With the changing times, people need to get used to the trends. At this moment, crypto investments are the best thing for Millennials and small-scale investors. With proper strategies, one can get a new way of passive income with more stability and higher returns through real estate. Both real estate and crypto token investments are becoming intertwined. The genius estate is becoming the leader in this scenario. This new-age company is using blockchain and the latest technologies to ensure that investors get it easy. .

The brand is making the real estate market accessible with its vision. Genius Estates is planning to release its next-level tokens for small-scale investors soon.

Geniux Token – What is the Genius Estates Idea?

Genius Estates is bringing something unique to investors. This blockchain investing platform has offered a great idea. It offers a modern and active marketplace for all investors. The idea is to provide various kinds of options in different sectors.

The GENiUX token supports a diverse range of STOs. The Genius Estates idea is to offer sustainable income to investors.The main idea of Genius Estates is to allow everyone to invest, irrespective of their investment amount. Thus, it wants to democratise the whole real estate. But, if one wants to understand their idea, understand their tokens.

How Is Genius Estates Democratising Real Estate? 

The conventional real estate transactions were not favourable to small investors. Earlier, there were only a few investment options. One could invest in a property by purchasing it. Then there were also other ways like mortgaging the property to investment. But this kept a large section of investors away. Small-scale investors were unable to invest a large amount due to their economic condition. Hence, they used to avoid this sector. Additionally, the complicated investment laws also discourage them.

All of these changed when Genius started its mission. Now, the GENiUX tokens will become available for small-scale investors. The brand is the first platform to release Ethereum-based tokens. In addition, Genius Estates uses AI-enabled technology to offer unique experiences. Hence, an investor can easily get STOs through their smartphones. The company plans to issue real estate crypto tokens to investors. This has offered a new way of investing. After that, anyone can invest a small amount on a big project and can get assured returns. The best part about GENiUX is that it offers a diverse path. 

GENiUX has the ERC-20 based system. So, how is that different? Firstly, they plan on digitizing real estate projects with blockchain technology. An investor must create an account in a trading platform to deal in STO. These platforms have different rules and may not offer lucrative deals. But Genius Estates has changed all these. Now, an investor does not need to go through a complicated process. GENiUX uses its own marketplace to offer easier tokenization. This platform is easy to use and has multiple opportunities. This company also uses its native ERC-20 GENiUX  token. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and offers great security. One can use these tokens to invest in different STOs and NFT’s.


Geniux Token – Diverse Portfolios To Invest

The best part of the platform is their diversity. They pick only the best projects for their investors. Hence, one can get assured returns with guidance. Additionally, it also encourages its investors to share the knowledge. With each referral program, the investors get rewards in USDT, thus further adding to their strength.

Overview Of Genius Real Estate Marketplace

Genius Real Estate Marketplace has already created a buzz among Gen Z investors. It is something new and unique that everyone needs to check out. Genius Real Estate Marketplace is best for crypto investments in real estate. It is an online marketplace, especially for small-scale investors. The marketplace allows investors to connect with different parties who are interested in selling their NFT’s. Genius Estate has come up with a virtual umbrella for projects. It is diverse and widely usable. Additionally, the company plans to grow Genius Estates. They planned to launch Genius assets marketplace this year.

It is a new-age e-commerce platform. That means Genius Estates offers investment options on different projects. So, an investor can invest in different projects in a single place. Another benefit of Genius Estates is its direct collaboration. Thus, the brand releases the project itself. It has planned to launch its first ever property in 2021. The Genius Estates exclusive property from Ireland is already in talks. Here, one can use exclusive GENiUX tokens to invest. It is one of the best Ethereum tokens with proper blockchain security. 

The Genius Assets Marketplace is a multi-faced site. Anyone can invest in different real estate properties from here. But there are also other options for an investor. It is a movable asset investment program. This company also offers investment scopes in sports. Furthermore, users can invest in artwork that has been digitized and turned into NFTs.

Advantages Of Geniux Token

If anyone is looking for secure and reliable real estate crypto tokens, GENiUX is the best choice. However, it is not a simple token – it is a super token.

  • Genius Estates have entered into a smart contract with Ethereum. It is offering the first ever token based on the ERC 20 token. The GENiUX token uses the unused cycles of computers and smart devices. Additionally, the token system utilises AI and machine learning to offer protection to its investors during transactions.
  • Another benefit is the rapid DAG-based crypto. It uses the modern-age blockchain and a fast DAG-based payment system. Hence, the virtual network becomes faster. As a result, faster token allocation and seamless service are now possible.
  • With artificial intelligence and machine learning, the transaction becomes easier and user-friendly. One does not need to use a special wallet to get STOs. Instead, they can use their cash or bank payment to buy GENiUX tokens. The AI processes all the data and ensures each investor gets a clear and distributed web interface. It protects them from cyber threats and also keeps their identity encrypted.
  • The GENiUX token system is a hybrid token system. Hence, anyone can buy tokens from any part of the world without any complications except a couple of restricted countries where it’s illegal or where the EU have sanctions on them. Everywhere else, there is no need for any special licenses.
  • GENiUX tokens maintain the industry standard. It is planning to get approval through Estonian regulators. The barns are in the final stage and will get whitepaper approval soon. That means that investors now can trust the GENiUX token system as it has proper regulation.
  • GENiUX tokens are also easily accessible. An investor can use the tokens to invest in different options. Additionally, they can also receive revenues in tokens.
  • A user can sell their tokens directly on an exchange which supports their country’s currency and use the money as per their wish.

Is Geniux Sustainable?

Investing in cryptocurrency is changing day by day. Crypto investors these days are looking for more diversification opportunities for their portfolios. Genius Estates helps these investors generate a passive income through a lucrative investment program. You can get your real estate tokens in addition to investing in a wide array of exciting projects.

In the near future, Genius Estates envisions digitizing the value of sporting teams. The company will provide investors the opportunity to earn dividends whenever a player is transferred or monetized. They are developing a Genius Saver app, which will be released by next year. There is an impressive roadmap showing the progress and plans they have for the future.


Genius Estates is making its move with the crypto token investment method in the real estate sector. The brand plans to circulate 1 billion tokens based on Ethereum. Besides, it has made a user-friendly marketplace for Genius Estate users. This will allow small-scale and young investors to invest in real estate. With Genius estates, even novice investors will have a chance to dream big.

Additionally, it uses a fast and reliable STO with ERC-20 blockchain to ensure the system remains transparent. Its marketplace will allow investors to select their best possible options. Now, anyone can invest in different projects without any complications and hassle. Geniux has a bright future ahead. In turn, it will also transform the investment scenario of the real estate sector. 

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