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TPX Network was set up to solve several problems in this new era of technology. Utilising blockchain technology and the global uncertainty of the financial markets.

With the world’s currencies in a state of panic and uncertainty with continued quantitative easing programs and increased borrowing only draws more attention to cryptocurrencies and gold being a valuable and major opportunity for change. TPX has positioned itself in the heart of this situation bridging the gap between Gold and Cryptocurrencies in a very unique way. It’s known and accepted widely that any investment portfolio should have a % in gold or exposure to the gold markets. TPX offers a cryptocurrency that is backed by Gold, this is not a stable coin but a cryptocurrency that will always have value as each token purchased results in 1gram of gold purchase so is always as a minimum valued at the price of gold. This provides unique opportunities for traders and investors to reap the benefits of the cryptocurrency space, speculating and trading on the TPXGOLD token but also have the security that it will never drop below the price of gold.


1: We offer expert one to one service and personal advice with our gold brokers.

2: We offer Free secure storage for all gold bought through us at Brinks.

3: We use Lloyd’s of London to fully insure your gold from the time of purchase.

4: Transportation from market to depository is covered by us.

5: We offer a guaranteed minimum yield annually for total peace of mind.

6: Gold is independently audited bi-annually.

7: We have plans/options to suit everyone, from the seasoned investor to newcomers to the Gold and investment markets

8: Tokens are listed on livecoin.net if you would like to purchase them now .

For further information on Physical bullion. visit www.tpxbullion.com

For information on our gold backed token

visit www.tpxnetwork.com or purchase from www.livecoin.net.

Alternatively email accounts@tpxnetwork.com

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