The term “sex worker” refers to the people who work in the sex industry and provide sex work, either regular or occasionally. Currently, sex workers all across the globe are making use of cryptocurrencies to avoid rampant discrimination from economic sector services available. Sometimes an adult film star or porn star finds their bank account shut down without any prior warning. It seems to be a major concern for sex workers, as they cannot withdraw the money from their existing bank account.

Features of bitcci 

In 2007, Christoph Elbert founded a firm named bitcci, intending to change the culture of the sex industry and make it more secure. It optimises and decentralises the sex industry by constructing innovative areas. In addition to such, it uses new technology so that its participants will remain safe and secure. Some of the salient features of the bitcci organisation are detailed below: 

-bitcci allows users to send and receive bitcci cash tokens. It helps to overcome the ‘frozen’ account issue faced by sex workers. The brand will also elevate its application and website for providing a secure and hassle-free experience for customers.

-The organisation hails from Switzerland and Liechtenstein and looks to establish new nightclubs and blockchain-based payment solutions. The company is receiving a positive response as its presale of native tokens sold out in 15 days. Along with such, the company raised 1 million CHF in two weeks of July 2021. The company is looking to improve its headquarters located in Switzerland from the obtained amount.

-The brand is globally well connected and works in partnership with different Blockchain associations operating in Europe. The club software of the company, bitcci club, is successfully functioning in four sauna clubs located in Switzerland.

-Once signed up, sex workers will receive global identification and can offer service globally. The application design will help sex workers promote their service digitally and avail the chance of getting picked by international clients.

-In addition to such, the brand is also looking to purchase ten plots of land in Europe. They are looking to open five new bitcci nightclubs to provide more compensation opportunities for promoting sex services. 

-The legal notification of the firm demonstrates that bitcci doesn’t support any third-party services. The firm releases its ICO of the payment token, indicating its liability only for the services under the bitcci ecosystem. 

-At present, bitcci is successfully liberating the sex industry conflicts and challenges by introducing a digital payment platform for transactions. In addition to such, they are also establishing a regulated chain of nightclubs worldwide, using blockchain solutions.

Business Model of bitcci

As we have discussed, bitcci intends to provide better wealth and lifestyle to the sex worker. The company’s business model focuses on offering the best services and facilities to sex workers to improve their living standards and wealth creation. The company believes in providing effective experiences to both sex workers and nightclub staff. Let us briefly understand the bitcci business model.


bitcci comes with a positive approach to provide a level of trust and stability to sex workers globally. bitcci’s business model includes an inclusive package that helps to meet the distinct requirements of the sex worker. However, since the sex industry is not legal globally, some nations prohibit sex services from functioning. 

In the past, a sex worker was discriminated against by the financial sector services, therefore, did not have access to healthcare services. Therefore, the business model will include telemedicine facilities for sex workers. Along with such, the company also runs an institute where training on sex services is provided to train the newcomer effectively. 

It is found that some of the sex workers do not have any bank account or credit card, so they can only receive payment via cash. The company focuses on this concern and works with legalised firms to develop a debit card available for the sex worker. Some of the other important aspects included in the business model are a relaxation program, holiday and leisure offerings, and providing an opportunity to choose prices and clients for themselves.


Establishing nightclubs traditionally began with redesigning the available building and increasing its dimensions. It also attempts to adapt them as well following the requirement of night club operation.

The bitcci business model represents buildings constructed in 3 standardised types based on their location, size, shapes, and fittings. The modular construction comprises prefabricated steel modules with interior fittings available; therefore, they will be ready for use within 4-5 weeks. It can be said that the bitcci strategy depends on optimising the procedures and standards for buying land and constructing new buildings. The building is constructed in such a way that several bitcci clubs can be constructed globally in the next 10-15 years.


The ‘bitcci Systems’ IT platform will handle all ecosystem elements and connected communication modules employed. The interface ‘bitcci Connect’ allows tax authorities and trade policies access to the bitcci database.

What Are The Facilities Provided By Bitcci To Sex Workers?

As we have discussed, bitcci is an organisation that works for the betterment of sex workers and changes the culture of the sex industry. The bitcci IT platform offers a communication tool that facilitates the sex worker to provide digital and physical services. Along with such, they are offering a blockchain-based payment service for the next-generation sex industry. Some of the facilities offered by bitcci to the sex workers are listed below:

-The company provides a training program marked through self-determination. This will help sex worker to understand their responsibilities as sex workers and built confidence.

-The training program offered by bitcci helps individuals understand the level of stability and high work/life balance.

-bitcci optimises and decentralises the sex industry by creating innovative areas like using new technology for sex workers in the industry to remain safe and secure.

-It provides the large automated controlling of the process with innovative technology. This helps to eliminate the traditional method of doing several formalities and language barriers.

-When a sex worker signs up with bitcci, they receive professional photographs by the company, which can be used for marketing the services. The club building will include state-of-the-art equipment and utmost security precaution on personnel and technical service.

-It offers an innovative payment solution for the sex worker where they can receive their compensation. It was seen that upon approval, most of them didn’t have any bank account or credit. Therefore, this payment solution gateway is very beneficial.

-The communication tool will offer a lucrative and amazing source of income for the sex worker, and digital service will be settled in bitcci cash.

The sex worker receives the chance to create their profile and sell their services on the central portal. Together with licensed Fintech partners, the company develops its bitcci debit card inclusive, IBAN account numbers.

How Did Bitcci Improve Nightclubs? 

The bitcci nightclubs will be constructed in the style of a premium hotel comprising a wellness area, restaurant, bar, and entertainment areas. The culture under the bitcci will depend on the self-determination principle. The principle will be applicable to both staff at the nightclubs and sex workers.

Along with establishing the central IT platform, bitcci emphasised improving the nightclubs to offer more compensation opportunities. The “IT System” of the bitcci is already functioning in the four largest nightclubs located in Switzerland that offer business data to the firm. 

The entire culture and strategy following the bitcci ecosystem are accelerated toward constructing more nightclubs. They are looking to open five new bitcci nightclubs to provide more compensation opportunities to sex workers. The brand will also elevate its application and website for providing a secure and hassle-free experience for the customers.

For this, bitcci decided to establish nightclubs with innovative, standardised, and similar buildings which bitcci will operate in close coordination with the authorities.

A Brief Overview Of Bitcci Debit Cards & Bitcci Cash Payment System

The company released its ICO of the network payment token used to pay for all services under the bitcci ecosystem. After understanding sex workers payment method issues and lack of stability, they decide to create an innovative payment solution. Some of the essential important related to bitcci cash payment systems are listed below:

-It is recorded that more than 60% of the sex labourers are presently working in clubs in the European Union. In any case, upon the appearance, a large portion of them don’t have a financial balance or credit card. Due to such reasons, they are restricted in their capacity to take dynamic cooperation in the typical existence of society. 

-The exchanges were made in cash. Therefore, bitcci fosters another instalment arrangement that helps the sex labourer to have better stability and financial recordkeeping. The organisation, along with authorised Fintech accomplices, creates their bitcci debit card for sex workers. 


It can be concluded that bitcci business model works with the strategy to provide effective facilities for the sex worker to improve their living standards. The business model intends to offer the level of stability and healthcare services to sex workers registered with bitcci.

The bitcci AG encourages both the customer and working staff to treat each other respectfully. The bitcci IT platform provides a communication tool that facilitates sex workers to market their service globally and enhance their chances of getting picked. The introduction of Blockchain token helps sex worker to avail the financial services benefits. Therefore, it can be concluded that bitcci liberates the sex industry from conflicts and develops an innovative culture of trust, acceptance, reliability, and self-determination.

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