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Online advertising is one of the largest markets and adopting blockchain technology in this field will be a force to reckon with. Applications of blockchain technology in advertising come with a number of benefits that include helping ad creators to target the right target market, share data, promote safety and privacy, as well as protect data the industry relies on. Blockchain solutions in the ads field will promote robust accountability providing all participants with a level playing field. 

Online advertising highly relies on provided data as it gathers and reveals shopper’s patterns and history to help push products and services in the right direction. Gone are the days when individuals had to go for costly/expensive advertising solutions. This is where ASIMI comes in. This platform is harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology thus offering a tokenized economy to help advertisers as well as place cash in the hands of those who need it.

Its success has shown more than a billion successful ad views. Let us highlight more information about the ASIMI project.

What is ASIMI Token?

ASIMI token is a virtual currency that is utilized and designed for online advertisers and enables crypto investors to reward themselves, hence obtaining an income. The key objective is to help expand and grow online businesses in addition to simplifying the mining process while at the same time reward users.

You can earn ASIMI tokens for free by watching ads, finishing surveys, completing tasks online and playing games. Therefore, there is no reason that would hinder you from becoming a crypto investor in this digital world. ASIMI is created in a way online marketers can access vast information from people who are interested in earning crypto, thus designed for people to earn free cryptocurrency. Majority of businesspeople have grabbed this opportunity offered by ASIMI to raise their online business by advertising and marketing their products, thereby creating a chance of earning ASIMI tokens.

You tend to use ASIMI tokens as medium of exchange between advertisers and earners hence enhancing sales of products in order to ensure ASIMI remains on demand. The current society is drawn into ASIMI with the purpose of earning crypto so as to boost their online entities. Furthermore, companies have increased their profit margins since they earn double tokens whereby through advertising they increase their sales plus earning free crypto currency. As a crypto investor you are welcome to purchase and sell ASIMI tokens which trades with other cryptocurrency during exchange.

During a press release, Mr. Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly said, “It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons. We are truly excited to share the ASIMI project and explain how it harnesses blockchain technology to offer a complete tokenized economy symbiotically helping advertisers and putting money in the hands of people that need it most. We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

The ASIMI Token serves as a utility token making it easy to exchange in online advertising as well as provides an easy way for individuals, not only advertisers, to earn money. Combining two of the largest online markets is bound to greatly benefit individuals across the globe.

ASIMI is made on various virtues such as reliability, consistency and transparency which enable it to be adopted in the community, thus gaining loyalty and trust from advertisers and earners. The latter have gained and earned crypto abundantly, because advertisers who own organizations are aware that once they tend to use cryptocurrency, they will be dealing with the customer directly thereby avoiding a middleman who maximizes transaction cost leading to increase of ASIMI tokens. ASIMI ensures that earners have overcome problems and issues such as hacking accounts and limitless funds they encounter with modern banking, the transaction cost of transferring digital wallet to bank account is low.

Unlike the structure of the bank, where documentation and legal paper are prerequisites, ASIMI is free for anyone since there is no paperwork. ASIMI minimizes the number of parties involved in advertising campaigns and promotion, such parties involve the consumer, advertiser, content creator and platform used for advertisement.

What are the key value propositions of ASIMI token?

The key value propositions that enhance and control ASIMI are numerous, they include simple and user friendly, powerful minting rewards, secure system, integrated and established exchange, value based token, global adoption, transparent and legal complaint. ASIMI tokens can only be minted out of effort from the crypto investors since its value in the marketplace is recognizable, can store value and act as a medium of exchange. ASIMI is not interested in being backed up financially based on its notion; rather it is concerned with people joining the community in order to earn free cryptocurrency and participate in building ASIMI.

Crypto investors should mint tokens through the ASIMI proposition of viewing advertisements, thereby minters will be able to obtain tokens and use free crypto currency. ASIMI has become a solution for accessing powerful cryptocurrency as seen recently where crypto investors have attained token and since then thousands of people are joining ASIMI every year. These propositions have enabled ASIMI to take part in the revolution of online business products and system used in crypto currency space where billions of dollars are traded and earned every year.

How Minting of ASIMI works?

Minting facilitates building of new ASIMI tokens into the supply chain within the digital corporate world. As a crypto investor you can mint new tokens into existence through minting ads without eroding the value of ASIMI tokens. Minters at ASIMI earn crypto and get rewarded every day for minting ads, whereby you can structure your minting ad profile by navigating to the minting dashboard and initiate minting for yourself. Your daily earning of minting is affected by how you will successfully complete the mint ad for the day. Minting in ASIMI follows a certain formula:

AOP = (AO/CwO) * 100


Where AOP represent ASIMI Ownership Percentage

  •           AO represent ASIMI Ownership
  •           CWO represent Company Wide Ownership
  •           ME represent Minting Earning
  •           MSP represent Minting Schedule Payment

The amount of ASIMI you own in your verified minting wallet compared to all other ASIMI minters combined value leads you to be included in the MSP for that day once you successfully mint for that day.

What is the objective & mission of ASIMI token?

The mission of ASIMI is to produce the most understandable minting experience that rewards crypto investors in real value for their contribution and effort. ASIMI is set up for mass adoption, where it will lead the way as a value-based utility token with objectives within the online advertising industry, enabling a crypto investor to benefit from the world of cryptocurrency, thereby enabling users to earn ASIMI tokens by watching advertisements while advertising on their own terms.

The fundamental plans and objectives of ASIMI tokens is to provide a free exchangeable token for advertisers and businesspeople within the online advertising industry. In addition, it will provide a unique method of minting that allows anyone in the community to earn ASIMI tokens at home. Therefore,


The ASIMI project is based on an incredible principle that does not ask individuals to back it financially but rather requests people to gain interest in joining the ASIMI community. As a result, individuals can earn as well as participate without incurring any cost. As a value-based utility token, you can use it for purchasing advertising as well as provide ad minting rewards. ASIMI has now simplified the minting and distribution of tokens enabling many people to access cryptocurrency globally through a simple ad minting system. However, ASIMI token continues to benefit a large mass worldwide who anticipate establishing and prevent their online business by making their products and services known to their target markets.

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