bitcci - Multiple Trusted IEO Listings

The IEO (initial exchange offerings) listings have taken over the crypto industry at a rapid pace. Known to be the revolutionary version of ICO (initial coin offerings), in the IEO, a designated cryptocurrency company oversees the sale of tokens, which means every project of blockchain undergoes comprehensive scrutinization of white paper, and most importantly, the crowdfunding drive gains more prominence.   

Many investors consider IEO exchange platforms to be an impeccable investment solution, as they provide higher due diligence than traditional ICOs. Furthermore, IEOs are:

  • Easy to Use: Any startup that aspires to issue promising tokens can take advantage of IEOs by offering more straightforward options to raise funds. Also, the exchange platform will offer help in streamlining and marketing the entire process. 
  • 100% Secured: In the IEOs, it is the exchange platform that stands responsible for the transaction, as a result of which the issuer of the cash token does not have to handle any concerns associated with mass sale. 
  • Trustworthy Option: Since the exchange platform is regarded as responsible for digital transactions, it screens the projects before making it a part of their listings. This eliminates the possibility of scams being a part of the IEO for raising funds.

Well, that’s exactly where bitcci – a company built for the escort industry – stands apart from the crowd.

Introduction to bitcci

bitcci came into existence in 2017, when Christoph Elbert (the founder of bitcci Group AG), a visionary entrepreneur, decided to make a positive impact in the global sex industry. The company was established with a mission of developing unique and holistic solutions that would bring advanced, innovative and incredible transformations to the sex market around the world. 

From safety and equal opportunities for sex workers to offering a protected platform for its users, bitcci’s ecosystem addresses the common problems of the adult industry with IT, cloud services, blockchain-based transactions and its very own portal of nightclubs. The brand even features a user-friendly website and application for giving a rich experience to its customers. 

Apart from this, bitcci even enables sex workers to move beyond physical services, by allowing them to offer digital sex services, i.e. paid telephony, digital content (photograph or video), chat and more, facilitated through the bitcci cloud. Hence, the sex workers get ample earning opportunities with the liberty to set the price of their services.

bitcci aims to be the all-round solution for the rising sex market, serving both the sex workers and customers a safe, comfortable and memorable experience. 

Every transaction in the bitcci ecosystem is carried out with the use of the bitcci cash token. Some of the key features of this token are:

  • bitcci cash was developed on Ethereum blockchain, which is regarded as one of the safest blockchains of the crypto industry. 
  • There is a tremendous supply of over 100 billion bitcci cash tokens, and the smart contract was audited by Immune Bytes and SolidProof. 
  • At present, the company holds ICO for its own token and any investor can buy the tokens on sale. 
  • bitcci is among few prestigious brands to have completed sales of 10 billion tokens in only 15 days; this itself speaks volumes about the potential of this blockchain company.

Overview of bitcci IEO

With IEO being the next big thing of cryptocurrency, bitcci decided to make its way to IEO listings too. This would be a huge opportunity for investors, as bitcci IEO is one of those few businesses that is not only backed by a strong business model but, most importantly, is designated towards a market (sex industry) that is undoubtedly going to bloom in the upcoming years. 

Which Exchanges Support bitcci’s IEO?

Currently, there are five eminent cryptocurrency exchange platforms that support bitcci IEO, and these are:

1. P2PB2B

The P2PB2B is a one-of-a-kind exchange platform that promotes the sales of cryptocurrency tokens for increasing crypto assets. Headquartered in Estonia, it is considered to be a safe, reliable and easy to use medium for authenticable trades. Today, the platform is listed to be in the 12th position as the world’s most trustworthy platform that adheres to strict security standards for crypto exchanges. 

Thanks to P2PB2B’s security compliances and AI-functionalities, you can trade bitcci IEO with peace of mind. 

2. BitForex 

Based in Hong Kong, BitForex is another platform that supports bitcci’s IEO listing. The platform was founded by Jason Luo and Garrett Jin, who now together are an integral part of the executive team of the company. Interestingly, the platform is capable of processing over 1.6 million orders in a second, and this is humungous in comparison to other exchange portals. Using BitForex, investors can use social trading, BitForex turbo, BitForex API, perpetual contracts, spot and MetaTrader 5 for trading bitcci cash tokens. 

3. IndoEX Digital Assets Exchange 

Dedicated to digital assets, IndoEX is another popular platform that will be supporting bitcci IEO. It is admired for its low latency in order fulfilment and instant execution. The institutional trading engine of the platform remains robust, with an ability of processing 20 million transactions a year, and most importantly, is based on the principles of efficiency and high trading speed. 

In addition to giving you access to the crypto IEO, IndoEX provides the user with a digital wallet that can be used for carrying out transactions using different currencies. 

4. Coinsbit 

Coinsbit is another Estonia-based company that lets you buy and sell IEOs in an effortless manner. The exchange platform is available in over 13 languages, along with a committed customer support of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With the help of this platform, investors can take advantage of security and amazing performance too. 

In terms of liquidity, Coinsbit stands to be one of the top contenders than other competitors out there. 

5. Dex-Trade 

Home to over 800+ digital assets, Dex-Trade is a premium platform of bitcci IEOs. The name of the company, Dex, comes from decentralised exchanges, and it was developed for offering a reliable, stable and secure environment to the investors for trading digital assets. The services of Dex-Trade are available on desktop and mobile too, ensuring you are able to trade anywhere and from anytime. 

With the help of public relations and press, bitcci wants to increase the media reach of its exciting IEO, to make more and more investors aware of the opportunity that it has in store.

Why Should You Join bitcci Cash Token Community?

There isn’t one but many reasons that makes bitcci cash token community a lucrative choice for investors worldwide. These include:

  • bitcci’s past ICO performance itself indicates the true potential of its IEO. If 10 billion bitcci cash tokens are sold in a mere 15 days, then getting your hands on IEO would be difficult if you fail to act fast. 
  • bitcci is focused on developing efficient, transparent, and modern solutions that would fix the major problems of the adult service industry. These are the problems that have haunted the industry ever since its existence. 
  • Additionally, “bitcci Connect” offers tax and migration authorities a quick access to bitcci’s database, which contains the information of the adult workers who are registered with the community. 
  • Furthermore, the “bitcci club” – an effective nightclub management software – has already been successfully adopted by 5 premier clubs of Switzerland, and the number is only increasing with time. With this, the nightclubs and saunas are able to manage their estate with minimal expenses. 
  • The two shining stars of the brand, bitcci’s website and app, work as a one-stop platform for sex workers for promoting, scheduling and managing services, while showcasing their talent to a fostering community of the bitcci ecosystem. 
  • bitcci.TV is a internet-based TV channel on which we present the latest news from the escort and crypto space. The programmes are editorially prepared to appeal all partners of the bitcci ecosystem, like Escort Girls, Customers, Investors, Affiliates, Marketing Experts, Exchanges and Authorities. We already expand our existing team for our studio operations, content creation, guest interviews, interaction with viewers etc. bitcci.TV will go live in the first Quarter of 2022.

Joining the bitcci cash token community will help investors not only achieve enormous ROI (return on investment) but also support in the process of empowering escorts through the innovative and result-oriented bitcci ecosystem. 

As per economic data of many established countries, a large portion of their economic revenue comes from the adult sector that often comprises of pornographic materials, adult content subscriptions, nightclubs and escort services. Despite the importance of the industry, many sex workers are either underpaid or are unable to make a promising career out of the industry. bitcci bridges this gap through its all-inclusive packages that effectively meet the needs of the sex workers. 

Through this, the brand provides proper training from top industry experts to improve the skills of workers, while giving access to healthcare and other essential facilities. 

The company adopts the power of AI (artificial intelligence) for eliminating language barriers. When workers become a part of the platform, they get the chance to set up a good profile for attracting the right customers. 


It comes as no surprise that bitcci has been one of the top performing ICOs ever since its launch. Now, through its IEO, the company wants sex workers along with the customers of this industry to make the most of the next generation of opportunities in a hassle-free way. The main objective of bitcci is to establish a new culture in the sex industry, by fixing the shortcomings of the sector and reintroducing blockchain systems for a successful outcome. 

The company isn’t a regular escorts service platform; instead, it works holistically on improving the life and conditions of sex workers (ample opportunities, higher pay, healthcare facilities, insurance), while training them to cater to the evolving needs of their customers. So, from compliance, freedom, to an unforgettable experience, bitcci aspires to achieve it all. When workers become a part of the bitcci community, they find it as a secured place that will not only recognise their profession with utmost respect but ensure that they have a safe foundation for a happy retirement life too. 

One of the most wonderful parts of bitcci’s business operations is that there are no middlemen or intermediaries involved (a major barrier of the sex industry), as a result of which the sex workers are able to acquire highest amount of income easily. 

Hence, it can be rightfully concluded that bitcci’s innovative and advanced solutions do play a crucial role in reducing the obstructions and challenges that sex workers face in any part of the world. bitcci has well-strategised concepts in place that will help the brand in fast scalability. The combination of the sex industry, modern innovations and blockchain makes bitcci an all-rounder company with never-ending opportunities.  

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