The Defi market is exploding. In the past 18 months, it has grown by over 300% on its continued upward trajectory. The number of active wallets interacting with Defi protocols has also risen sharply. With Ethereum 2.0 on the way, it is expected that the growth will only accentuate further. With major conventional financial bodies and their intermediaries acknowledging the power of Defi and bigger hedge funds already actively endorsing Defi protocols, there is no doubt that Defi and ecosystems based on it like the Ferrum Network has all the potential to reshape the world of finance.

What Is Ferrum Network?

Ferrum is a decentralized finance (Defi) ecosystem that is built  to provide advanced solutions using cross-chain interoperability and ultra-fast transaction processing. Ferrum has a line of products offering to help both individual and retail traders and businesses who would want to leverage blockchain technology and tap into the world of Defi. It offers an ingenious Unifyre wallet, which is a non-custodial and private dApp serving the crypto public at large. Main services that Ferrum network provides are Pre-Sales support to new Defi projects, The Foundry (Incubator), White-Label Staking as a Service (SaaS),  ground breaking Anti-Bot Launch System Technology, and White-Label Token Bridge service.

The Ferrum Network Utility Token (FRM) is the platform’s native token powering the entire Ferrum ecosystem. It’s governance Token (FRMx) provides additional benefits to the token holders.

How Does Ferrum Integrate With The Defi Ecosystem?

Ferrum leverages a directed acyclic graph (DAG)-based protocol to support high volume transactions at lightning-fast speeds. Facilitating interoperability, the network allows seamless communication between different blockchain networks. It helps users make ultra-fast cross-chain transfers of a range of digital assets. The practical utility for traders and those operating within Defi ecosystems is that the Ferrum Network makes non-custodial crypto trading and token exchanges inexpensive and fast.

A Look At Ferrum’s Primary Products

Ferrum Network has multiple products all aimed at providing real-world practical solutions and making Defi accessible and profitable to all.

– Ferrum Network Cross-chain Bridge: Recently, Ferrum Network launched its advanced native cross-chain bridge with a mission to make Defi more accessible to all. Ferrum’s cross-chain bridge solves multiple issues that users and the Defi community are facing with the first-generation cross-chain token bridges. Typical cross-chain token bridges are mostly open only to large-cap projects and the new and upcoming projects struggle to leverage the advantages of a cross-chain bridge. Ferrum’s cross-chain token bridge is open-to-all and caters to smaller and mid-cap initiatives and also to enterprise-level projects.

Further, the usability of typical token bridges is cringy because of the complex UI that serves as more of a deterrent than a facilitator. Ferrum has actively focussed on UX to create a platform that’s user-friendly and also user-driven. Regardless of one’s familiarity with Defi, FerrumNetwork’s token bridge can be used by anyone including newbies and enthusiasts and seasoned pros. The biggest advantage of Ferrum Network’s token bridge is users don’t have to rely on any third party to manage their liquidity. It is a truly trustless solution. By eliminating the involvement of third parties, the Ferrum network provides users with added security and lower costs.

– Unifyre Wallet: The complexity of using cryptocurrency wallets keeps many investors and traders from getting started with their cryptocurrency journey. The Ferrum Network identifies it as one of the biggest roadblocks in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial services.

The UniFyre wallet is Ferrum’s solution to the problem. It leverages the Link Drop technology which eliminates the need of remembering wallet addresses and verifying every time if they have fed the numerical correctly when initiating payments. UniFyre, allows users to simply send payments and transfer digital assets directly by simply using a link. It could be anything from an email, text message, or any chat or social media app. The wallet app is already listed and available to download on Apple App Store and Google Play. One of the biggest advantages of using Ferrum Network’s Unifyre wallet is that even if users lose their operating device, they don’t lose control of their assets. Not to mention that it has already become a hit amongst cryptocurrency users and has seen over 10,000 active downloads since launch. The wallet also supports advanced features and allows users to get access to services like Staking and other profitable Defi protocols. In short, it is also a user’s gateway to make money from crypto holding by leveraging their parked crypto assets.

– The Anti-Bot Service: As the popularity of Defi protocols is touching new heights, scammers are also coming up with new ways to dig a hole in the pockets of crypto investors. One of the biggest challenges Defi projects face after listing their newly minted tokens on Uniswap is to keep it safe from Bots. Bots are used to purchase liquidity which consequently pushes the prices. Once the prices are manipulated, these particularly designed bots start dumping the acquired tokens raking in investors money. The problem is bots are quicker and advanced and they can quickly identify opportunities to purchase the tokens at their lowest price. Ferrum Network provides an advanced anti-bot service to protect investors and new crypto projects from bot-attacks and price manipulation.

– Staking as a Service (SaaS): Staking cryptocurrency tokens is one of the most popular and profitable ways to increase your crypto assets. Ferrum Network provides seamless staking services and allows users and token owners to delegate their crypto holdings and generate a passive income by staking on a range of different Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains. Ferrum Network’s Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) model makes it easy for any cryptocurrency investor to simply stake ERC-20, BEP-20, as well as Polygon based, tokens and unlock yield earning potential. It eliminates the need of finding dedicated validators for different networks and then sending their tokens to different staking wallet addresses to get started with earning staking rewards. As an all-in-one solution, even newbies can start staking with Ferrum. While the APY depends on the network and the asset, near 100% uptime provided ensures Ferrum Network delegators consistently get the best returns on their staked assets.

– The Foundry (Incubator): Defi has inspired many innovative minds, thus, more and more projects are cropping up. However, many promising projects struggle to fund themselves and also don’t have access to the wider crypto community to market their ideas and innovative solutions. The industry is nascent and the launchpads and incubator platforms face multiple challenges including community management, effective strategies, finding matching technology and innovation development to name a few.

Ferrum Network capitalizes on a decentralized fundraising model that has guaranteed pre-sales services eliminating the need for First come First Serve mentality.

Why Use Ferrum Network?

The reasons are exhaustive. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a brilliant project idea, a casual investor or a player, a cryptocurrency trader, Ferrum’s ecosystem has something for all. What makes Ferrum stand out is the fact that all its products are developed considering user/investor pain points and the needs of blockchain startups. The services offered are without any hiccups and highly cost-effective.

Be it creating the first fiat-to-crypto exchange in West Africa or providing users access to advanced wallet options, Ferrum is making advances in the right direction. Their non-custodial UnyFire Wallet thwarts accidents due to human errors while making payments.

Ferrum is also dedicated to helping Blockchain projects with innovative ideas raise liquidity and in ability to excel in the market. Its Foundry incubator can be a gamechanger in helping blockchain projects launch themselves and promote their project to a dedicated crypto-community.


Ferrum Network is a consortium of Defi products and services, each one of them offers practical solutions to the ecosystem’s stakeholders. The pace at which the market is growing leaves no doubt about the future of Defi. The utility of Ferrum Network and its top-of-the-line products will only increase and create more value with time. Their USP is creating tailored solutions that are precise and offer real practical value and come at a fraction of the cost. If you’re a Defi enthusiast, a crypto newbie, a geek looking to launch your project or someone who wants to trade and generate a passive income from crypto investments, you’ll always find something useful on the Ferrum Network.

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