Cryptocurrency transactions are nothing new today. There are more than 5,000 different cryptocurrencies in the market, and new coins are emerging in the market regularly. Individuals are now moving to cryptocurrencies for transactions or as an investment option because of the enormous campaign and broad acceptance of cryptocurrencies across geographies. Many cryptocurrency exchanges offering different coins have come into existence today.

Exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, FTX, and KuCoin witness a high volume of crypto trading regularly. Participants can utilise these exchanges for various activities, including crypto trading, crypto investing, crypto wallets, conversion of currency, and financial services that let users borrow and lend money at a certain rate of interest. With the increased volumes of cryptocurrencies in the market, several platforms are vying to provide the best services to their users. 

How is DeGeThal transforming the crypto market?

When we think about crypto trading, there are a lot of transactions that happen. And if you want to do everything on one platform, DeGeThal should be your go-to option. DeGeThal aims at making financial services simple and accessible by integrating a wide range of banking and financial products in one platform, connecting cryptocurrency and fiat, and providing convenient gateways for accepting payments for a wide range of users. 

The DeGeThal ecosystem comprises of a multi-currency wallet that supports cryptocurrencies and fiat with integrated bank cards and bank transfers, a trading platform, an NFT marketplace, a gateway for accepting payments, a liquidity pool, a staking system, a blockchain that supports smart contracts, and many other useful functions. 

DeGeThal Wallet: Integrating all payment methods in one place

The best part about the DeGeThal is the multi-currency and multi-cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to manage various assets in one place. The wallet, designed for transparent and lightning-fast transactions, is a building block of the DeGeThal ecosystem. With more developments, it will evolve as a full-fledged instrument for daily usage for payments (including ATMs and microtransactions), salaries, bank operations, and so on. 

Along with reliable operations for existing cryptocurrency users, DeGeThal will make it easier for newbies to adapt to crypto. This wallet by DeGeThal will also include a module for seamless interaction between crypto-based and fiat-based financial systems.

DTM Token: Digital Thaler For Defi Era

DeGeThal token, or “Decentralised Thaler” (DTM), is seamlessly integrated into all modules of DeGeThal. The token is minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a smart contracts environment, by world-leading exchange Binance (BNB) and one of the fastest-growing programmatic blockchains.

Currently, DTM tokens are available for purchase within the bounds of private sale procedures. Users can enter the private sale via top-tier mainstream wallets like TrustWallet (TWT), MetaMask, and so on. The last private sale closed on July 15, 2021. The participants in the DTM private sale enjoy 5% of their contribution as a bonus.

In the pre-sale stage 1, which is until Aug. 15, 2021, the price of DTM was set at 0.2 USDT. Within pre-sale stage 2, which is until Sept. 15, 2021, the DTM price will be set to 0.25 USDT. The last stage of pre-sale (Stage 3) is scheduled to take place between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, 2021, with 0.3 USDT per DTM rate.

The maximum liquid supply of DTM tokens is capped at 100 million, out of which 50 million are available for sale during the private sale, pre-sale, and public sale phases. 20% of tokens will be allocated to the future development of the project, while 10% will be allocated to team, rewards, and marketing each. This reduces the risk of dumping by the project owners once the tokens are in the market.

So, what are some features of the DeGeThal ecosystem?

Being an alternative financial ecosystem, it provides users with various crypto products. Users can store and transfer cryptocurrencies and fiat directly to their crypto wallets. This wallet can be integrated with the user’s bank card, which provides a quick conversion of crypto to fiat and vice versa. Here, we see the main features of the DeGeThal ecosystem:

Centralised exchange: DeGeThal creates its own CEX with a liquidity pool that provides an instantaneous exchange of cryptocurrencies and assets. 

NFT Marketplace: NFT assets can be traded from the DeGeThal NFT marketplace. This allows an additional opportunity for the participants to generate more money.

Staking: DTM token users will be eligible to earn rewards by staking their tokens in their wallets. Transaction fees of 3% are used to pay the reward for participating in the staking program. The distribution of funds in the staking program between users will be done automatically, depending on their share of tokens blocked in the wallet.

Voting System: A voting system will be designed in the system to allow users to participate in the platform’s decision-making process. There are three levels of the voting system; the first level is the submission of a proposal, the second is the execution of a proposal, and the third is the confirmation of execution.

Payment Gateway: DeGeThal’s payment gateway will allow users to accept payments in cryptocurrencies around the world with ease. Suppliers of goods and services can connect to the wallet through a payment gateway to accept cryptocurrencies. The presence of smart contacts has ensured that developers can install any application with the help of smart contracts.

DTM token: The central currency and the core element in the DeGeThal ecosystem connects all the parts of the platform into an integrated ecosystem.

How do these features set DeGeThal apart from other financial projects?

– DeGeThal is aiming to link cryptocurrency with fiat to create a convenient payment tool based on a multi-currency wallet that supports bank cards and bank accounts, which would allow easy and quick payments from one wallet to exchange and convert currencies for all users around the world.

– DeGeThal’s focus is to create a centralised exchange (CEX) that will be built based on the wallet, which allows users to make payments and manage funds at their discretion, exchange cryptocurrency assets, and earn money on cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading. All these operations will provide liquidity for the operation of CEX.

– DeGeThal plans to create its own NFT marketplace, which will provide additional opportunities for earnings. The NFT marketplace will garner attention from creators of various works and they can earn money from their creativity by generating and promoting NFTs of their works on the NFT marketplace, and investors can get profit by buying rare and unique NFTs and building their own NFT collections.

– Developing its blockchain that will support smart contracts, DeGeThal will make it easier for the developers to create their applications on the blockchain to use a wide range of banking and financial services offered on the DeGeThal platform, and easily accept cryptocurrencies and fiat payments around the world.

– DeGeThal combines traditional banking with modern cryptocurrency technologies and DeFi capabilities. This combination gives access to a wide range of financial services to users globally. 

– For those companies that want to expand their payment abilities and offer their customers different modes of payment, DeGeThal offers a payment gateway that enables online stores and various services to accept not only fiat but also cryptocurrencies.

DeGeThal Roadmap:


In Q4 2021, DeGeThal is onboarding new partners: businesses and individuals interested to move onto the DeGeThal platform. 

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency technology, DeGeThal aims at an ongoing improvement of the network infrastructure and to develop innovative solutions for its partners. 

The DeGeThal team is planning to make the initial prototype of the application available to the users.


DeGeThal plans to expand its partner network, and offer IDCM listing for total interoperability for business solutions. 

Simultaneously, collaborations will occur with other crypto platforms to increase the user base of DeGeThal. 

The plan is to make a fully operational Wallet Stage 1 available to the users. They will be able to pay with a credit card like VISA/Master Card and link their bank accounts to the DeGeThal wallet, and manage everything from the DeGeThal application.


Development of the payment application for the DeGeThal platform along with the DeGeThal Wallet. 

DeGeThal is also planning a successful listing on the Binance Exchange to extend its network of users, investors, and enthusiasts. 

Blockchain development with intercross applications. Plans to integrate MainNet and exchange testing to be integrated with the payment wallet.


Development and integration of NFT capabilities to the users. Extensions of DeGeThal payment solution for B2B. 

Key take-aways:

With the growing adoption of cryptocurrency, many platforms are innovating and trying to provide the best solutions to their users, one of which is DeGeThal, a platform that provides crypto, e-wallet, smart banking, and trading to global users. By using DeGeThal, users can access various crypto features easily and safely through the provided application. Built on the latest blockchain technology, DeGeThal will facilitate all user transactions in the ecosystem. 

DeGeThal has the potential to be a one-stop solution for all the digital payment requirements for individuals as well as organisations.

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