How HAVE NFT empowers veterans

Introduction to HAVE NFT

We are, by now, familiar with the various ways in which new technologies have or are benefiting Wall Street traders and Big Tech investors. Eventually, some of the benefits also trickle down to retail investors and certain segments of society.

However, some demographics in society, such as veterans, often don’t stand to gain much from such advancements in technology. Their sacrifices for the nation and their contribution to society are acknowledged and rewarded mostly while they are in service but the key issues affecting their post-military lives often get neglected.

Many veterans often suffer from various types of mental health issues because of the sudden change in environment and lifestyle once they leave the military, not to mention trauma and PTSD. Post-military help and support are often not commensurate with their contribution to the nation while they were in service.

HAVE NFT is a project by veterans and is exclusively focused on veterans because, they believe that, by creating an interconnected ecosystem where veterans can link up, learn and heal, they can also create opportunities for veterans and their supporters to prosper and thrive in life.

Apart from the financial or commercial aspects of an NFT, there will be blockchain documentation of the healing modalities and outcomes as well as blockchain documentation of existing programs for veteran health and suicide to create a central database.     

HAVE NFT is the brainchild of Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment (HAVE), a US-based organisation, led by former US military combat veterans, who possesses extensive experience in investments, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and real estate.

The core team behind the HAVE NFT includes Steven Eugene Kuhn, Lane Belone, Sarah Singh, and Pat Wenger. Among the three team members, two of them, namely Kuhn and Belone are US Army veterans themselves.

Kuhn was witness to the fall of the Berlin Wall and served tours in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. Belone, meanwhile, spent 12 years with the US Army with two combat tours to Iraq, a special mission to Libya and many training missions all over Europe. Page is a combat veteran of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn and an experienced digital asset consultant with over six years of experience in the crypto space.

Singh, on the other hand, is a real estate investor and an entrepreneur who holds a sizable investment portfolio in the US. Wenger is a business consultant and entrepreneur with working experiences in many industries including oil and gas to finance.

Besides the core team, HAVE NFT also has a group of at least nearly a dozen advisors with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Together, they bring different perspectives and cultures, which ultimately help shape the final strategy and functioning of HAVE NFT.   

The HAVE NFT team claims is the first veteran-focused NFT project that connects veterans with access, opportunities and empowerment through NFT.

The main inspiration for the empowerment lies in the book, Unleash Your Humble Alpha, which was written by the co-founders of HAVE NFT. The book is the foundation of the Humble Alpha operating system and is the blueprint of how to gain clarify in your identity and purpose to move forward with certainty.

The HAVE NFT is a collection of 4,444 NFT divided into four unique batches of 1,111 NFTs each, to be released on the HAVE NFT marketplace and minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is the first blockchain-based digital Challenge Coin. The four batches of HAVE NFT are 1,111 of each of the Veteran Bulldog, Mule, Falcons and goats, which represent mascots of four branches of military.

A HAVE NFT costs approximately USD $400 in Ethereum and it provides membership to the HAVE community, connecting holders with other veterans as well as many other benefits. Users are advised to follow the social media channels of HAVE NFT for regular updates.

HAVE NFT also provides the possibility to earn passive income, opportunities to support veterans in need through non-profit and charity groups, exclusive discounts to partner networks and, importantly, an appreciative value that grows over time.

In fact, the overall benefits of buying and holding a HAVE NFT can be experienced in both physical and digital forms. Apart from the physical or tangible benefits mentioned above, there will be fundraising for veteran empowerment projects or groups, provision for exclusive access to HAVE Fund real estate projects and M&A projects of veteran-owned companies through fractional investing.

It aims to support and boost veteran-owned real estate, service based and software-as-a-service (SAAS) based businesses, as well as inspire millions of veterans through community contribution, elevation and collaboration. Besides, it will also support over 100 nonprofits!

In terms of digital benefits, the NFT can be sold and swapped for profit. Investors can also hold and stake HAVE NFT to earn passive income and accrue value.

It also gives the users a unique online digital identity to demonstrate their support for the veterans and gives access to download the HAVE app on iOS and Android that is planned for 2023. Each HAVE NFT is designed with military tradition and Veteran Espirit de Corps in mind with over 120 possible features and rarities, including expressions, headwear, clothing and more.

When military members leave the service, they become veterans and there are anywhere between 19 million to 23 million military veterans in the US. Their community is very tight-knit due to their unique skills and experiences. Their working lives were ingrained with a sense of kinship, family, purpose and responsibility but a new battle begins once they leave the military.

Many of them suffer from trauma, depression, lack of purpose and connection when they return from service. This is due to various factors such as abrupt loss of military ‘friendships’ which they called ‘family’ and difficulty in reconnecting with loved ones who ‘don’t understand’ the journey. There is also a feeling of dissatisfaction, frustration and a sudden lack of purpose and guidance.

In order to help the veterans cope with such issues, there are over 20,000 organizations that exist to support the veterans, including some privately-run non-profit organizations. Sometimes, the veterans themselves can be a great source of support for those starting their transition towards military separation. These veterans can serve as guides and offer direction and support to others who are in the process of mingling back with the society.

Veterans seeking help are typically more comfortable to accept help from a fellow veteran, because of the feeling that they have a better understanding of the issue they are dealing with. However, some veterans still do not know where to turn to for help in reconnecting with society and learning how to navigate the world in a new way. 

HAVE NFT plans to amplify veteran empowerment through the power of blockchain and integrate digital and real-world empowerment for the veterans, resulting in better mental health and financial abundance.

The HAVE fund, in general, has an objective to create an ecosystem that would be the central meeting point of all veteran-related projects. The aim of the HAVE NFT is to connect real-world utility with the crypto space for supporting and empowering the veterans by giving them access to NFT, cryptocurrencies, digital art, veteran healing initiatives and digital real estate.

Technological advancements in the past have mostly benefited industries to profit more, political leaders to grab and maintain power and enabled younger generations to grow and prosper. Even in the blockchain space, trends such as NFT have allowed traders, speculators, and crypto enthusiasts to prosper, with no real benefits for the common people.

HAVE NFT plans to leverage new technologies and market trends to achieve veteran empowerment by providing access, opportunity and abundance for veterans and their communities. HAVE NFT is not using blockchain to benefit Big Tech or Wall Street, but to provide access and opportunities to the veterans for their prosperity.

HAVE NFT is also bringing over 100 veteran oriented non-profit organizations into the ecosystem and are partnering with organizations already helping the veterans with issues such as depression, suicidal thoughts and other forms of trauma.

HAVE NFT expands the ecosystem by building off an already existing community and amplifies the reach by embedding blockchain technology, smart contracts, investing opportunities, digital connection and camaraderie like never before.

In fact, they have identified five pillars to achieve their ultimate goal or objective. The five pillars are designing unique NFT art, introduction of game-changing utility, leveraging enterprise security-grade technology, creating a niche, directly accessible community and support from industry experts and advisors.

In the secondary stage, the HAVE NFT project plans to support and help veteran influencers and conscious investors in cryptocurrency.

What is a Challenge Coin?

A Challenge Coin is a collectible coin or medallion, which carries an organization’s or unit’s emblem or insignia. Although the true origin of the Challenge Coin is unclear, certain historical evidence suggests that Roman soldiers were awarded coins in recognition of their successes.

Traditionally, Challenge Coins would be given to prove membership to an organization or unit or to enhance morale and strengthen the Espirit de Corps. The coins were often presented by a unit commander to acknowledge the accomplishment of a unit member.

How are Challenge Coins beneficial to the veterans?

First and foremost, traditional Challenge Coins offer emotional, historic and traditional value to the military, first responder and law enforcement communities. HAVE NFT plans to take those attributes further by envisioning a world where honor, respect and acknowledgement. It creates a new utility for these Challenge Coins by bringing them on to the blockchain. Decade-old traditions are modernized to help serve a greater purpose in the digital age.


It is fact that a significant portion of the veteran community suffers from different types of mental health issues and, as per some studies, their number is 2-3 times higher than the rate for non-veteran population. Although support is available for the veterans, many do not know how to access them as they are often splintered in thousands of groups. 

It is refreshing and reassuring that an entity like HAVE NFT has come forward to use modern technology and potentially create an ecosystem that will help some of the main problems faced by the veterans. 

The impact is evident from the positive reactions of some of the veterans who have benefited from their association with HAVE. The HAVE NFT envisions to connect to nearly all facets of the society and be the digital connection to what has been built in the physical world. 

As the HAVE NFT plans to evolve and launch future NFT projects, it plans to onboard national retailers, service providers and platforms as partners to pioneer the future of veteran empowerment through HAVE Partner programs.

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