As more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, the demand for these products looks set for a continuous growth. This rising demand offers a lucrative opportunity for businesses to potentially generate significant profits. Cannabis products, especially those which are unique or are of high quality, can command high prices, which can potentially lead to high profit margins for businesses who sell these products.   

Cannabis benefits

Apart from the business and financial benefits of cannabis mentioned above, there are also social and environmental benefits associated with the cannabis industry. As the medicinal benefits of cannabis cannot be denied, working or getting involved in this industry can be a way to make a positive social impact. 

Besides, some cannabis cultivators are using different techniques to make positive impacts on the environment, being energy-efficient, conserving water and protecting the health of the soil. Some of them are using organic growing methods, which can reduce the amount of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers used. Since these chemicals can have negative impacts on ecosystems in general, usage of organic growing methods for cannabis can have a positive impact on the environment. 

Cultivation of cannabis can be quite energy-intensive. So, some cultivators are using energy-efficient techniques and technologies to cut down their energy usage and emissions of greenhouse gas. Similarly, some cannabis cultivators are also using drip irrigation and other techniques to reduce water usage in the cannabis cultivation process, a practice which can be beneficial in regions with limited water resources. 

Blockchain and NFT

Meanwhile, blockchain technology has become the new buzzword in the tech and investment world. It is a disruptive technology that is taking over many industries and has the potential to impact all transaction-based and record-keeping processes. The technology is also creating new businesses in the virtual space.

The popularity of NFT has exploded in recent years. NFT are unique digital assets that often represent ownership of real-world objects. Those NFTs can be verified and stored using blockchain technology. 

The future potential of NFT is huge and the market for NFT will continue to evolve. In fact, some pundits forecast that NFT may become the underlying asset for the entire virtual economy, thereby expanding far beyond digital arts and collectibles. 


PLÅNTZ NFT is a sustainable and future-oriented project. These are not just any virtual plants. In fact, the cultivation and processing takes place in Switzerland and Austria. Besides, each PLÅNTZ NFT is unique and cannot be replicated, thereby making them highly coveted collectors’ items. Moreover, there are only 20,000 PLÅNTZ NFT. 

The PLÅNTZ NFT project is also about sustainability and giving back to the environment. The project involves creating their own high-quality CBD products after the harvest, which are in high demand from the customers and community of more than 1,600 fans. 

PLÅNTZ and Cannabis

The partners in the PLÅNTZ NFT project have been involved in the field of CBD and medical cannabis. Besides, they are also in the production of food and building material, the raw material trade as well as the research and development around the hemp plant. All of the above mentioned areas record more than hundred percent growth every year and are gradually moving into mainstream society.


As mentioned earlier, NFT is a type of digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item. PLÅNTZ is using NFT for its various benefits such as ownership and authenticity, liquidity, immutability, accessibility and potential for appreciation of its value.  

1. Ownership and authenticity – NFTs provide a way to verify ownership and authenticity of digital assets..Possession of a PLÅNTZ NFT makes it easy to transfer the harvest to the wallet or bank account of the holder or investor. 

2. Liquidity – NFTs can be easily bought and sold on online marketplaces and the PLÅNTZ Maketplace which is in development mode, thereby providing a way for creators to monetize their work and for collectors to buy and sell rare digital items.

3. Immutability – The blockchain technology that powers NFTs makes it impossible to alter or duplicate the item represented by the NFT, thereby providing an added level of security and trust.

4. Accessibility – NFTs allow anyone with an internet connection to own and trade unique digital items, regardless of their location or financial resources. It creates a level playing field for all categories of investors. 


PLÅNTZ sits at the cusp of the rising demand for cannabis and the rapid evolution of the blockchain and NFT markets. Hence, it provides an ideal opportunity for investors to gain from the growth of the two markets simultaneously. PLÅNTZ is bringing the cannabis and crypto industries together while building the entire ecosystem for the cannabis industry. 

The mission of PLÅNTZ is to operate a solid long-term business model that puts the spirit of hemp, the ethical foundation of its business and an honest relationship with its customers. It also plans to educate around hemp and blockchain and give more and more people the chance to participate in these areas. 

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