Is CBerry the new age of content creator rewards?

Social networks are a good way to publicize the contents of a person, brand, company, organization, and or the government.

The large number of users who use social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a host of others makes it an efficient way of passing a message across to several thousands of audiences at a time. For example, Facebook has over 1 billion users and more than 250 million daily logins.

Social media are a great way to generate traffic to your website, convert visitors into buyers, and introduce your products to new clients. This is the major reason why advertisers use these social networks to grow their revenue. Social networks have been able to increase the interaction between the website and the visitor. At one time, there was only the famous Contact Us to hear from our visitors. Fortunately, those days are over!

With the strong competition in social media, it is more and more difficult to keep your followers. For that, you have to use strategy and reward them for being with you. It’s also a way to get more followers when people talk about it! So many businesses and influencers do a lot to reward their followers for having them retained. Some businesses and entrepreneurs’ techniques include discount coupons, contests, and ads that take money from businesses.


The most successful content-sharing platforms are the non-Blockchain-related social ones like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, and others. These platforms are better called social platforms or social media giants.

Most social media giants are created to reward themselves from the funds of their users who prefer to use their medium for advertisement. Hence, the users have little or no benefit at all from those platforms. An example is Facebook; when you create a video or post content, you’re not rewarded. similarly, when agencies and large corporations advertise on the platform, they tend to keep all the money to themselves

After losing money to create content and managing business profiles by hiring freelancers and social media agencies to work on that for you, you get absolutely nothing in return other than the fact your business revenue increases through sales and conversions. What about people who are only creating on their social media account? They get “nothing” in return. When users post on their Instagram or TikTok account, it would be counted as a mere waste of valuable resource — time unless those who have massive followers on such platforms.

Youtube is the social media that attempts to reward content creators for their social media content, but the requirement is hard. You’ve got to reach a total of four thousand (4000) watch hours and one thousand (1000) subscribers for you to be able to monetize your videos. All this is upon getting a cent out of every dollar spent by advertisers on the platform, which means that a large amount of revenue still goes to Google (the media giant).


I wouldn’t agree that content creation is a rewarding enterprise for individuals because most social media advertising platforms aren’t decentralized. Here is the implication: advertisers go-to media agencies to pay to have their ads displayed for all to see, and the media giants keep all to themselves. This is centralization, and the media giants such as Facebook, youtube, twitters, and others decide what is best for their businesses. What if there’s a platform where content creators are rewarded for their effort with the interference of a third party or social media giant. That is what the CBerry Ecosystem tends to offer.


CBerry is a decentralized ecosystem created through the blockchain to rewards users for creating content on the platform. The project is created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which focuses on some characteristics similar to the traditional Blockchain but much more beneficial. CBerry token is a BEP20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain. BEP20 is an ERC20 standard on Binance Smart Chain. So, only an address that is BEP20 compatible, i.e., enabled on Binance Smart Chain, can store CBerry token. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is fully owned and managed by Binance with lots of advantages like fast transaction, incredibly low transaction fees, and many others. With these features, BSC will best serve the purpose of the CBerry platform.

The BSC was created to make various decentralized finance applications, DeFi, active and easily usable, in addition to full cross-chain compatibility. If we were to use a single word to summarize Binance Smart Chain’s goals, we could use ” Innovation “. Although the Bitcoin Blockchain already represents a very important technological piece of our modernity, Binance Smart Chain has managed to become that “step forward” in some non-negligible aspects.

The first objective data on which the merits of Binance Smart Chain are based concerns trading. This new technology’s main objective was to make trading even more fluid and reactive, fully decentralized. Aside from this is the scalability that’s possible within the Binance Smart Chain. additional benefits which the founders of CBerrythought before choosing the Binance Smart chain includes the following:

1.The speed and security of the Binance smart chain. When considering carrying out a transaction on the blockchain, speed and security are the most important. The ease at which transaction is done with less transaction fee and time makes the BSC best for this work.

2.The ease of token sale is very important. The creation of the token on the Binance smart chain would make it easy to transact and trade on one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the world — Binance. CBerry token is a payment token in usage and so will be listed on as many Exchanges to support its value and keep content creator rewards steady in value.

3.Achieve scalability. The most important and ambitious challenge of Binance Smart Chain and Blockchain, in general, is that of scalability. Operationally, this achievement is already visible in the Binance Smart Chain, and this would positively the CBerry project.

4.No penalty for posting cryptocurrency-related articles or videos. One of the major setbacks from centralized social media agencies is the strict rules that sometimes tag Cryptocurrency related contents as illegal, preventing full Cryptocurrency expression by enthusiasts on those platforms. But on the CBerry platform, there is no such restriction as a crypto community created by and for crypto enthusiasts.


CBerry is a content sharing system on the Binance Smart Chain which aims to reward users with its custom token with the ticker CBY. Also, users can be tipped using other crypto assets such as BNB and CBR for quality content shared. CBerry also integrates DeFi Swap and Loan infrastructure to strengthens its mode of operation and make it unrivalled amongst other related projects.

The only fully Blockchain and Crypto-reward content system are Steemit. It will be interesting to note that Steemit is not the only blockchain project in this niche; numerous others have only run out of business quickly. This is because content sharing and reward systems are difficult to maintain. There is some problem inherent to this niche, and it includes:

1.Poor funding is one such problem; to maintain a rewarding platform for content creators, the project must be well-financed. The CBerry solution includes creating two tokens, the CBerry token (ticker: CBY) and the CBerry Reserve token (ticker: CBR), to help mitigate minting and market effect on each token. A solid financial backing will ensure successful implementation of the project and ecosystem. CBerry payment tokens will be highly developed and maintained; many solid partnerships will be achieved for the tokens to ensure liquidity, usability, and real value.

Also, to enhance the funding of the platform is the availability of advertisement for businesses. Revenue from the advertisement will be used to support the token and to incentivize users.

1.Poor management is another. Building a content reward platform requires devotion as a sustainable ecosystem must be carefully drawn out and implemented. Like any other social media platform, the ecosystem would support all the major forms of social media content, such as text, audio, and video. This is an added advantage over Steemit, which is majorly for text

2.Poorly designed ecosystem is a major problem too. Rewarding users with real money is a strain on the sustainability of the project. There is an issue of new users getting little or no reward at all on all existing systems. That’s because the systems are all based on recognition, so users with many followers get rewarded, but new users don’t get recognized easily. The CBerry system is a step ahead as it adds additional activities to make new users known and rewarded on the platform.

In addition to solving all the 3 main pain points of the most social media reward system, The platform will not be sector biased, so legal contents (except pornography and hemp-related contents) will be allowed. The users would enjoy all benefits of decentralization.

CBerry has the sole goal of becoming the most rewarding and stable content creation reward system on the Blockchain. It aims to pay about $30 per content to all its users with a simple process to actualize that. Create an account on the platform, make sure it is verified; create your content, have it published, and have your rewards in the CBerry token (CBY) after 7 days.

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