In recent times, there are numerous cryptocurrencies that are present in the global cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies today are incredibly volatile, and their value may rise or fall depending on various factors. The feature of cryptocurrencies that has to be highly volatile is one of the reasons why a huge population does not want to deal with them. 

Cryptocurrencies come with a sense of uncertainty since they can see an appreciation in value at a very fast rate earning the investors profit; simultaneously, the reduction in its value also happens at a similarly fast rate. Cryptocurrencies are highly responsive to market trends and global updates. This characteristic of a cryptocurrency raises hesitancy in the minds of those investing in crypto.


One of the innovations that have emerged as a solution to counter this uncertainty is stable coins. Recently, the market has seen a proliferation in stable coins. The question that arises is, what exactly is a stable coin? Stable coins are essentially a form of cryptocurrency linked to an asset that guarantees that the value does not change drastically. For instance, if one were to see the introduction of Tether, a stable coin, it is backed by the US dollar. As a result, the value of the stable coin, as the name suggests, remains stable, i.e. fluctuates very little. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, it is not as volatile. Furthermore, it is also not subject to immediate rise and fall in value. A stable coin effectively counters the fallacies of a volatile cryptocurrency.

As a result, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed the emergence of GSX-Gold Secured Currency, a new take on a stable token. This growth token, much like all other stable tokens, is also backed by an asset, in this case, gold. The precious metal gold provides the stability of this cryptocurrency. The stability comes from the fact that gold, a precious metal, will always have a consistent value, which can only increase. This consistency in gold’s price brings stability to the value of Gold Secured Currency and ensures investors of a minimal value of the asset, and guarantees profits. GSX is backed in a unique manner that utilizes a trust for added investment security. 


Utilizing the Apollo Blockchain, GSX is an innovative, growth token. GSX, a gold-backed token, is a result of the endeavour to find a solution to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. The growth token is backed by a trust comprising gold and land rich in gold. It is essentially a gold-backed token that ensures investors’ long-term profits by making a low-risk crypto investment.

The land owned by GSX in Zimbabwe, which is rich in gold, is one of the assets behind GSX. This gold-backed token combines the best of every world to create one of the strongest and most stable cryptocurrencies. The name itself suggests that this token is one of the stable cryptocurrencies that derives its security from gold.  


Essentially, GSX is a gold-backed token that offers a minimum value to its investors, and they are assured of a certain value from this growth token. The value of these gold-backed tokens is secure with assured growth. Its value cannot depreciate based on any circumstances that may arise in the future, thus making it a very low-risk crypto investment.

GSX is secured by stable assets that can only grow in value. The company owns several acres of gold-rich land in Zimbabwe. The value of the land and gold will remain constant with minor fluctuations, but the trend in their prices will only be upwards. This guarantees definite security behind GSX, and the investor is ensured with minimal losses. The company has already revealed their plans of initiating a gold mining project in the said land; with infrastructural developments, the price of the land will only grow. Simultaneously, projections show a rise in the prices of gold for the indeterminate future. Since the price of the land and the gold will appreciate, it is guaranteed that the value of GSX will only increase shortly. This provides enough security and surety for any investor to invest in GSX, the best among stable cryptocurrencies.


The working of this low-risk crypto investment is not hard to discern. This stable cryptocurrency works on a mechanism that is quite similar to any other investment in crypto. The GSX mechanism is based upon the company’s investments, the gold-rich land and the subsequently mined metals by the company. Investing in GSX gold crypto tokens means that the investor has the rights to the mine, the infrastructure, all equipment related to it, the metal-rich land, and the mining company itself. Additionally, 50% of the gold produced by the company would be invested in the gold-backed token itself to increase its value. 


The initial value of the gold-backed tokens are based upon the value of gold, and the gold-rich land, as mentioned above. The parent company also uses a technique termed “coin burn” to ensure that the stable cryptocurrency retains its value. In this technique, the parent company “burns” an equivalent of 50% of the available tokens and can shift their value onto the remaining tokens to increase the value of the remainder. This technique shows that the stable cryptocurrency’s value is sustained and deflationary. 


The parent company guarantees that 25% of transaction fees associated with the products of the company will be directed towards mining more gold and mining land to maintain a constant supply to back the stable cryptocurrency. 50% of the gold mined would be furthered to back the GSX gold crypto token, which would result in an increase in its value. 

The GSX gold crypto token operates on the Apollo Blockchain, which supports rapid transactions and other numerous functions. This provides a secure environment for investing in crypto and for trade and transactions. The blockchain allows users to easily increase their earnings through variable period staking, where they can receive bonus GSX and redeem GSX’s growth in value after a set time period. 


The ecosystem that the gold-backed crypto tokens operate on is extremely secure. Firstly, it provides those investing in crypto with a decentralised platform to have a secure space to trade-in. The stable cryptocurrency is backed by land, the metal industry as well as gold itself. Therefore, it ensures those investing in crypto an assured value. The asset’s profits would increase uniformly with time, giving investors a reason to own the gold-backed crypto token. 

Apart from this, the ecosystem is planned to be audited regularly. This would ensure that the ecosystem is transparent and accountable. Even the blockchain technology that this stable cryptocurrency operates on is transparent and assures the investors that their crypto investment is secured. The blockchain that the GSX gold crypto tokens operate on is immutable and, therefore, incorruptible. The blockchain ensures that all transactions taking place on the platform are secure. The most enticing feature of the blockchain is its quantum resistance.

The GSX gold crypto tokens will possibly raise the standard across the entire range of stable cryptocurrencies. The GSX gold crypto tokens have the capability of commanding a new standard in the marketplace. This prediction can be made since the stable cryptocurrency is based on gold. Compared to most stable coins, the characteristic of the GSX gold crypto tokens being backed by gold and being able to grow in value as a traditional cryptocurrency is a huge incentive.



As a holder of the gold-backed tokens, the investor is a trust beneficiary of the land rights. The company and the land have been put under a trust that ensures the GSX holder is a beneficiary and shares in the value generated by the assets. Apart from this, the gold-backed tokens are also redeemable against the price of gold. 


The value of the GSX is supplemented by gold reserves and gold-related assets held by the company. It is supported by gold and other metals mined. The gold-backed token is also supported by the gold-rich land owned in the trust, whose value is predicted to increase. The GSX token comes along with several features. The commissions from GSX transactions subsequently support the parent company’s infrastructure and influence the ecosystem that it operates on. Additionally, 50% of the tokens that would be remaining after the completion of the Coin Distribution Event would be burned, and their value would be added to the remaining tokens. 


The value of gold itself, the proceeds from mining the gold, the proceeds from mining other metals, and the various methods adopted by the parent company all culminate in raising the price of the GSX. Gold itself serves as a valuable asset universally. Therefore, as the value of gold rises in the market, the value of this stable cryptocurrency will also increase. 

As mentioned above, the parent company of the gold-secured currency has created a trust comprising several acres of gold-rich land. The token’s value is proposed to be increased based on increased gold production from the mentioned land, as the company intends. As the stock of gold within the company increases, the GSX gold crypto tokens would also be backed using revenues generated from the production of such gold. Additionally, the backing to the growth of GSX would also come from revenue generated through other endeavours of the parent company.


Although gold backed tokens already exist in the market, the GSX ecosystem comes with the additional surety of being a transparent ecosystem and combines traditional cryptocurrency growth. This can be discerned by GSX gold crypto tokens operating on a transparent blockchain, and third-party audits will be held regularly. The sensitive nature of traditional cryptocurrencies makes them very vulnerable and highly volatile to invest in. However, the GSX gold crypto tokens come with assured security, stability and incentives for anyone investing in crypto. 

Most of the cryptocurrencies in the market are not characterised as liquid. However, this growth coin comes with the unique characteristic of being highly liquid since it can be redeemed against the price of gold. All these characteristics and the entire ecosystem surrounding the GSX gold crypto-tokens make it revolutionary, and its introduction is set to probably change the cryptocurrency market space forever. 

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