Today’s article focuses on how cryptocurrencies launch into the trading space and why cryptocurrency trading WISE token is in our opinion a very sensible choice.

Investors from around the globe are venturing into cryptocurrency trading to earn high profits, the WISE token is essentially an ERC-20 based smart contract created to be deployed on the Ether blockchain. WISE functions as a decentralized, trustlessly exchangeable, automatically liquid, interest-bearing, and bond-like digital token. Read on to discover why the WISE token is a game-changer when it comes to cryptocurrency trading and staking.


When it comes to trusting others with their money, people find it extremely risky. This major flaw within the traditional financial trading instruments is one of the reasons why WISE was created. WISE ensures that users are always in full control and custody of their tokens, even when numerous economic activities are taking place.

The initial process of minting WISE, closing and opening stakes, earning referral bonus, receiving interest, as well as selling WISE in exchange for ETH or any other token can be easily done without allowing other system or person to control a user’s WISE digital tokens. Now, if you compare this with the numerous banks that aren’t easy to trust as well as the money managers that don’t keep your best interest at the back of their minds, you will find that WISE is an excellent project to invest in.

The main aim of the token is staking that is much similar to CDs and bonds, i.e. rewarding a holder with interest earned for locking their funds up for a specific time. WISE incorporates a couple of features of both the traditional financial instruments but also improves upon them to a large extent. As far as CDs are concerned, they tend to offer low risk, low returns, and payout the interest amount only on the date of maturity. On the other hand, bonds are higher in terms of risk, but offer higher returns and pay the interest regularly and as per a pre-defined schedule.

WISE draws many similarities with the bond. It earns a high interest, but allow the users to withdraw the tokens whenever they require. Thus, WISE provides the staker with complete flexibility by allowing them to withdraw the interest during a stake’s life. One can withdraw the interest irregularly, daily, or wait until the date of maturity, or whichever option suits them.

Staking of WISE provides high returns, lower risk (owing to being trustless and decentralized), and much higher flexibility in comparison to both CDs and bonds. Hence, there is no need to trust governments and banks for staying solvent and not altering their rules. Also, there isn’t anything to worry about the bond issuer defaulting on you. Put simply, WISE is an immutable and pure code.

Apart from this, WISE comes with a 50-day launch time for the investors wherein they can reserve WISE. Every day of launching, around 5 million WISE tokens are available and they are proportionately distributed following the total ETH amount sent for a day.

Alternatively, users can consider selling WISE. Users can instantly cash out with the help of the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Thus, WISE instantly creates a massive liquidity pool on the Uniswap exchange, with no KYC required as well as the opportunity to swap using the private wallet.


If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading and in case you are searching for the best crypto projects, then WISE is the right way forward! WISE has redefined Decentralized Finance (Defi) by creating an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform. In the case of WISE, there are no team tokens, and 90% or over of the presale amount goes into Uniswap liquidity. There are no contract burns and admin keys. Thus, if you are on the lookout for the best cryptocurrency trading the Wise token is an ideal place to begin for earning returns.

WISE is a non-profit oriented project that aims to dedicate 100percent of the funds that won’t be used for creating the code for the well being of the investors. WISE has created a unique ecosystem wherein the WISE token offers direct value to the owners.


1.Buying and Burning Strategy:


This strategy is valid, but is relatively a very limited amount of fund and is dependent on a high activity within the system. Usually, as the price increase system is required the most, this is when there is minimal activity and thus less adoption. Also, this particular strategy is effective only when money streams continue to come in, and not in the case of an initial pot. Using this particular strategy in the initial pot will only result in a temporary pumping in the price, with no everlasting effects apart from the fallout in price.

2.Lending Strategy:

The May protocols (such as the YFI) lend the funds out to numerous other protocols such as the Compound, Aave, MKR, etc. This strategy is solid, but only achieves around 14% return on investment on an annual basis. While this strategy was much hyped about and sent the pricing of the YFI tokens from 35dollars to 44,000 dollars, the disadvantage is that it ties a huge amount of funds for very little interest in comparison to other cryptos. Thus, in the end, there isn’t any value, unless individuals are looking to take the crypto project as the retirement account, permitting interest to compound over several decades.

3.Mass liquidity strategy:

This particular strategy entails using 90percent or even more of an initial amount of money for creating a market instantly on the Uniswap exchange, and later burning keys, locking the funds into that market forever. This is exactly what WISE is capable of doing, and no other cryptocurrency trading platform or project has ever come close to even trying the same. One of the reasons could be because no crypto project is creating non-profit-oriented crypto and they aren’t willing to let millions of dollars pass without touching them. WISE ensures that the mass liquidity creation strategy is a way more powerful creator of value when compared to the other two strategies.

Firstly, because the creation of an instant trading market provides a way for the investors for buying in huge amounts with little slippage. Also, mass liquidity enables people to cash out huge amounts as easily as they are bought in. This is primarily why ETH and BTC have managed to grow and achieve the massive market capitalization figure that they have today. The creation of mass liquidity instantly implies touching one billion dollar market capitalization in one year, rather than depending on people for building up of order books on exchanges over several years.

Another way in which mass owner liquidity offers incredible value is through the ownerless feature of the huge amount of liquidity that creates value for tokens instantly alongside a hard pricing floor. The reason why it results in instant value is that any individual can go to the Uniswap exchange as well as the cash-out, knowing well that the huge pot of funds isn’t removable. Unlike other crypto projects, WISE offers a provable value, and thus a mass ownerless liquidity results in a provable pricing floor. This is equivalent to 25percent of the price listed initially on the Uniswap exchange. Most of the other crypto projects do not offer safety to this extent. They don’t have a pricing floor, as well as they don’t provide a provable value.

Last but not the least, this creation of mass ownerless liquidity results in the creation of value from the trading fees. Given that liquidity on the Uniswap exchange is ownerless, the trading fees charged daily rolls back into liquidity, thereby growing its overall value each day. Hence, when the return of investment of the liquidity goes past inflation (Wise only has 4percent, and so it is nearly certain), then the increasing value of this liquidity increases the pricing floor as well as decreases slippage much more with time.


To sum up, the WISE ecosystem will largely depend on staking for generating profits in terms of interest. For locking up (staking) their WISE tokens in the smart contract, investors will get profits from their private wallets. During the launch, investors will come together to contribute towards the creation of a huge liquidity pool through the sending of their ETH tokens to the smart contract. Staking of WISE is both secure and profitable when compared to other options simply because the token enables investors to acquire a stable and secure income by staking of their funds within the system, at low risk, and in return for higher profitability. WISE also offers a higher interest when compared to investments like CDs and bonds, as well as bank deposits.

So, if you are a newbie looking forward to opportunities for cryptocurrency trading, or even if you are a seasoned investor in search of a reliable and efficient way of making the best of the blockchain, invest in the WISE project to enjoy long-term, liquid, and stable earnings.

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