Ledger hardware wallets combined with Ledger Live app gives you full power over your crypto and with 2021 making it official – the world can’t afford to ignore bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

From traditional financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank to major sports stars opting to receive their salary in crypto, everyone can agree that bitcoin is a high-value asset.

Millions of individuals are entering the crypto space, from participating in limited-edition NFT drops to making their first crypto purchase.

However, more users mean that services must improve and ultimately become simplified. Without AOL, Web1.0 would never have been accessible to the masses–human beings crave simplicity and ease of use. That’s why more recent companies like Amazon, Uber, and Netflix are so successful! Because all services related to retail, transportation, and entertainment can all be navigated under one platform, an end-to-end platform you never have to leave to receive your service.

Ledger has integrated itself as the platform for all services related to crypto. Though they began as a security company, today Ledger enables multiple opportunities for buying, selling, exchanging, and staking all in one. When Ledger was founded in 2014, they saw a dire need for protection services in the industry. This is why they invented hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X–the only certified wallets on the market–which allow investors to protect their cryptocurrencies with a secure element chip. Today, Ledger has mastered all operations related to crypto protection services and sold over 3 million Ledger Nanos, worldwide.

In 2018, Ledger saw that services must be amplified in order for mass adoption to occur, and people should be able to navigate their crypto through one platform. This is why Ledger launched Ledger Live, an all-in-one companion application. Today, Ledger Live allows its users to manage 28 different coins and over 1,800 tokens while paired with your Ledger Hardware Wallet.


Directly from your smartphone or desktop, download Ledger Live!

– Buy your first digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash, and more!

– Exchange one crypto for another anywhere you go Ledger Live offers you the fastest way to swap coins and tokens.

– Cash out and sell your digital assets whenever you want.

– Grow your assets while keeping them safe. You can start growing your assets by using the staking feature. Staking works like investment accounts as it allows you to earn crypto rewards while keeping your assets secured in your hardware wallet. This option is only available on some specific blockchains which use a Proof-of-Stake protocol. (Pro tip: It’s also more environmentally friendly than the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism used on the Bitcoin blockchain!)

– Lending is another simple way to grow your asset directly through Ledger Live with our partner Compound. Crypto lending enables you to lend assets to other borrowers in exchange for interest payment. Let your crypto do the work for you and grow your crypto assets – it’s almost effortless!

– Check your balance anytime and anywhere using the app, so that you can easily keep track of your crypto operations and check your real-time balance.

The concept behind Ledger is simple. Investors deserve complete ownership and reliable security. The Ledger Live app is paired with Ledgers hardware wallet that secures your private keys while verifying and securing all your transactions.

Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly CEO and Chief Editor Karnav Shah expressed, “It’s extremely exciting to partner with a company like Ledger who understands user needs and has developed themselves as the top tier resource for all things related to crypto. Ledger’s ambition to innovate and create better services for the crypto community is significant as we dive deeper into the phase of mass adoption. The Platinum Crypto Academy looks forward to working with Ledger on more educational content as the company continues to amplify and expand services.”

“Ledger will continue to invest in resources that will allow the next generation of crypto users to educate themselves with high-quality content”, said Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger. “The Platinum Crypto Academy has done a marvelous job educating the public about the crypto-financial freedom movement. This partnership aligns with our values to make crypto simple, accessible, and easier to navigate.”

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