Globiance is a globally operating financial services group with a presence in several countries, such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore, and will soon expand to additional locations. The platform caters to corporate and retail clients, offering various financial services, including cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchange, stablecoin trading, payment solutions, and global transfers in major currencies. With its diverse range of offerings and global reach Globiance is well-positioned to serve the needs of a broad client base.

Crypto Trading Made Easy: Exploring the Range of Features on the Globiance App

The Globiance app is the latest offering from Globiance, a leading provider of efficient and reliable crypto trading services. With a strong focus on user experience, the app has quickly become popular for users seeking a seamless and hassle-free trading experience. Now available to users worldwide, the app offers a range of functions, including cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchange, quick-swap, staking, and more. Read on to learn more about the current features of the Globiance app.

Seamless trading with Quickswap

The Quickswap function on the Globiance app provides users with a seamless way to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies on a licensed, centralised exchange. This feature allows users to execute trades quickly and efficiently with options for spot and limit orders, ensuring that users can manage their portfolios according to their preferred price points. With the Quickswap function, users can easily access the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of its potential for growth and diversification. Overall, this feature provides a convenient and user-friendly way for users to engage with cryptocurrency trading.

Staking on App

Staking GBEX on the Globiance app allows users to earn rewards for holding and supporting the GBEX ecosystem. By staking GBEX, users can help maintain the network’s security and stability while earning additional tokens as a reward. This function allows users to earn passive income while participating in the growth and development of the GBEX network.

Globiance Fiat And Crypto Wallet

The Globiance app provides users with wallets for both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This feature allows users to deposit fiat using cards or bank transfers (SWIFT/SEPA) for deposits and withdrawals. The wallet function also enables users to securely store their cryptocurrencies and manage their holdings on the Globiance Exchange.

Gbex Token Statistics

The GBEX Token Statistics function on the Globiance app provides users with up-to-date information on the latest price, supply, and rewards associated with GBEX tokens. This feature enables users to make informed decisions about their investments and stay up-to-date on the performance of the GBEX ecosystem. With this information at their fingertips, users can manage their portfolios more effectively and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Customer Service

Globiance is committed to providing excellent customer service to all of its users. If you have any issues or queries regarding the Globiance app or its features, you can contact the support team. The support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring that you have a positive experience with crypto trading on the Globiance app.

An Overview of Globiance Exchange

Globiance offers both DEX & CEX exchange platforms to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. The Globiance DEX is a XinFin network-based decentralised exchange with a hybrid architecture that is developer-friendly. This interoperable blockchain network for global trade and finance allows for digitisation, tokenisation, and instant settlement of trade transactions. By reducing reliance on complex FX infrastructure, the DEX increases efficiency and flexibility in liquidity management for financial institutions. It can be seamlessly integrated with traditional or legacy financial operating systems, making it a powerful tool for institutions seeking to modernise their operations.

The Globiance DEX is also notable for its low fees. The platform operates on the XinFin Tech and XDC protocol, which can handle a higher volume of transactions, offers faster confirmation times, consumes less energy, and incurs lower fees than other platforms. This makes the Globiance DEX a cost-effective solution for those seeking to trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

There is also the Globiance CEX, which operates as a global exchange platform with locations worldwide. The company offers a comprehensive range of financial services customised to local markets and regulations. The CEX platform now features multi-language and multi-currency wallet accounts, providing users with access to several fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to providing innovative financial solutions, the Globiance CEX is poised to become a leading player in the global exchange market.

Why Choose Globiance?

The Globiance team has extensive experience in traditional banking, allowing them to provide a range of reliable and flexible crypto-banking services. They provide secure, transparent, and high-quality crypto services to users and ensure they comply with regulatory requirements. Here are a few reasons to choose Globiance for your cryptocurrency trading needs.

Global Strategy: With a presence in multiple countries and a focus on international expansion, Globiance is committed to building long-term partnerships with its clients and stakeholders. By leveraging its global strategy, the company can provide innovative financial services that cater to diverse markets and regulatory requirements.

Regulated and Compliant: Globiance prioritises the safety and security of its customers’ digital assets as a licensed and regulated company. The company adheres to strict policies and regulations, ensuring its services comply with industry standards and local laws. This enables customers to trade and transact confidently, knowing their assets are protected.

Satisfied Customers: Globiance is known for its excellent customer service, with a dedicated support team that provides a personal touch to every interaction. The company values its customers and strives to create a positive experience, from onboarding to ongoing support.

Dedicated Mobile App: The Globiance mobile app offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers on the go. With all the features of the web platform and additional functionalities like POS and QR pay, the app allows users to manage their accounts, trade, and transact securely and conveniently from their mobile devices. This app, compatible with both iOS and Android, is designed to meet the mobile needs of today’s users.

Both CEX and DEX: Globiance offers both Centralised Exchange (CEX) and Decentralised Exchange (DEX) options for traders, providing flexibility and convenience to all users. The hybrid architecture of the DEX is designed to be developer-friendly and integrates with traditional financial operating systems.

Trading made easy for everyone: With the Globiance platform, trading is made accessible and user-friendly for everyone. The web and mobile app interfaces are designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners. The low fees and fast transaction processing times on the XinFin-based GBEX ensure that trading is affordable and efficient.


Whether you’re an individual or a business, Globiance’s focus on customer satisfaction and innovation makes them the ideal crypto banking partner. Choose Globiance for a secure, transparent, and convenient crypto banking experience. The platform’s advanced technology and intuitive design enable seamless and secure trading of cryptocurrencies, with a focus on user experience and customer satisfaction. 

With their user-friendly mobile app and global presence, trading and managing digital assets have never been easier. So why wait? Join the millions of satisfied users worldwide who have already experienced the benefits of the Globiance app. Download the Globiance app now and start trading crypto with ease and confidence!

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