Blockchain Recruitment

Introduction to Blockchain-Based Recruitment

What is RecruitCoin?

RecruitCoin comes from the combination of “Recruitment” and “Cryptocurrency”. Under this concept, recruitment is backed by associated rewards to the connectors who are working towards closing a requirement in terms of cryptocurrency. The entire process is based on the concept of blockchain mechanism. Under this, as the network grows, connectors are paid more. Both recruiters and job seekers can be a part of the referral scheme. With every signup and recruitment, the connector gets paid. This is the overall concept of RecruitCoin. 

Limitations of Traditional Recruitment Methods

Recruitment drives the entire chain of top brands across the global scale. Finding the right talent that can take their organisation to the next level is the need of the hour. A suitable candidate is not found on any online shopping platform, which makes the entire process quite difficult. The top brands are thus always on the go to find the best suits for their organisation. However, to date, all such recruitments used to happen under the simple traditional recruitment process. 

But, is it worthwhile?

Here are some of the prime drawbacks of traditional recruiting that gives it a back seat in comparison to the use of RecruitCoin:

Limited reach and accessibility to diverse talents

The problem first and foremost of traditional recruitment is the failure of reaching and accessing diverse talents due to limited scope and reachability.

Limited job posting flexibility

Traditional recruitment postings are limited to very few job posting sites and platforms, which again limits the scope of finding a more suitable candidate for a particular position. 

Companies are solely judged on their reputation

With reputations in mind, most of the candidates will not turn-on seeing a brand name, itself. It is very important to know the insights of an organisation and not just fall for a brand name. 

Lesser number of applicants due to limited reach

As the reach is limited, it goes without saying that the number of applications automatically gets reduced, leading to higher struggles of the employers and recruiters. 

Unwanted cost 

Job postings, head-hunting, wasting time with recruitment follow-ups, spending on hiring recruitment agencies, etc. adds to the unwanted expenses and cost associated with traditional recruitment process. 

Quite a time-heavy process

The overall process of traditional recruiting takes a lot of time due to the multiple levels one needs to follow and filter to reach the best suitable candidate for their job position. 

Inappropriate hiring quality

Most of the time, due to a lower reach and access to candidates’ profiles, there are chances of leading to inappropriate hiring quality. In case the most suitable candidate is not in reach, employers need to settle for second best.

Evident frustration of the candidates leading to application withdrawal

Sometimes, this may even lead to frustration on the candidates’ side, too. Inability to reach the right employer might frustrate them over time, leading to their withdrawal. This might complicate the process even more.

How does blockchain-based RecruitCoin enhance the recruitment process?

Here is how blockchain-based RecruitCoin works to enhance the recruitment process:

Step 1: Connectors sign up for being a part of the connector program for recruitment. Simple details need to be filled in to complete the signup process. 

Step 2: After the signup is complete, the connector receives a unique invite link. The connector needs to complete the process by clicking on the link to complete the verification and validation process.

Step 3: Now, the connector is a part of the process and can invite more and more talents or clients to the RecruitCoin network.

Step 4: The referred users get a unique code each time the connector invites them. They can join the network using the same. 

Step 5: Referred users can now get hired or hire candidates for their organisations.

Step 6: Each time a referred candidate is hired or hires someone, the connector will get paid in terms of cryptocurrency. Connectors are also paid when a referred user signs up for the network using their referral code.

RecruitCoin Tokenomics and Utility

As far as RecruitCoin tokenomics is concerned, Betts is planning an overall hard cap (pre-sales) figure of $100K. There will be around 25 million tokens offered under the public sale offer, which counts to a hard cap of 2.5 million. The token pre-sale has already begun from January 4th. Tokens will be distributed post 3-6 months of the sale ending.

What makes RecruitCoin a worthwhile project?


RecruitCoin is a unique idea that works on the blockchain mechanism. Breaking the limitations of the old school recruitment, this one is aimed at revolutionising the concept of recruitment and its related resources on a global scale in a smarter manner. Associating the process with cryptocurrency is an amazing way to help connectors earn their rewards as the network grows and more and more recruitments are attained. Choose to be a part of this unique idea to grow and earn at the same time while helping job seekers and recruiters reach the right potentials at the right time. 

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