Investment is becoming new age and modern with the introduction of cryptocurrency. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have changed everything and have opened a broad scope for small-scale investors. Tokenisation has ensured that anyone can invest in real estate without much hassle. Genius Estates is making real estate crypto investment better and more accessible with their ICO.

What Makes GENiUX Token Unique?

GENiUX is a token for investments. It is a new age token for new age investors. It is unique and offers great futures for any investor. But, how is it unique? Here are the answers:

– GENiUX is a global token. Therefore, one can use it to invest in different parts of the world without any worries through Genius Assets platform. 

– One can use this token for various STOs in real estate, airways, chartered planes, highways, sports and much more. Hence, it offers a wide range of scopes for any investor. 

– GENiUX is a hybrid kind of Security Token Offering. It comes with the benefits of both conventional IPOs and modern ICOs. Hence, investors get more chances to invest in different sectors. 

How Real Estate Ownership Is Guaranteed With Blockchain

The GENiUX ICO can help an investor to become a real estate owner and clever investor. ICO is an intelligent token of any issued cryptocurrency. So, anyone can use this ICO to invest in real estate. Here is how blockchain helps investors to get ownership of any project:

Blockchain Simplifies The Whole Procedure Towards Ownership 

Many investors, especially those who are unable to take large-cap investments, stay away from this sector. It is because this sector has multiple independent networks inside it. These are often restricted and not connected with each other. Blockchain simplifies the whole procedure and offers a sustainable solution for investors and the industry. 

In this case, a blockchain is an excellent option. It supports both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Blockchains are encrypted databases during the transaction. It keeps the information secured and also protects the transaction details. The system connects blocks to design a blockchain that is later approved for further usage. Additionally, crypto investments offer liquidity on the industry assets. Hence, anyone can invest any time on any property without any hassle. 

Assured Ownership In Any Global Project 

Blockchain can offer guaranteed ownership to any investor. Genius Estates is using this new-age technology to keep everything secure and transparent. It offers ICO based on Ethereum. GENiUX tokens are one of the first Ethereum-based blockchains and offer multiple benefits. With blockchain, real estate projects and their shares become tokens that anyone can purchase. 

It allows an investor to try their hands and lucks on global assets. That means one can now own a property in another country or a global property through blockchain investment. There is also another benefit of blockchain. It allows a broader spectrum of investors. With tokenisation, anyone can get a chance to become the owner of any real estate project. Furthermore, since cryptocurrency is completely digital and blockchain is much secured, everyone remains secured. Since this procedure is legal and approved for regulatory bodies, it is safe. The owner does not need to worry about any complications regarding the ownership in the future. 

Secured Procedure For Owners 

Another benefit of the blockchain is assurance. It is authentic and is approved through proper regulatory bodies. As a result, the blockchain prevents any fraud. This also prevents any corrupt data or incorrect data from entering the system. That means that investors only put their hard-earned money into a project that is secure and reliable. 

Since blockchain offers assured instruments, the project owners remain liable to each investor. Additionally, the blockchain system allows the conventional facilities, including agreement signing, smart contracts, briefing to each party. Hence, everything remains transparent. That means that one can remain assured about their contribution and real estate ownership through data encryption and modern technologies.

Decentralisation Platform 

It offers the best security for any project. Since everything is encrypted, data theft is impossible. Additionally, it also encrypts all the information related to security. This prevents property crimes and offers better opportunities to an investor. In addition to that, blockchain can also protect the identity of the owner and the investors. Blockchain-based KYC or AML procedures cut down the costs and offer better security. This decentralisation allows everyone to prove their ownership with their documents and also offers assurance.

What Is The GENiUX Assets Marketplace?

Genius Estates is working tirelessly to introduce its next Venture – the Genius Assets Marketplace. It is a native tone and blockchain-based marketplace. This marketplace is exclusively for real estate and investments. From Genius Estates, one can gain access to STO projects from different parts of the world. The Genius Estates allows everyone to invest in real estate and other sectors – irrespective of their ethnicity, citizenship, age, and economic condition. 

The marketplace allows investment through tokenisation. It converts both projects and the money into tokens. The estate supports GENiUX tokens. It is a unique marketplace based on the Native Token GENiUX. The marketplace lists projects from different sectors and allows the users to surf through all the available projects. In addition, one can now search for their desired investment goal by checking out multiple options. The market is not only supporting real estate but more than it. For example, from Genius Estates, an investor can invest on highways of different countries and earn revenues from the tolls and other returns. 

Genius Estates plan to open the door of investment to everyone, not just professional investors. It wants to unite the whole real estate industry under the same roof.

Benefits Of Investing In GENiUX Token

GENiUX is the current real estate crypto token. Pre-sale of GENiUX has already started since 1 August and the company plans to circulate everything properly. Being a modern token, it has a lot of benefits. An association with GENiUX can allow an investor to get a sustainable passive income source. Here are the plus points of investing GENiUX:

– GENiUX is the first Ethereum-based token in the investment sector. It has the security of the ERC-20 Standard. That means that it is secure and is properly encrypted. Additionally, the token has a sustainable and reliable blockchain for additional security. 

– GENiUX is the first ever token for real estate investment. It comes with a unique design, befitting the real estate investment sector. Hence, it offers an advantage to small-scale investors. 

– Genius Estates has a team of experts to guide the investors. If anyone requires the best advice before making any investment in real estate, they can contact these experts. Proper guidance helps an investor to invest smartly for greater returns. 

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Reasons To Participate In GENiUX ICO

An ICO is an Initial Coin Offering, which is the crypto equivalent of an IPO. Now, brands use the ICO to raise money for their new projects. Investors can use the USDT to buy ICO from Genius Estates and buy shares through it. If anyone has access to cryptocurrency, one can use ICOs for investment. GENiUX also offers a new-age ICO. But, why should one invest in it? Here are the reasons:

It Is Regulated And Approved 

GENiUX ICO has its licence from the Republic of Estonia, from the Financial Intelligence Unit. It has proper regulatory clauses and obeys all the rules. GENiUX ICO is constantly under supervision from legal authorities. That means investors get more security. They can be assured that they will get their returns and hard-earned money without any threats. 

Offers Better Security 

It is a hybrid ICO, based on ERC-20 security. The Ethereum-based cryptocurrency is stable and provides generous and stable returns. Hence, an investor gets better returns and a stable investment portfolio. 

It Is Accessible All Around The Globe

GENiUX is accessible to everyone. One can buy the token through the GENiUX platform. It is not limited to a small section of investors. Anybody can buy GENiUX and invest in real estate and other assets listed on the Genius Assets marketplace. GENiUX ICO is globally acceptable. It is accepted in every country all over the world. If anyone wants to invest in real estate on a global scale, GENiUX is the best idea. It opens a huge door for an investor to become a part of an international project. The best part is that there is no need for complicated and lengthy procedures during or before investment. 

Better Liquidity For Better Returns 


Crypto investments are attracting new investors because of their versatile nature. Genius Estates have the best ICO available in the market. It is a global token that digitalises real estate properties and projects through cryptocurrency. Hence, small-scale investors can now enjoy their chance of investing in the real estate sector, minus the barriers and restrictions.

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