Appzaloot: An Innovative Social Media Platform For Communities


Social media, in its various forms, has become so ubiquitous in the lives of people around the world that at least 14% of the time users spend on their smart device is focused on social media. A study by the Chrome team at Google showed that people prefer using mobile apps to scrolling through mobile websites. Apps account for up to 90% of the time spent on a phone and 77% of the time on tablets. 

However, the proliferation of social media apps and the market domination of a few of them have also led to some unpleasant experiences for users. Some of the bad user experiences include invasive advertising and abusive trolling, to name a few. 


AppZaloot is a new social media platform with the objective of redefining local community interactions. It is designed to become the leading platform for all types of users around the world. The platform predominantly focuses on the need for localised information surrounding the user. 

The vision is to be the global leader in social networking by empowering people to enhance their local communities through the platform, enabling positive change towards the common good of humanity and the environment.

The aim is to attract, educate, nurture and convert as many users as possible. Education, using high value content, will be used to explain the benefits of AppZaloot to potential users and how it is the most usable and obvious choice in an already busy world of apps. Nurturing will include easy to understand walk-throughs, videos and tutorials to ease users into using AppZaloot while answering questions as needed. With the above initiatives, user conversion is expected to be the natural corollary.

The social media platforms currently available in the market are designed to provide generalised, wide ranging information to the user, which can be unwarranted, irrelevant or not useful. AppZaloot aims to solve the common issues plaguing major social media platforms today.

AppZaloot Features

As mentioned above, AppZaloot presents a whole new way to connect with friends, businesses, places and the wider community. Using geolocation technology, it allows the user to stay informed on what is happening locally as well as globally, thereby keeping them in the know whenever and wherever they go. 

Some of the key distinguishing features of AppZaloot are the Local Communities, Friends Feed with No Advertising, Emergency Alerts, Search for Events and Places, Messaging and Group Chats and Rewards and Cashback.

The Local Communities feature helps the users connect with people and places around the local area, share news, recommendations and find real-time information relevant to the user. It also helps in connecting with communities, as the user travels the world. 

The Friends Feed is a private feed with no advertising. Users can build their own friends’ group and see posts from all their friends. Apart from the private Friends Feed, there will be two dedicated social feeds on AppZaloot, which are Local Feed and Global Feed. The Local Feed is a specific location-based feed to help users in the local area. It fosters a community-style approach to information, feedback and announcements. 

The dedicated Global Feed, on the other hand, is a feed for public announcements by companies, groups, influencers, celebrities, etc. No comments can be made on the posts in the feed unless authorised. This feed is not location specific and will allow the user to follow and receive updates from anyone they decide to follow from anywhere in the world. 

The Emergency Alert feature informs and alerts users to emergency situations within a relevant radius to their current location. This can be at home or wherever they go, as they travel the world. 

Zaloot Token

The utility token of and for the AppZaloot ecosystem is called Zaloot and holders of this token can enjoy the perks and features available on AppZaloot. For transactions done within the AppZaloot’s multi-level rewards ecosystem, Zaloot will be the payment option. It will allow every Zaloot user to earn money based on their behaviour and can be used by both the users and merchants to transact for goods and services.

Upon completion of the IDO, Zaloots will be distributed among the company’s founders, pre-sale buyers and IDO buyers. It may be interchangeable with fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies listed on major exchanges.

Advertisers will be incentivised to spend and accept Zaloots for goods and services while merchants will be motivated to use AppZaloot’s services because of the potential of meeting a massive number of prospective buyers. Customers too will be incentivised to transact in Zaloot for goods and services. 

How to earn money with AppZaloot?

One of the most alluring features of AppZaloot is its Rewards and Cashback programme, wherein users will be rewarded for shopping locally, wherever they are in the world. Users can take advantage of special discounted deals and receive cashback from AppZaloot’s loyalty partners.

There are many other new features and functions in production that will be added in the coming months. One of those key features is the loyalty points. Users will receive instant reward points just by shopping with any of the partner merchants of AppZaloot. 

The partner merchants include cafes, restaurants, bars, furniture shops, travel, hotels, electrical and others. Although the earning percentage will vary by merchant, each transaction reward will go straight to the user’s AppZaloot account. 

As part of the loyalty programme, AppZaloot will introduce a way to earn by just being an active user on the platform. That means, users can expect to earn points by interacting with their friends, the local community or any celebrities or influencers they follow on the platform. 

Thereafter, users can spend these points on a variety of things such as flights and goods. They will be able to convert them into ZLOOT tokens and do so at 10% discount on the daily exchange rate. This will help the users grow their tokens and create wealth. 

Meanwhile, AppZaloot users can also earn referral rewards every time their referral makes a purchase using AppZaloot. The friends and family members introduced by the users will also earn reward points themselves. The AppZaloot team believes the success of AppZaloot, and its ability to give back in a meaningful way, is based on the user community. 

Hence, in order to build its user base, AppZaloot plans to incentivize users to refer AppZaloot to their family and friends. There are no limits to the number of referrals that each user can make and one can make a passive referral income from every single follower every month. 

Once the loyalty programme is released, users will receive a small percentage of every dollar spent by their referred friends, straight into their AppZaloot account. Moreover, AppZaloot will match that amount and give those funds to local projects and charities. 

The rewards do not stop here, as it is a two-tier system. Users do not just earn reward points from the initial friends they had referred but they will also earn a smaller reward from all the connections that initial friends invite. AppZaloot users can expect to continue earning the additional rewards while they remain an active user of AppZaloot for the next two years.   

The referral rewards programme of AppZaloot extends beyond family and friends. It encompasses businesses also, albeit in a different way. Here, users can introduce local businesses to become a merchant with AppZaloot and get rewarded. They can introduce them to the great benefits of advertising with AppZaloot and earn money for themselves. 

Mission and Vision

The key mission of AppZaloot is to connect and empower local communities on a global scale. It aims to raise the bar on corporate social responsibility, leading by example and giving back to communities through the use of its platform.


Most social media, as we see it now, is geared towards gathering user data and selling them off to third parties for profits. This results in users being forced to see invasive advertisements, thereby making the whole experience very unpleasant and annoying. AppZaloot’s promise of a social media platform without invasive advertisements will not only disrupt the space but also change the social behaviour of its users.

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