The Growth of the Cryptocurrency Market

There is no denying that the current crypto and blockchain market is experiencing a surge in demand, with new cryptocurrencies and their subsequent values creating plenty of buzzes. According to an Allied Market Research report, the global crypto market will likely record a 12.8% CAGR growth rate between the years 2021-2030.

The report further claims that the key drivers of this growth will be a spike in demand for global remittances, as well as increased transparency in the international payments systems. Over two-thirds of the crypto industry’s size in 2020 was due to the mining sector, which will continue to remain a dominant segment even in 2021 and beyond. The report also establishes that the Asian-Pacific cryptocurrency industry shall witness the fastest growth due to the rise in competition from several growing exchanges. 

Another report claims that the global market size of the crypto industry will touch almost $1758 million in 2027, growing at 11.2% CAGR.

While the proliferation, adoption, and growth of cryptocurrency seem evident, several factors have and will contribute to this massive growth in the years to come. Enterprises across leading industries have embraced digital transformation technologies, thus implementing blockchain systems to solve their key issues. The Financial Tech industry has also quickly digitised currencies, given the transparency and security it offers. As a result, cryptocurrencies have witnessed immense popularity and have continued to grow, despite the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic led to increased usage and growth of cryptocurrencies. Crypto exchanges across the globe experienced a surge in cryptocurrency investing and trading. Apart from this, several other factors have contributed to the growing crypto market. For instance, more and more cryptocurrency investors are finding them flexible and simple to use. Besides, many leading companies, as well as government authorities, are now supporting the cryptocurrency and blockchain system, using them actively for their projects. Additionally, social media influencers, as well as celebrities, are also resorting to social platforms and media to express their opinion on Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies. This is giving the right amount of push to the crypto market.

The 3-Levels Of Voting In The Degethal Ecosystem

The DTM or the DeGeThal project was set up in 2021 with the sole aim of creating a universal crypto ecosystem for multiple use cases that aren’t represented by traditionally available financial instruments. The DeGeThal crypto project can be accessed by anyone around the globe. The existing fiat currency system has several demerits and is difficult to access for many individuals. However, digital currencies allow people to set up a parallel economic system, thus solving several global issues. The DeGeThal ecosystem essentially features a multi-currency wallet created for transparent as well as speedy transactions. 

This digital wallet is the core element of the DeGeThal system. To offer its users increased opportunities, DeGeThal has also created an app that allows people to create their banking account, initiate transfers, as well as convert traditional global currencies into digital currency. People can use the app to purchase, sell, send, receive and convert the cryptocurrency. 

The application also features a crypto wallet that will be later integrated into a CEX. Apart from this, DeGeThal will also provide users with several banking solutions, for which the platform will acquire the necessary licence. In the long run, the wallet will be transformed into a full-fledged tool that can be used for making daily payments, including payroll payments, microtransactions, in-store purchases, cashback on the store, payroll payments, etc.

DTM Token – The Core Element Of The Ecosystem

If you are interested in cryptocurrency investing, then the DTM token is a good option. DTM tokens form a key part of the DeGeThal system and are crucial for creating as well as developing the platform further. DTM unites the entire DeGeThal community, while serving as a crucial incentive element that enables users to earn additional profits. 

The primary task of the DTM token is to design an ecosystem that enables participants to utilise the token while accessing the platform and ensure payments for DeGeThal services while trading the token on exchanges. 

DTM Token Characteristics:

-It has been developed on the Binance Smart Chain.

-100,000,000 DTM tokens will be emitted.

-50,000,000 DTM tokens will be offered for sale. 

Since the DTM token will be issued on a limited basis, it implies that the overall pricing of the token will increase with the growth in the project ecosystem. This will also lead to a surge in the demand for the tokens. DeGeThal also plans to list the token on premier crypto exchanges soon. Apart from this, a portion of the DTM token shall be blocked within the wallet for staking purposes. All of the above would lead to a surge in demand for the token. DTM tokens will also be utilised on the platform for leverage. This shall further increase demand for the token.

Token Distribution

The DTM Token Will Be Distributed In The Following Manner:

-3% of the transaction fee will be distributed among holders automatically.

-3% will be automatically added to the liquidity pool. 

Using The Token

-The DTM token will be used for paying the platform commissions for crypto transfers. 

-For paying commissions in the applications deployed within the ecosystem.

-Paying for DeGeThal ecosystem services.

-Paying for the staking programs for token holders.

-Making payments towards the referral programs.

-Making rewards payments and encouraging users to take part in the DeGeThal work.

-Using tokens as leverage on the platform. 

-Paying for any marketing campaigns. 

Other Uses Of The Token

-Selling DTM tokens on crypto exchanges.

-Transferring of DTM tokens in the blockchain between the digital wallets. 

How Degethal Distinguishes Itself From Other Financial Projects

Unlike other financial projects, the DeGeThal ecosystem distinguishes itself by offering multiple advantages. To begin with, DeGeThal is a decentralised finance ecosystem that offers many banking and financial services, operating based on its e-banking licence. 

Opportunity For Earning Passive Income

DeGeThal also offers an excellent opportunity for receiving passive income to users by offering a staking system. It also provides liquidity providers with the opportunity to earn money.

DTM Token Support Program

The primary aim of DeGeThal is to ensure the stable growth and development of its ecosystem. To achieve this, DeGeThal has designed a DTM support program and has implemented the same using a variety of tools, like a staking system, incentive reward program, as well as a referral program. Apart from a range of benefits, as well as bonuses offered to DTM token holders, they also get to take part in the voting procedure and make crucial decisions for the projects alongside the community. 

Banking and Financial Products: DeGeThal offers a range of banking and financial products to users across the globe, irrespective of their economic and social standing, well-being, education, and experience. It makes DeGeThal an immensely popular as well as a democratic project, which can be accessed by everyone. 

Thanks to its payment gateway facility, it allows all the stores and services connected to the ecosystem to accept around 26 payments globally, which further helps to increase their customer base. This also helps them to expand services to other areas, while making the platform highly competitive.  

Increase the Project Partners and Community: DeGeThal will continue to promote its banking and financial services across the globe, thereby expanding the community as well as the project partners, while also increasing the overall value of its DTM digital token on crypto exchanges. 

Multi-currency Wallet: DeGeThal’s core ecosystem is designed based on the multi-currency and multi-currency wallet, while the bank accounts and bank cards have been connected to the same. DeGeThal plans to connect the wallet with the NFT marketplace, a gateway for accepting payment in crypto and fiat currency across the globe, as well as a trading platform at a later date. DeGeThal has closely analysed the market as well as its requirements and will thus create a financial product that will further help it to connect sophisticated blockchain tech with the classical finance system, as well as the banking segment, significantly expanding opportunities provided by classical finance. 

Safety and Transparency: DeGeThal gives a lot of importance to the security of its ecosystem, as well as its products. The company is focused on ensuring transparency of its operations as well as upholding the trust of its partners and users. All the activities of the platform are carried out based on an e-banking licence, as well as regulatory requirements. This allows users to track all the operations in their personal accounts. 

Maintaining and Developing the Community: DeGeThal places a great deal of importance on developing and maintaining the community. It has created a unique referral program and will organise several seminars as well as training courses to inform its users about its features, tools, opportunities, and products. 


To sum up, DeGeThal is a unique ecosystem that consists of a payment and wallet system with MasterCard/Visa cards. It offers a centralised exchange with a liquidity pool for trading. The platform also offers a unique reward system and staking program, along with the voting system. DeGeThal offers its own blockchain and DTM token to users aside from smart contracts and payment gateway facility. Each of the above features makes the ecosystem highly innovative and apt for cryptocurrency users.

The DeGeThal ecosystem is designed as per blockchain technology. It is highly trustworthy and safeguarded from any database falsification. Using the wallet, DTM users can keep a track of the growing DTM tokens, buy goods, make payments, connect banking cards, create accounts using money that will be transferred at the time of making payments, send tokens for staking, and participate in liquidity offering, and other incentive programs. This helps the platform to simplify and make payments easy to access for everyone. So, if you are searching for the next best crypto project to invest in, then choose the DTM token that has transformed the crypto industry in many ways.

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