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Recent figures show Web3 gamers are at record levels with the hunger now for blockchain-based gaming to be more interactive and engaging. The global Blockchain Gaming Market size is projected to grow from $4.6 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion USD by 2027 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 70.3% during the forecast period. Additionally, with the Esports market is set to be worth $1.8 billion by 2025 according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets™.The industry needs to come to terms with the fact fundamental changes are taking place in how Esports is played, a bridge is required for Web3 gamers, many anticipate that bridge is Racer Club. 

Racer Club plans to bethe catalyst that will onboard Esports into Web3, a competitive racing game with real rewards now joining forces with TDeFi is a significant move. The highly respected incubator has a long history of being a market disruptor, with 2023 set to be no different, with the project already winning the community vote at the Next Block Expo, held in Berlin during November 2022.

“The partnership will help Racer Club Labs expand further into the global market, where it can leverage its strength in gaming, while taking advantage of the innovative tokenomics.

So what really makes thisrace-and-earn GameFi project different?

How will Racer Club & TDeFi achieve this?

New Clubs within the Racer Club ecosystem can be set up and onboarded within weeks and their creators can create their own native experiences. More than 550 projects have already signed up on the ecosystem and some of them are backed by the founders of the world’s most popular NFT projects, including MAYC, Azuki and Clone-X.

However, only 2,500 Title Series Racer Club will ever be in existence that will give a lifetime license to an NFT community from the Ethereum blockchain to start their own Racer Club game.

To put things in perspective, the figure is a mere 3 per cent of more than 80,000 NFT projects currently in the market. 

The Racer Club ecosystem will have everything needed for anyone to start their own blockchain game and, that too, without the need for any prior technical knowledge. There will be instant gaming utility for 2,500 Racer Club NFT projects. The idea is to strengthen these projects in the GameFi sector. Racer Club Labs will start off with its own game and eventually move on to pay for onboarding of 800 Clubs. Of which the first 800 will be incubated by the Racer Club development team.

Racer Club has sold out three NFT projects of its own and garnered a 75,000-strong community base. The mechanism of the game is expected to build long-term loyalty and utility for the existing NFTs and, more importantly, answer the problem many communities are yearning for, long-term sustainability.

There’s more, Racer Club Labs will launch their own token which will become the base token. All tokens, NFT, Racer characters and Race Tracks are native to each Title Series Race Club. This makes Racer Club the first multi-native community racing game that is focused on achieving higher player rewards and retention rates, as compared to the traditional play-to-earn games.

The Club creators or the owners of the Racer Club NFT collections, that create, launch and run a successful Title Series Racer Club economy of their own, will have the enabling tools to raise the demand for their NFT with the Club Creators also benefiting from a royalty of 15 per cent from their own in-game economy, market disruption seems now inevitable with the TDeFi partnership now in place.

Roman Granovskyi, CTO of Racer Club states, “The global market for video games is now bigger than the markets for movies and sports put together. There are around 3 billion gamers in the world, we know there will be more than a billion e-sports viewers by 2025. These gamers spent a whopping US $15 billion on in-game items last year, with the big global brands all wanting a piece of the action and gaming demanding more, which we are ready to facilitate.” There are an estimated three billion gamers worldwide, more than a third of the world’s population. With 95% of in-game spend by players to go back to the players and 5% for Racer Club owners, the space is about to be redefined.

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