Would it be incorrect to assert that social media is the centre of everyday Internet activity? Since social media has become mainstream, communication has drastically changed. However, social media networks possess one very serious flaw: they are centralised in their control, which means all user information is stored on centralised servers. As a result, two related concerns are privacy and data security. Additionally, there is a bunch of power in the hands of a few who control the centralised systems. This is where AppZaloot comes in.

AppZaloot is a social media platform for community engagement that uses disruptive technology. AppZaloot aims to transform current social media platforms and existing delivery platforms so that location-based information can be shared. Rather than promoting greed, their team aims to promote compassion to benefit as many people as possible. AppZaloot has also pledged to give a portion of all revenue back to local community projects, everywhere they have active users.

AppZaloot allows business owners to advertise their products and services to target users based on their location and gain exposure on the platform. This is without pushing advertising into your own personal feeds.  Using AppZaloot, users can share news, recommend content, and real-time access information. The AppZaloot app has three feeds, local, Friends, and global. You can choose your radius to see what’s happening near you. Furthermore, an emergency alert feature can alert users to local problems. This allows the users to take appropriate action to ensure their safety.  This alert system works wherever you travel in the world keeping you “In the know wherever you go” it is also a world first!

Zaloots is AppZaloot’s utility token, enabling users to use the various features available on AppZaloot. The Zaloots token is a BEP20 token associated with Binance Smart Chain. In the future Zaloots will be the preferred payment method for AppZaloot’s multi-level rewards program. Through the token, app users will have the opportunity to earn money according to their behavior. Additionally, the use of Zaloots will benefit advertisers, users, celebrity/influencers, sporting clubs and the like. 

Karnav Shah, Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, said, “AppZaloot is a modern social media platform to connect and empower local communities globally. This contributes to the progress of humanity by elevating corporate social responsibility to a higher level. Further, AppZaloot users can earn rewards for using the app and referring it to friends, making passive income easier”.

CEO and founder Max Thomas has just announced the signing of a celebrity influencer as an ambassador for AppZaloot in its upcoming launch in SE Asia followed by the rest of the world.  With 18.4 million followers globally this influencer (along with others in negotiation) will help us build our user base and consequently our Zaloots token holders, says Thomas.

We have also signed 2 major international chains as launch customers for our loyalty program roll out in Malaysia and Singapore with many more to come.

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