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Which Blockchain Technology Does Giving To Services Use?

Giving To Services currently runs on the Ethereum blockchain; however, they are switching to the XRP blockchain shortly. At the beginning of this month, they announced they were launching a token on the XRP ledger, and testing has since begun. The team will make the new platform live and migrate existing token holders to the XRPL SVS as soon as testing is complete. They will also offer users a live 2-way XRP/SVS swap function on the platform, so they can easily swap their tokens. 

Giving to services

Giving To Services XRPL Adoption: What’s the point?

As you know, GTS is switching to XRPL, but some users may wonder why this big change is being made. This switch to XRPL has many reasons behind it; read on to find out what they are!

What is XRPL?

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is a permissionless, open-source, decentralised blockchain on which anyone can contribute, develop, and transact. As the first blockchain to tokenise assets, the XRP Ledger set an industry standard. The DEX and tokenisation functionality built into the XRP Ledger makes it easy for developers to manage decentralised tokens in their applications, whether fungible or not.

XRPL operates under a federated consensus mechanism where participants are known and trusted. This mechanism differs from Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS). PoW relies on miners solving complex mathematical puzzles to verify transactions. In contrast, PoS selects validators based on the number of staked tokens and the number of days since they were staked. Both cases require approval from the remaining network participants for the verified transactions to become network connections.

Benefits of GTS adopting XRPL

For Sustainability

Sustainable practices are becoming more prevalent among businesses, and businesses are reducing energy consumption to reduce their carbon footprints. In some jurisdictions, compliance with sustainability guidelines is becoming a legal requirement. XRPL is a carbon-neutral blockchain. Because XRP mining requires no computing resources, nodes can verify and approve transactions more efficiently. Therefore, when GTS switches completely to XRPL, it will become an environmentally friendly, charitable platform.

High Speed & Low Transaction Cost

Slow transaction times are a major disadvantage of many blockchains, and long transaction wait times can negatively impact the user experience. XRP transactions are fast; the ledger completes them within 3-5 seconds. This is much faster than other blockchains, where transaction confirmations take a long time. Upon completion of the switch to XRPL SVS, GTS users will have a brand new platform offering super-fast transactions. Furthermore, GTS users can enjoy low transaction costs with XRPL since it accounts for transactions via drops, making them very cost-effective.

Scalable & High Uptime

XRPL processes 1,500 transactions per second, comparable to VISA, which processes 1,700. With XRPL SVS, GTS does not experience scalability issues when they have many users on the platform. Moreover, as a distributed ledger platform, XRP has access to a global network of 150 validators. This will allow GTS to reap the network’s high uptime benefits.

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An overview of Giving To Services’ new Lock and Earn feature

How Giving To Services is progressing


Crypto philanthropy allows rapidly growing crypto user bases to contribute to philanthropic causes easily and securely. Giving To Services provides cutting-edge, tailor-made, decentralised financing to worldwide public service workers facing ever-increasing financial uncertainty. Despite significant social, environmental, and economic changes, they strive to provide innovative solutions that protect public service workers’ interests. They aim to make crypto donations more accessible and easier, while investors can earn money simultaneously.

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