Cryptos are essentially digital currencies that aren’t regulated or issued by any centralized authority, like the government. When cryptos are decentralized, all the transactions made in cryptocurrencies are verified using blockchain tech. Blockchain is defined as a decentralized, distributed, public ledger. It is a secure method used for storing data and cannot be manipulated without detection. One of the biggest beneficiaries of both cryptos and the underlying technology (blockchain) that supports it is the Fintech sector. The Fintech industry has witnessed massive transformation with the advent and growth of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have gained a great deal of relevance among people around the world who own a mobile phone but do not have any bank account. So, while these people cannot use the traditionally available financial products, they can utilize those built atop cryptos.

A major advantage of cryptos is that they make money transfer very efficient. Any person who transfers money from a bank to another across international borders knows that the entire process is extremely tiresome. It involves a whole lot of inefficiencies and delays. This is where international money transfer platforms like Junca Cash come into the picture.

The Junca Cash supports cross-border remittance of crypto-asset. The platform offers fintech and crypto services to support overseas and domestic remittances, payments, and exchanges at ATMs, wallet services, and cards for an extremely low fee. It has gained the attention of several cryptocurrency exchanges and is scheduled to be listed on some of the major exchanges in the future. So, if you are keen on cryptocurrency investing and would like to know more about the Junca Cash platform for international money transfer, then continue reading.


Millions of individuals work in a country and support their family members in another. Many people sell products & services to other individuals in different countries or are work with firms situated in another nation. These individuals are the ones who require international money transfer services to transfer small or large amounts of money to other individuals based in other countries.

However, currently, the overseas operators within the Philippines are dealing with a few problems when it comes to international money transfers. Firstly, the local currency is witnessing fluctuations in the exchange rate. The rate of exchange always becomes one of the crucial factors when it comes to international money transfer. While some networks use the current rate to process payments, others process payments just when a transaction is initialized. Besides, if either of the nations involved has their regulations that specify what rate of exchange should be applicable, then there is a complete change of scene.

Besides, they also have to deal with difficulties in procuring the raw materials and parts locally. Other problems that the Philippines overseas operators face relate to the awareness and ability of local human resources, placing an increase in employee wages, and raising the procurement costs.


The Junca platform is ideal for cryptocurrency investing enthusiasts. It will offer Fintech cryptocurrency services, including features such as Card, ATM, as well as Wallet services. The platform will provide overseas and domestic remittances, exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, and settlement. The Junca platform will also contribute towards the development of society via scholarships and donations projects.



Individuals interested in cryptocurrency investing in the Philippines can opt for the Junca app to control and manage their deposits & withdrawals. They won’t have to insert any card since the application works well with an ATM. Thus, users of the Junca platform will experience an exciting era of functionality, security, aside from the ease of usage.

EC site

The Junca Platform will also help users shop and pay at different shopping sites offered by the Junca Group, apart from the other sites that the Junca platform has partnered with.


Users will also be able to use the Junca platform for donating to programs designed for helping people across the globe and the platforms they sympathize with. Users will get plenty of opportunities to participate in the programs instantly using the Junca app.

Internet bank

If you are serious about cryptocurrency investing and making an international money transfer, then the Junca platform is an excellent option for you. You can use the platform for performing operations like money transfers, balance, and transfer inquiries with assistance from the app. The app will also assist users in accepting legal tender as part of the banking services and for making deposits & withdrawals.

Crypto exchange

The Junca app works as the platform’s exchange for cryptocurrency investing and trading. As a result, users will be able to trade BTC, as well as other cryptocurrencies using the Junca platform. The Junca exchange will be issuing staple coins.

Credit card

The Junca platform will also provide its users with a credit card that can be conveniently used in many shops globally. You will get to manage the card as well as all the history on the Junca app.

Education support

Users will get to assist with their tuition fees for attending any vocational training within South East Asia using the Junca app.


The platform will help users to make cashless payments at the store. Junca plans to make the system available in different shops/stores soon.


Now that you have discovered much about the Junca platform for international money transfer, you must also know what Junca Cash is and how it works.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Junca Cash is much different. It is the base or the key currency of the Junca platform. Junca Cash fits nicely into the Philippines ‘ economic system and has several useful logistics based on the local requirements. In other words, Junca Cash for cryptocurrency investing enthusiasts in the Philippines will help them in the areas of Settlement, Donations to scholarships and funds, etc., International remittance, Domestic Remittance. Junca Cash will also provide special benefits to the Junca Group member stores and franchise stores and aid foreign currency exchange and the exchange of cryptocurrency assets and fiat money. Additionally, it will work with an ATM, thus helping the Philippines overseas operators carry out domestic and international remittances aside from deposits & withdrawals.


The Junca Cash platform aims to help the economy in Asia in many ways. As already explained above, the platform will offer a wide range of financial services, including international money transfer, exchange of crypto assets, foreign currency, and offline/online payment. The platform will support use cases for contributing to society via scholarships and donation projects.

The company will also issue a Junca certificate with approving high-quality products that the Junca Group approves. Using this particular certificate, qualified companies can acquire marketing as well as branding support.


The Junca Cash platform, in association with the government in the Philippines, aims to conduct financial tech services for those interested in cryptocurrency investing in the country. The major benefit of the Junca platform is that it offers holders of JCC premium quality and an affordable international remittance experience. Apart from this, Junca platform’s ATM, designed to exchange digital currencies with fiat money.

Thus, there is no denying the fact that Junca is an excellent platform designed to solve the problems of remittance within the Philippines. It will help the country to develop its economy and attain future growth & success. Given that more than 100 billion dollars of international cross-border transfers are made by the OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) people. These people work in other countries as well as send money to their families to support them. But the cross-border remittance fee is very high. However, the Junca platform makes use of Fintech to solve this entire problem. The company has been developing its Philippines business for over five years now and has always been passionate about bringing development to Asia.

The Junca platform will not only set up a school that offers vocational training by partnering with existing vocational training systems/centers. It will also set up scholarships for supporting the development of HR, thus creating opportunities for the Overseas Filipino Workers to attain better positions and environment and treatment overseas. Junca will also support the Overseas Filipino Workers and help them return to their home country. These workers will be able to use their different cross-border experiences to acquire success. In simple terms, the OFWs will get opportunities to engage and set up their businesses and startups.

Thus, the Junca platform will help them to operate independently and become franchise owners, thereby ensuring stability and success in the long run. So, if cryptocurrency investing is something that you enjoy, and if you need a platform that supports international money transfer in the Philippines, then the Junca platform is definitely worth your time and attention.

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