One of the biggest technological trends in the world of video games in recent times is the emergence of metaverse gaming. Metaverse gaming is essentially digital gaming that virtually transports players into an immersive 3D world, which is quite similar to something that comes from a sci-fi novel. 

In the past few years, metaverse gaming has evolved from fiction to fact, as major global tech companies and even consumer brands rush to pioneer the virtual world. These developments are making metaverse become a hot topic of discussion, investment and even entrepreneurial activities in different parts of the world. 

In terms of its elements and features, there can be a plethora of things that can potentially go into a metaverse game but there are some essentials that make up the basic elements of a metaverse game. They are a 3D virtual environment, players participating and interacting through their avatars, ownership of in-game assets, game mechanics and objectives of the games, to name a few. 

In addition to mobile gaming, NFT in-video games and augmented reality games, metaverse is forecast to be one of the biggest trends in 2022. Metaverse gaming combines the key elements of video games and a metaverse, which involves a 3D world, players as avatars, in-game assets and gameplay.

What is Cardalonia?

In a nutshell, Cardalonia can be described as a decentralised Cardano play-to-earn metaverse that would be easy and inexpensive to play and cut down the high entry barriers that are otherwise seen on the Ethereum metaverse projects.

It will utilize the Cardano blockchain to integrate blockchain-based transaction layers, verify player NFT ownership for admission and much more. Cardalonia envisions frictionless blockchain integrations for play-to-earn, cross-chain capabilities and decentralised infrastructure in the future.

The journey into the Cardalonia metaverse begins with an access to the Land, which gives you a base to start building your metaverse experience within Cardalonia. It also gives you access to all Cardalonia infrastructure, blockchain layer and much more that you will need to create a more exciting Cardalonia metaverse experience. 

Players will have 100% ownership and rights of any asset they create and sell on the Cardalonia marketplace and 5% of any transaction fee on the Lonia marketplace will be allocated to the $Lonia Staking Pool to keep incentivizing new users to join the platform. 

The Cardalonia metaverse is comprised of Land totalling 100,000. The Lands will have different size, attributes or rarities, ranging from 100 x 100, which is the most common one. Then, there are parcels of 500 x 500, which are rare parcels of Land. Each Land has a standardised difficult terrain that can now be modified by the player who can only experience the Land by belonging to a clan. 

Each Cardalonia player has the power to choose their Cardalonia destiny by purchasing a plot of Land, which would determine the clan they belong to. Once the Land is acquired either by purchasing or through the Land pre-sale or rented a Land, users can then start designing and build their personal Cardalonia experience. 

Features of Cardalonia

The Cardalonia metaverse project will have many features including immersive and captivating experiences, decentralisation, governance, token utility and also Land in the metaverse. 

Immersive Experiences – As immersive experiences and metaverse become more popular, Cardalonia will evolve into a full community-owned metaverse with human-like experiences and interactions via pre-built virtual avatar characters.

Decentralisation – All in-game assets will be represented as NFT and the ownership will be permanently written on the Cardano blockchain. 

Governance – $Lonia token holders will be able to participate in the governance decisions of the Cardalonia Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), where they can create a proposal or vote on key elements about the Cardalonia ecosystem. 

$Lonia Token utility – The $Lonia token if the utility token of the Cardalonia metaverse with multiple uses like staking to earn rewards, purchasing in-game items and purchasing land in the metaverse.

Utility token overview

$Lonia, a Cardano native token built on the Cardano blockchain, is the primary utility token used within the Cardalonia ecosystem. There will be a strict supply of 100,000,000 $Lonia tokens and not a single more to be built ever again. 

It is an essential component of the Cardalonia metaverse, as it will be the governing token too. Users can either choose to hold it, stake it and earn yields that will be compounded per epoch or stake it to be able to have access to multiple advantages. 

The advantages include governance or the power to decide the future of Cardalonia, purchasing Land, staking rewards, whitelist for clan drops, special NFT drop, among others. The staking rewards of $Lonia tokens can go up to 25% APY and the whitelist for clan drops depends on your amount of $Lonia staked. Staking will also give the players and Land owners the ability to earn $Lonia over time. 

How to buy $Lonia tokens?

Is Cardalonia right for you?

Cardano aims to break down the high entry barrier that are typically seen on Ethereum metaverse projects and bring friction-less blockchain integrations for play-to-earn, cross-chain capabilities and decentralised infrastructure. 

As a player, you can choose a clan, create digital assets such as NFT, deploy them to your Cardalonia Land, which must initially be acquired by the player. Cardalonia is made up of clans, as users who possess Land NFT will be able to claim and join a clan with an avatar to be able to experience Cardalonia. Besides, there will be heavy incentives for adopters to join and play in the Cardalonia ecosystem through the stake-to-earn and play-to-earn rewards. 

It will be significantly easier to build on than in other metaverses and Cardalonia will also enable more possibilities for what you can build in your Land. The latter is possible because each Land will allow full control of its play mechanics. 

It is pretty much possible to build any game mode or experience on Cardalonia and these range from casinos, play-to-earn games, a music listening session, a concert and much more. You can unleash your potential as you dive into the Cardalonia metaverse as a virtual 3D avatar. You can also purchase unique items for your avatar from the marketplace. 


The variety of features and innovations in the Cardalonia metaverse project are reflective of the level of interests that is being seen and are being forecast in the metaverse gaming. This is in line with the evolution of video games, as crypto play-to-earn games gain more traction all over the world.

However, it may not be all smooth sailing and there are still some impediments in the development of the metaverse, partly due to the narrow demographic that are now willing to spend time in the virtual world. 

As technology becomes more commoditized and accessible over time and appeals to a much wider audience, trips for work, entertainment or social interaction with friends will become much easier in the virtual world than navigating in the real world. 

Hence, metaverse projects such as the Cardalonia metaverse project may be one of the many that are set to hit the virtual world and even make metaverse gaming a part of mainstream yet virtual lives of the people in different parts of the world.

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