The crypto ecosystem is evolving and attracting a broader audience. At the same time, we have seen a few boom and bust cycles that reflect it needing better systems and technology to broaden mainstream use cases. The stage at which crypto is now, is reminiscent of the early days of the internet when the latter was only synonymous with early adapters. Now, the internet is accessible and used by all. 

The widespread use of the internet is due to visionary entrepreneurs who built safe, secure and ready-to-use platforms that made it easier for everyone to gain access. 

CollectiVerse promises to be one such platform in the crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. When projects are built in the CollectiVerse ecosystem, investors can be confident of having security, transparency and more assured returns on their investments. It’s the first DeFi and NFT protocol that offers built-in protections for investors.

Bringing Investor Security to the Space

It offers a unique combination, where projects built on top of the platform can operate in a decentralized manner while investors are protected from treasury funds and smart contracts being rugged. CollectiVerse will start with Avalanche and eventually have cross-chain plans to support the other protocols.

CollectiVerse will offer developers compelling incentives to build in their ecosystem that simultaneously protects investors. This includes offering the option to pay KYC costs through its partnership with Obsidian Council for projects launched on its platform, and subsidizing required audits of all smart contracts used on its platform. CollectiVerse is also working on building in insurance as an option to provide extra protection to investors against exploits. In terms of transparency, The CollectiVerse team is fully doxed and verified by the Obsidian Council, their highest level of KYC. 


Multiple Benefits for Investors

Recent news where centralized exchanges like Celsius and BlockFi took large losses from leveraged risks with investor funds, then preventing investors from withdrawing their money shows why transparency in DeFi is so critical. Three key benefits of DeFi that crypto investors on centralized exchanges miss out on are transparency, higher returns, and governance voting. 

CollectiVerse provides investors with an alternative platform to centralized crypto exchanges where they gain full on-chain transparency, higher yields and governance that makes DeFi powerful, while investing in a safe decentralized ecosystem where investors can be assured their funds are secure and won’t be stolen by a project owner. 

CollectiVerse also is working on capabilities that will make it as simple for mainstream investors to participate within their DeFi ecosystem as it is to trade on a centralized exchange. This will enable anyone to buy or sell project tokens in their ecosystem, be notified of proposals, participate in governance, and see rewards where all the complexity of DeFi is hidden.

Innovative Templates for Developers to Build Quickly 

DeFi and NFTs create the ability to financialize anything, especially things we never imagined. This is like how the internet and mobile connected things we never imagined. Yet similar to when the first internet and mobile apps transferred what existed previously to a new medium (for example, internet magazines), DeFi and NFTs are still in their infancy where novel and important use cases need to be identified. The only way that can happen is to make it simpler to build.

CollectiVerse templates will accelerate that innovation. It provides a framework for builders and investors to quickly raise capital and launch their own projects without the need to code. Any new technology introduced on the platform is audited for investor safety before being launched as a template.

How to get involved with CollectiVerse? 

First, they are in the process of releasing a special limited collection called CollectiVerse NFT Seed. This collection consists of 3,850 stars and asteroids closest to earth in their space metaverse. The NFTs will be 3D and animated based on scientific telescopic data, with added artistic elements and flair. The NFTs range in price from $100 USD to $2,000 USD, with differing utility depending on the tier. 

All NFTs in the NFT Seed represent a 10% to 30% discounted purchase (depending on the tier) of their future governance token, $VERSE. The collection will also be gamified, where energy in the stars or resources in the asteroids (as determined by scientific databases) can be harvested and monetized. Finally, the Genesis NFT tier (only 500 at $2,000 USD) includes a First Access Pass, providing a whitelist or presale for all top curated projects released in the CollectiVerse ecosystem. As their ecosystem grows, this First Access Pass alone should become a valuable asset.

The second way to get involved is to invest in one or more of the inaugural projects, called planets to fit with the space metaverse theme, that will be released in the CollectiVerse ecosystem. You can purchase fractional NFT tokens for one or more projects for US $25 each.

Out of the $25, CollectiVerse will put $16.75 cents or 67% into a reserve and that will be paid as yields over nine months. With such yields factored in, the annualized APR works out to be around USDC-backed 91%. The 33% remaining funds from the NFT sale will be used to build the CollectiVerse technology platform. Each fractional NFT will also be gamified within the space metaverse theme, offering the potential for future utility and value.

You can either be an active investor and govern/manage your own projects or be a passive investor, where you choose not to proactively manage the projects. The NFTs let investors earn consistent rewards while they survive through the turbulent market conditions prevailing at the moment. 

The use of funds or the NFT rewards can be modified by NFT holders of each project at any time. This provides a critical piece that is core to DeFi and decentralization by giving NFT holders the ability to govern their project/planet and treasury funds.

CollectiVerse will self-mint and vault the whole planet NFT on the Avalanche chain and then sell both the NFT Seed and the fractionalized NFT as Avalanche ERC-1155 tokens. They are also considering to bridge the NFT Seed collection to other chains such as Ethereum and Polygon after launching on Avalanche.

CollectiVerse is the first platform to provide the best of two worlds. The first is investor security and accessibility that centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Binance and FTX  offer. The second benefit is transparency, high yield returns and the ability to govern projects that is the essence of DeFi. 

The focus of CollectiVerse is on security, transparency, and more assured returns with the ultimate objective of improving the DeFi ecosystem for investors and making it more accessible to non-crypto investors.

With high inflation and declining returns from conventional investments avenues eating away at people’s savings, getting assured returns is crucial to sail through these turbulent times while waiting for the overall market conditions to improve. 

CollectiVerse offers the ability to invest in their early new technology platform that seeks to fix many critical problems in the space, while also investing in projects on their platform that offer high APR to offset the higher inflation environment. For more details, check out 

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