Blockchain has enabled the tokenization of assets and the creation of a gaming asset market in a decentralised nature. Given that anyone can scan and verify the record, it leads to increased trust among the cryptocurrency investing users. Defi or decentralised finance, one such product of blockchain technology, is an ecosystem where financial applications are built on the top of the blockchain networks.

It creates a permission-less open-source, as well as the transparent financial ecosystem that can be accessed by anyone and operates in the absence of a central authority. In 2020, the cryptocurrency investing industry witnessed a massive increase in the decentralised finance sector. Between June to August, Defi exploded from 0.9% to 4.6%. This led to the launch of several Defi platforms, such as the immensely popular Werewolf ecosystem. 

The Werewolf platform is a decentralised marketplace that allows users to sell and buy Werewolf assets at prices that revolve around the open order book. In the Werewolf decentralised marketplace or ecosystem, almost all the werewolves are part of a pack, who also get to take advantage of additional power that they acquire with support from their packmates. The ecosystem requires you to act like a werewolf when in the pack. This pack is intimate and much like a family of the Werewolf, which is sometimes cheerful and brutal, as well as dysfunctional on other occasions. For instance, the Alpha werewolf can become your asset on Werewolf’s blockchain, and you can further create your pack with the help of Beta werewolves. 

The Werewolf Assets form the main components of the Werewolf decentralised marketplace. These Werewolf assets draw similarities from the mythological stories and theories of the Werewolves and are categorised into Alpha, Beta, and Omega wolves. However, Alphas are the werewolves with the power to turn humans into werewolves through a scratch or bite.

Read On To Find Out How You Can Explore The Potential Of The Werewolf Assets And What You Can Do With Them.

What Potential Features Werewolf Offers To Crypto Investors

As already mentioned above, the Werewolf decentralised marketplace is an ETH-based Defi platform with an easy-to-use interface and an upcoming DEX. The platform offers opportunities for yield farming to earn interest through staking, and as well as decentralised asset management. 

The ecosystem uses WWC or the Werewolf coin as the utility token. Thus, WWC token holders will get initial benefits from the achievements or success of the innovative Werewolf ecosystem. The WWC token will also be used as the governance token within the Werewolf decentralised marketplace. To put things into perspective, the Werewolf ecosystem features the Defi-based platforms such as the Decentralised Exchange, finance gaming, and decentralised asset marketplace (Wolf Assets and NFTs), etc. Each of these platforms makes the Werewolf ecosystem efficient and stronger within the crypto marketplace. 

So, if you are wondering what makes the system unique or what potential feature Werewolf offers to cryptocurrency investing enthusiasts, then you should know that the Werewolf exchange functions as a decentralised exchange (DEX), featuring an AMM (Automated Market Maker) using collateral cryptocurrency assets. While in the centralised cryptocurrency investing exchange, the maximum control over your trading account remains with a third party operating the exchange; in the Werewolf DEX, the control of your account remains in your hands. 

Werewolf Wolf Token And NFT – Enabling Digital Ownership Of Assets!

The Werewolf WOLF token is essentially an ERC-20 utility token, which is acceptable across the Werewolf platform. These tokens are used for trading (i.e. Buying and Selling) NFT assets and reward those who stake the WOLF tokens in the staking pool. The tokens can also be used for swapping within the Werewolf exchange. 

To understand this better, you need to familiarise yourself with the concept of the bonding curve. The bonding curve, in essence, defines the relationship between the pricing as well as token supply. Thus, the bonding curve offers a smart contract designed to provide tokens in a unique market where buying and selling functions can be performed. To purchase the WOLF tokens, a user must send ETH to the Mint or born function. The born function is one where wolves take birth. The main concept of the bonding curve is that the token’s price is calculated based on its supply. Hence, the more WOLF tokens are distributed, the more or higher their price will be. 

As far as the Werewolf’s IBCO (Initial Bonding Curve Offering) is concerned, when users purchase a WOLF token, then every subsequent buyer is required to pay a bit higher price for the tokens they purchase. With more and more people gaining interest in the Werewolf decentralised marketplace, the price of the token will automatically increase. Those interested in purchasing the token using Ethereum can visit


The goal of werewolf NFT is to offer collectors or crypto enthusiasts with something totally unique, right out of mythology. The NFT ecosystem of Werewolf is highly secure and helps you make the most of your cryptocurrency investing. Crypto investors can earn cryptocurrencies by doing their favourite recreational activity, which is gaming.

So, what is the Werewolf NFT all about, and how does it enable digital ownership of assets?

Well, before we dig deeper into all of the above, we need to understand what NFT is in the first place. In simple terms, an NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a cryptographic token, which represents an innovative asset. NFTs are essentially a tokenised version of the real-world or digital asset. An NFT cannot be interchanged with each other and are thus scarce. Many structures have been designed for issuing NFTs, and the most crucial of these is the ERC-721. All the Werewolf assets have been created on this and are the standard for issuing as well as trading non-fungible assets on the ETH blockchain. 

Within the Werewolf market, users can deposit WWC or ETH and get Werewolf NFT in the shape of their returns. NFTs can be used for representing these items, as well as make them convenient to store on any digital wallet. They are also less expensive to trade and sell on the open market.

Below, Find A Detailed Description Of The Different Types Of Werewolf NFTs. 

Alphas NFTs: The Alpha NFTs are the most distinguished NFTs of the Werewolf ecosystem. Alpha is one of the most dangerous Werewolves with red and big shiny eyes. The Alphas Werewolves are much bigger than their Omega and Beta counterparts. They can not only transform themselves and form any shape but the Alphas Werewolves have the unique spark that provides them with advanced powers to change their forms. They have their strength and supernatural abilities. These include full moon power enhancement, pain transference, power absorption, telepathy, resistance to silver damage and cold, mind-melding, etc. 

The most powerful and top asset of the Werewolf ecosystem – Alpha Werewolf NFT – has its territory. It is designed in such a way that the total count of Alpha on the ecosystem will be in equal proportion to the territories that exist. Alphas NFTs can be easily purchased with the native WWC tokens. 

Beta NFT: The Beta Non-fungible assets are the next most powerful NFTs on the Werewolf platform. They follow the strongest of all Alpha Werewolves. While Beta is ferocious and strong, they aren’t as savage when compared to the Alphas. Their strength is much lower when compared to the Alphas. However, it is slightly higher than that of the Omega werewolves. What distinguishes Beta Werewolf NFT is that it is highly common and represents the main pack members. As opposed to the Alphas, the Beta has golden eyes. Within the Werewolf platform, the Beta Werewolves are also born in different territories, assigned to the Alphas. But, the only difference is the one Alpha Werewolf shall lead different Beta Werewolves. However, Beta Werewolves have powers different from that of the Alphas. While Alphas are stronger, Betas command distinct powers such as superhuman stamina, as well as endurance, extraordinary superhuman leaping, rage enhancement, etc. Also, the Beta NFTs can be purchased using the Wolf tokens. 

Omega NFTs: The Omega Werewolf NFT is also a part of the Werewolf NFT marketplace. But they lie low in the hierarchy. However, that does not undermine their power in any way. The Omega Werewolves do not come under the Beta and Alpha Werewolves pack. Omega shapeshifters are also distinct in that their eyes glow in a steel blue colour rather than golden or red, as is the case of Beta and Alpha. Since the Omegas aren’t the pack members, they are much weaker. They are much like the survivors of the pack’s destruction. They can also choose to be alone if they want to. Another interesting fact about Omegas is that they happen to be humanoid carnivores. They are much like predators as well as come across as a wolf with sharp, long claws, as well as fangs that grow as they get excited. Another distinguishing aspect of the Omega Werewolf token is that they don’t have any particular territory assigned to them like the Beta Werewolves. But they are highly intuitive and can determine when an Alpha Werewolf is nearby. 

Yield Farming – A Gateway To Passive Income With 12 Full Moon Pools

The Werewolf platform offers the yield farming protocol for staking WOLF tokens. These are called the Full Moon staking pools. These are exclusive pools as well as hosted events at regular intervals. They mimic the lunar cycles that take place on the Werewolf staking platform. Thus, anybody who owns the Wolf tokens can take part in the Full Moon pools as well as a stake to get rewards. 

There are a total of 12 staking pools based on the 12 full moons formed in a year. Each pool offers a reward at a specific time. The moon date denotes the end of that particular pool. Also, the Werewolf Coin reward goes up once the next moon comes up.


The Werewolf platform offers the NFT marketplace, staking and decentralised finance gaming, etc., which further provides a host of opportunities to the new-age crypto investors. The Werewolf ecosystem makes use of Blockchain technology and combines NFT marketplace to make things interesting for those interested in cryptocurrency investing. It makes Defi and decentralised marketplace more exciting for the users by combining the best of blockchain gaming and mythology. 

So, if you are looking to explore the potential of the Werewolf assets, then visit the Werewolf platform ( now!

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