What is the Encircled Ecosystem?

Overview of Encircled’s utilities

The Encircled product line consists of three main products (Encircled Connect, Encircled Launch, and Encircled Learn) tailored to the crypto community. This centralised platform allows users to launch new projects and connect with the crypto community in one place.

Encircled Launch

Crypto launchpads or IDO platforms are digital platforms used to launch new coins and crypto projects. The process functions similarly to that of an initial public offering (IPO) in the traditional financial system, whereby shares of a company are sold to large investors before their listing on the stock exchange. Traditional IPOs, however, have high entry barriers, limiting their participation to large institutions, wealthy individuals, and venture capitalists. In contrast, IDOs and launchpads use a crowdfunding approach that opens the opportunity to everyone, regardless of their financial status. Investing in IDOs allows early-stage investors to benefit from reduced token prices, early access to product and service offerings, and other advantages project owners provide. However, the Encircled platform will impose strict requirements for launching new projects to safeguard investors from poorly conceived or fraudulent schemes. They vet all projects before they are launched. 

Project Launch Rules

Encircled takes the launch process seriously and has established rules for all launches to ensure fairness and transparency. 

  • Seed Investment Rounds are limited to one and a maximum of two private sales before the public sale is allowed. 
  • Pre-sales will be available for early buyers to purchase tokens at a discounted price, with a minimum hold time on these tokens to protect everyone’s interests. The hold time for Seed Investment Round tokens will be four months, while the first and second rounds of pre-sale tokens will have hold times of five and six months, respectively.
  • Encircled has implemented a whitelisting system for potential investors to participate in each launch. Interested parties will need to stake the launchpad tokens, and multiple staking levels will be available for participation in every IDO launch. 
  • There will be a 100% lottery system for all stakes, allowing each tier of the investor to win a whitelist spot based on the number of tokens they have staked. The aim is to ensure that even the smallest investor has a chance to participate.
  • Encircled team members will not be eligible for a whitelist spot and can only participate in projects after they go public and launch. This ensures investor fairness and eliminates any conflict of interest. 
  • All tokens allocated to project teams will be locked for at least one year or until the road map has been completed to fulfil obligations to their investors before unlocking any of the team tokens.

Encircled has implemented automatic token purchase agreements between investors and entrepreneurs to ensure a seamless and secure transaction process. However, Encircled reserves the right to decline the launch of any token that does not meet its launch requirements. Encircled strives to create a fair and transparent launch process for all parties involved. Their mission is to have a high success rate with every project launched. As a result, founders and developers will want to use their platform, and investors will want to invest in every launch.


Encircled Connect

Encircled Connect is a sophisticated social networking platform that offers the entire Encircled community an opportunity to connect and expand their network. This world-class communication platform boasts numerous features, including instant messaging, chat, rating and comment functions, video-voice-screen sharing, document sharing, scheduling, calendar invites, and filing systems/data storage. Moreover, Encircled Connect offers a flash dashboard that showcases vetted projects that are about to launch and the most active community members. This feature lets users quickly access critical information and stay up-to-date on current developments.

Crypto entrepreneurs can register their projects on Encircled Connect and invite their advisors and investors to the platform. Each party will have a personal profile and will be able to invite partners and past projects with whom they have worked. Encircled Connect will essentially represent a crypto CV showcasing all the projects an individual has created, invested in, or advised. By offering a wide range of features, Encircled Connect helps entrepreneurs raise funds and build new connections with advisors and key opinion leaders (KOLs). At the same time, new entrepreneurs can find reputable investors and advisors with great track records to collaborate with, thus promoting mutual growth and development.

Encircled places a high priority on community safety. Thus, all channels, projects, and community members undergo authentication by a third party and vetting by their team before being introduced to the Encircled community. With these measures in place, users can rest assured that they are engaging with a trustworthy and secure platform. It is an advanced social networking platform that offers a wealth of features designed to support the growth and development of the Encircled community. By providing a safe and secure environment for collaboration, Encircled Connect is poised to become the go-to platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors in the crypto industry.

Encircled Learn

Encircled Learn is a fully integrated educational platform, designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrency. The platform is intended to cater to investors, founders, developers, and other individuals interested in cryptocurrency. Encircled Learn will feature educators, research tools, resources, and information, enabling everyone in the community to achieve their goals. The educational content will comprise newly written material, specifically generated for Encircled Learn. Users will have numerous learning opportunities, from visual and hands-on experiences to reading about topics of interest.

One of the standout features of Encircled Learn is the ability for users to ask questions in any community or channel related to crypto. If the answer is available in the Encircled Learn directory, a bot or admin will provide a link for the user to research independently. If the question is not answered in the directory, an educator will answer it and update it accordingly. Users can also answer questions on simple tests, thereby levelling up their Encircled Learn journey and earning badges. Users can exhibit their badges in Encircled Connect, highlighting their completion of courses, tests, and attendance at live seminars. Encircled Learn will also provide opportunities, prizes, and awards that will be distributed to users throughout their journey.

Meet the Team Behind Encircled

The Encircled platform aims to provide investors and entrepreneurs a safe environment to connect and protect them from scammers. A successful crypto project must have a solid team, and Encircled’s team is well-coordinated, motivated, and dedicated. A team of professionals with wide-ranging skills in engineering, business management, finance, blockchain and marketing backs it.

As the CEO and founder, Justin Thompson brings over 25 years of experience in the construction and engineering industry, where he managed projects of various sizes and complexities. Throughout his career, he has managed teams of more than 350 people and evaluated the performance of projects exceeding $50 million. His expertise in project management and business climate evaluation is critical to Encircled’s success. Kenda Enney, COO and co-founder, brings extensive experience in marketing, communication, and client relationships to the organisation. Her speciality lies in developing multidisciplinary teams and ensuring that processes, training, and quality control are reflected throughout the organisation. 

CMO and co-founder Vaidotas Norkus is a versatile team member with a range of skills and experience working in multiple countries. He can speak five languages and specialises in market research, customer service, public relations, brand and design, and operations management. CLO and co-founder Nathan Wennerbom is an expert in UX UI design, digital design, and marketing. Among his many accomplishments is working independently with notable public figures, such as Snoop Dogg and Cameron Smith, and liquor brands to raise awareness of their brands and sales. He is an expert in social media marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, and influencer marketing. The team will greatly benefit from Nathan’s contributions as they develop Encircled Connect and Encircled Learn.

Vanessa D. Carey is a Social Media Account Manager and Content Creator with over 20 years of experience in creating multimedia content. Her experience includes social media management, website development, programming, and developing community-based software and animations. Quynh Nguyen, the project’s Technical Lead, is a talented web developer from Vietnam. He has delivered over 20+ IT projects and has been involved in several complex DeFi projects. As a part of the team, Quynh leads the design and development of the Connect, Launch, and Learn modules for Encircled.

Advisors Lukas Navickas and Gabriele Pauliukaite bring expertise in IT, crypto, data science, and finance to the team. Lukas is an IT and crypto expert who has worked for Atos and Orderfox AG, and he started investing in crypto in 2017. Gabriele has a professional and academic background in data science and finance and has advised a series of startups in Scandinavia.


Crypto assets can be a wise investment if done properly and coupled with a diversified portfolio and a strong project. Encircled offers benefits to investors, developers, and project creators alike. With Encircled, users can have better investment opportunities, become part of a trusted community, and access valuable information about the crypto industry. Although similar platforms are available on the market, no other platform offers all three services integrated and designed specifically for the crypto market.

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