than beats the eyes.

Learning & networking

Social media has become quite common within the student body. Social media helps students share learning material, experience, and giving them an avenue to discuss various topics.  Through the social platform, students can collect relevant data through online surveys from the community. This has proved to be a much faster way that eliminated the struggles of physical surveys.

Students can create online groups that save time and cost that would have been spent on the school premises.  Using these groups, students can also connect with experts in the field to better understand the subject.

For creative expression

It is safe to say social media has massively helped shape the creative expression of many students. By allowing creative artists to create and post their works and experiments, students can compare notes, which in turn improves their artistic practices. Photo sharing and video sharing gives can be compared to going to a museum or gallery show.

In addition, by creating various videos, and editing them, students shapen their creative skills. For instance, creativity keeps changing thanks to platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, and the rest.

Experience global exposure

Digitalization has connected all corners of the world, making it one giant connection. People are using social media to connect with experts from different parts of the world. For instance, a medical student can use social media to seek the help of specialists available in different parts of the world.

Employment opportunities

Many students have got job opportunities through social media platforms. Students can apply for jobs in various countries by talking to the parties involved using the platforms.  Students can send their resume to companies they wish to work with.  Companie also scouts students through social media.


Data protection

Traditional social media has always had a challenge when it comes to data protection. Many social media platforms have been accused of poorly handling user data.

Security of identity information and content produced

The current forms of social media are highly susceptible to attacks. There have been numerous instances were students and universities had lost their data due to attacks. These attacks have led to identity theft for students and lecturers, exam papers, exam records, and so much more.

Hard to connect with like-minded people

With everyone joining the social space, the number of scammers has doubled. At times, dubious people manage to lure students by pretending to have experience and job opportunities.


Blockchain technology has been a game-changer for the social media industry. Blockchain decentralization provides better security for data.   Blockchain has also improved transparency, made identity verification easier, and prevented identity theft.


Blockchain is also helping new social platforms to conduct better crowdfunding to help them grow or raise money for charitable causes. Since users are required to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, there has been increased privacy and secure peer to peer sales using social media.


AtromG8  comes in to make social media a better place for you and your family.  AtromG8 is a blockchain-based application created from various Open Source projects of the last decades and own innovations.

The application can be used similarily like a high-security messenger or a file transfer with metadata protection. For students, this application can help students register and build a social environment with like-minded people. Through the AtromG8 platform, a student can get offers that are available from the community. In addition to Literature and motivation, students can get sports and entertainment.

Students can also learn from others within the ecosystems through various social groups. By utilizing the different forums, students work together with other students and experts in the field. The AtromG8 platform allows for video sharing enabling students to communicate with one another and learn from experience.

Another notable benefit for students is the loyalty program that helps students get additional income during their studies. Student and other in the community get rewards for participating on the platform. AtromG8 offers students a coupon platform that entails cheap offers to help them cut down their day to day cost of living. The various groups within the platform are the right place for students to look for cheap apartments, carpooling, best places to eat, and other services they meet need. The platform offers a wallet that students can use to regulate their finance, receive money and bills.

To get additional funds, students can help build the AG8 platform and participate in the development and get incentivized.

For institutions, the AtromG8 platform offers various benefits, including issuing and managing diplomas and certificates through blockchain. The institution can use the platform to create their page that could be used to present itself to new students. By connecting with students on the platform, the institution can strengthen its network. Through the various forums on the platform, institutions can organize completion through online debates and exchange research works an insecure environment.

AtromG8 also provides an avenue for institutions to create their token on the ATROMG8 blockchain. This allows the institutions to develop and manage its ecosystem.  They can also recruit staff and students from the community to join their respective ecosystems. Lastly, institutions can participate in the development of the entire AG8 platform and become part of great innovation.

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