The gaming ecosystem has evolved with time. Since the pandemic, gaming has grown on a big scale, and gaming platforms are doing innovations every day to make it more enticing for the players.

Blockchain, in particular, has been a main game-changer in the gaming industry. Blockchain has been embraced to increase transparency since it is an open ledger to reduce intermediaries so that prices are fair. Since the evolution of blockchain, gaming has been honest, transparent, and has led to the industry’s growth. 

Most play-to-earn games are based on the Ethereum blockchain, though there are blockchains that are used as well. Many prefer Ethereum because it uses smart contracts to ensure fairness in the system.

Intro P2E Ecosystem

NFTS and cryptocurrencies have led to the growth of play to earn gaming. The play-to-earn business model is where an open economic concept is used, and therefore, all players enjoy financial benefits when they contribute to the game. That means if you play a game, you get an earning when you win or if you farm or stake. Some platforms also reward players when they participate in different activities on the platform.

Through play-to-earn games, players can farm and collect NFTs or cryptos and sell in the marketplace. By regularly playing games, players can earn more in-game assets and cash them out for an extra income. As much as it is fun to get assets or make an earning, most games require you to make an initial investment for buying an asset or character that you will use in the game. Every platform has its minimum requirement.

Play-to-earn platforms use different mechanisms to give players financial incentives. The commonly used model is earning in-game assets, trading in-game assets, and staking. When it comes to earning, you complete the request of the game or battle another player for a reward. As for staking, players can lock their NFTs or crypto in smart contracts for a certain period for more rewards.

Most of the play-to-earn models are based on blockchain technology as it guarantees transparency and the security of all collectibles on the platform. Through blockchain’s interface, it is impossible to duplicate the asset. You can also always trace it back to the original owner of the investment. 

As much as we have the play-to-earn model, the free-to-play model is also still commonly used.

In the free-to-play model, players can enjoy a game free without any payments. They, however, have a limited experience that will not give you the same thrill as a paying model. Play-to-earn is more exciting because it gives the players a chance for in-game asset ownership, which they can increase through playing a game or doing different activities on the platform.

Introduction to the Funganomics Play 2 Earn Ecosystem

The Funganomics play-to-earn ecosystem is where a player engages in a game and is given a reward in the form of an NFT. The NFT can be in various forms, depending on your choice of play. For instance, it can be in the form of a card or an avatar. The system has an NFT marketplace where you can get a variety of NFT collectibles across different categories. The ecosystem is a hybrid of PTE games and the NFT marketplace. Through the marketplace, one can sell their NFT for crypto or make a collection of their favourite NFT. There is also an option for players to sell their NFT in an open marketplace; hence, they are not limited to the Funganomics marketplace. 

If a player is new to crypto, the platform has crypto training in video form and is free to community members. Specifically, the system has been designed to help players scale and increase their rewards. 

The Funganomics ecosystem has a variety of games and has been developed with a back-end gaming engine ecosystem that can support both the present and future upcoming projects.

The company plans to enable third-party companies to do their game development from the platform. The variety of games it has uses both 3D, VR, and AR gaming experiences to give players a thrill and a feel of the virtually real world. 

The company is working on introducing an AI-integrated PTE game that is both engaging and entertaining to debunk the gaming sector.

What Makes Funganomics Play 2 Earn Unique?

Different elements make the platform unique. Funganomics has been created with the future in mind. The back-end gaming engine will be able to support any future projects. 

Unlike many other platforms that limit you to their games, the Funganomics ecosystem is not limited as it allows users to develop their games on it. That means that it will have an infrastructure to enable you to build your games on it. 

Funganomics has a broad genre of games. It uses both the 3D multi-platform format and still plans to integrate AR and VR for an excellent gaming experience. Apart from the current Combat and AR game, many more games are in the pipeline for a great experience. 

Funganomics has a wide variety of NFTs, hence a player has a chance to win a unique NFT.  They have the option of either selling the NFT on the platform or in a different marketplace. In addition to that, once you are a community member, you stand a chance of getting an Airdrop of the latest NFT before the public release. Members have an opportunity to access a wide variety of NFTs. Even though one may join the platform with the intention of gaming, community members can build their own NFT portfolios and contribute to developing the platform to meet the increasing demand and maintain stability. Through a community membership, a player can earn rewards they want within the game setting that they choose.

The P2E games on Funganomics have been optimised for both mobile use and web version. Unlike many games, you are not limited to the web version to have a pleasant experience. They both have an excellent user interface and utilities. With both mobile and web, you will be able to access your characters, make attacks and make signature moves while still getting visual feedback and earning rewards.

The Funganomics ecosystem is unique as it is not entirely focused on gaming. A player can use it as a learning platform to increase their crypto skills. The best part is that crypto education is free for all community members.  

Overview of current best gaming projects in Funganomics

The ecosystem currently has several games in place, with more interesting ones in its pipeline.


As the name suggests, it is a combat game that is a typical genre in the gaming world. As for the Funganomics Combat game, it uses the FUS base. The FUS game of skill requires you to sharpen your skills with various moves depending on your character. There is a variety of characters that you can use for the game. There is a practice arena on the ecosystem where you can practice with your characters to perfect your defensive and offensive moves.

Augmented Reality

AR from Fungality gives you a thrilling experience by making the gaming world interactive to have the feel of the real world. AR is more or less like VR games, only that gamers don’t have to use headsets. AR gaming combines the user’s audio and video senses with the environment in real-time. The Funganomics platform is still working on exciting sensory AR games. 

The company has many exciting games coming up, such as:

VR from Fungality

Fungality is currently working on a VR platform. The VR will use the possibility of Metaverse to make it spicier. The platform is maximising itself in readiness for Metaverse for the benefit of the member community. In the future, different games will leverage VR to maximise their potential. The platform plans to create several games using VR, such as Combat, racing, etc. 


Unlike many gaming platforms, Funganomics will have a sports option for sports enthusiasts. There will be different sporting activities on the platform to enjoy the sport and get your rewards. There will be various sporting games to suit different preferences. 

Architecture and Building 

For players with a creative edge that prefer virtual land, the platform will offer virtual land for creating a self-built environment that you can either use separately or as a community.

You can create your own avatar or persona through the land and use it to interact with other community members. In the architecture and building arena, there are many ways you can earn rewards. You can earn through making a unique avatar and placing it in the marketplace. 

Card Games 

Play-to-earn games govern the most crucial aspect in the world, which is entertainment and income. There is no doubt that the numbers are set to skyrocket with time as more people discover the platforms. Luckily, there are developments of many new platforms to meet the surging demand. There is an innovation of better blockchains to give gamers a better deal. The gaming ecosystems all capitalise on smart contracts to govern different players.

Funganomics is a site for gamers who love fun. It has many innovative and fun games to cater to the interest of players. 

Funganomics as an ecosystem combines both the NFT marketplace and P2E to give a thriving experience. The ecosystem has so much in play with so many rewards. The Funganomics community members have so much to benefit from the platform. They can enjoy a variety of NFTs, get to know about the latest NFT in advance, and still get an income from their NFT through farming or staking. Just like many NFT platforms, Funganomics also rewards users through governance. 

There are a variety of games one can enjoy, and there are still many more in the pipeline. The game uses AR and VR mechanisms in the game to give an excellent experience. The best part about the ecosystem is that it offers users the chance to develop their games on the platform. 


Crypto is indeed making inroads across the globe. We are seeing more investors taking a keen interest in the crypto space. As more people get involved in this space, new developments spring up and more utility is found for these coins. From a simple concept that sought to decentralise money and put it back in the hands of people, crypto and blockchain have evolved into a complex ecosystem, permeating all levels of society.

DeFi is just one of the angles through which blockchain can be leveraged. Even though this industry is still nascent, complex algorithms and exciting features have been on boarded into this subsector, thereby helping deepen the growth of DeFi products. Fren seeks to take this to a whole new level by incorporating  social communities into the DeFi ecosystem. This is indeed  revolutionary as it not only creates a platform for crypto investors to meet, play and learn, but it also presents them with an opportunity to create value from their interactions through the FREN social token. This is a good investment for anyone who would like to get into the DeFi ecosystem, and also for the skilled crypto investors out there.

The overall aim of the Fren platform is also quite appealing as it resonates well with the current generation of crypto investors – fun-loving, outgoing and keen to invest. It is expected that this community will continue to grow as more holders are onboarded. The team has also managed to achieve most of the milestones set up on their roadmap. This shows that they are on track, and we envisage better token price adjustments and growth in the future. Listing the token on BkEX and Uniswap also serves to increase value of the coin. Crypto investors can easily liquidate their tokens or add more to their positions when the need arises. The platform is also on track to releasing NFTs as they work to list in a major exchange. This will definitely deepen liquidity and enhance the brand image of the platform.

So far, having a market cap of about $3 million already demonstrates that significant progress has been achieved by this platform. Their social media pages are also gaining in popularity and there’s lots of excitement and enthusiasm from crypto investors concerning this project. We expect that as more products are rolled onto the ecosystem, then we will also see a direct increase, not only in engagement levels but also in the token price.

Finally, the core products that are offered on this platform are a great addition to the DeFi ecosystem. Long-term crypto investors should watch out on how these developments pan out. It is expected that the FrenDAO should grow as more investors are onboarded. The current token price offers a good chance for investors to get in early enough. It will also offer the investors a good chance to have a higher stake at the FrenDAO and be able to chart the direction of the platform. The social media arm of this project is also a great addition for investors. It will not only expose them to profitable insights from leading investors, but will also help the investors to network with other like-minded individuals. The fun events hosted on this platform will also help deepen engagement and provide an avenue where community members can unwind.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor.

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