Although peak performance is mostly associated with athletes, it can be measured in other professional fields as well. It is also a level of performance in schools and businesses. A student may reach the level of peak performance when presenting a topic to their teachers or to their peers.

They are confident and focussed on the content while fully engaged with the audience, as they effortlessly present the material. Similarly, an employee may be fully engaged with a customer while effortlessly addressing all the questions and concerns of the customer with full confidence.

Another important aspect of peak performance is that it is focussed on actions and behaviors such as tasks and activities and not the final outcome. This is because they have much better control over those aspects than they do on the final results of their actions. 

Peak performance in life is not about succeeding all the time or even being happy all the time. Often, it is about compensating, adjusting, and doing the best you can with what you have right now. Peak performance is a mindset that guides an individual’s choices, decisions and actions every day. Peak performers are not necessarily more talented than others but they are committed to be their best every single day.



The Flesh of The Gods (FOTG) NFT project began in 2022 and has made substantial progress so far. The first stage of the FOTG collection will be minted in the first quarter of 2023. 

The Great Hall will go live 4-6 weeks post mint and members will get complete access to level up. The project will support multiple charities, assisting Veterans with PTSD and mental health issues, across both Australia and the UK. 

The FOTG team have plans to launch a merch store later this year, providing holders access to top tier products & services to assist them in reaching their ultimate well-being. 

Later in the year, there will be real-world peak performance events & retreats, where the best minds in peak performance will gather.

There are exciting plans for future collections, and FOTG holders will have first hand access to information and mints. 

Why Psychedelic Vikings

The founder of the FOTG project was in the military before founding FOTG. Psychedelics had an enormously positive impact in the treatment of his PTSD. The FOTG project and the team behind it have a passion and view it as a duty to spread the word and help in the cause of legalizing these compounds to treat mental illness and assist individuals in reaching their peak performance.

As part of the effort, the project is sponsoring athletic and sporting events that push the boundaries of human potential. The team plans to kick that endeavor off by sponsoring the Australian Bodybuilding Federation in 2023 and will introduce the world’s first NFT prize in bodybuilding. There will be more such activities, as the project grows its brand into even more thrilling events. 

What is The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the project’s hub of excellence. As mentioned earlier, it will be launched 4 to 6 weeks after the mint. The holders of the Flesh of The Gods NFT will have exclusive and complete access to The Great Hall, which is designed to boost the sheer intellectual existence of individuals to the next level – be it in the area of business, mindset, money or health. 

There will be expert-led content, education, conversation, information and much more within the hub. All these are based around creating optimal healthy minds and lives in general. The content will have something for everybody, and the holders can learn about stepping up through different disciplines, using tools and methods provided by a wide range of facilitators. 

There will be educational resources, where holders can learn about the benefits of psychedelics and how they can improve their trading performance. Holders will have access to content related to trading psychology to master their trading mindset. 

Besides, The Great Hall is not just about personal growth but it is also about community. To that extent, there will also be many opportunities to connect and network with other individuals who are in similar fields, thereby becoming part of a community. Building meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals can help in faster achievement of one’s goals. 

Within the community, the holders can pitch ideas, partner with other members of the community, and grow their own network. Moreover, they can access facilitators who specialize in their area of work and can help them perform at their absolute best. 


There is no switch that you can turn on to achieve peak performance in competitions. It is a mindset that guides an individual’s choices, decisions and actions every day. Peak performers are not necessarily more talented than others but they are just more committed to be their best every day. 

The Great Hall of the FOTG ecosystem will have a treasure trove of valuable resources to help achieve optimal health and wellness, both physically as well as mentally. It provides a wealth of information on the benefits of psychedelics and how they can improve your trading performance. 

The Flesh of The Gods ecosystem is built on blockchain and leverages the power of NFT to create a truly decentralized and transparent system. The royalty program of the ecosystem is an opportunity to be part of something revolutionary. 

As the project continues to expand and attract more users, the value of the FOTG ecosystem will increase and so will the royalties that the holders will receive. The team plans to continue expanding the royalty system to include more ways for the holders to benefit from the success. These range from additional revenue streams to exclusive perks and rewards. For instance, it will allocate a certain number of tickets of FOTG-sponsored events to the NFT holders. 

These tickets will be raffled in the community, to those who can attend. The winners of the raffle will get free tickets to attend FOTG sponsored events. The team’s objective is to ensure that the holders are fully invested in the success.  

Moreover, in order to make the project more useful in real-life, there will be real-world events and seminars on peak performance in the third quarter of the current year, when the best minds in the subject will gather to share their knowledge and experience with the holders. 

Hence, it is not just an opportunity to own a unique digital asset, but also an opportunity to be part of a community that is shaping the future of technology and finance. Owning this NFT is akin to owning a part of the future.

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