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There are many ways one can earn Bitcoin some simpler than others, top ways include crypto lending, crypto cashback solutions and crypto interest generating accounts. Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital currency that involves buying and selling of cryptos between people

without the involvement of any 3rd party such as a bank. They allow consumers to connect with each other digitally and through a highly transparent process, revealing the financial amounts and not their identities every time they conduct crypto trades and transactions.

Almost a decade ago, cryptocurrencies were known only to a few individuals. However, with the advent of Bitcoins in 2009 and the emergence of social media, the crypto market witnessed a massive change.

Today, cryptocurrencies have gained traction in different facets of businesses, government and even personal finance-related activities. People are buying Bitcoin and other cryptos to take advantage of the growing crypto market. In fact, many users are also using a bitcoin faucet to earn free bitcoin in return for carrying out an action. Apart from this, many crypto miners have also emerged in the past couple of years and it is most likely that there are more than 1,000,000 individuals who are mining bitcoins to earn rewards.

In this article, discover how to earn Bitcoin from lending through the Finalmente platform.


Needless to mention, cryptocurrencies have redefined the future of global finance. Back in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the very first Bitcoin through a highly decentralized network, followed by the launch of Litecoin in 2011 and Ripple in 2012. By 2013, a single Bitcoin’s price was $1000 and by 2017 more than 1000 cryptocurrencies got listed. Thus, it won’t be incorrect to say that crypto ownership has gone up in the past few years. Today, crypto asset is being used for payments, value storage, and utility as well as to perform online transactions.

Governments as well as large corporations, around the globe, are closely tracking the crypto market to determine ways to adapt to the transaction system, in particular blockchain technology, for exchanging value. Apart from this, many organizations have started blockchain projects to understand whether it is feasible to integrate this technology within their businesses on a long-term basis or not. Thus, there’s no denying the fact that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is thriving, and has further led to an increase in crypto ownership.   At present there are more than 5000 cryptos in circulation and many of them are built on unique applications as well as use-cases.


In the past 5 years, Bitcoin transactions and users have recorded an average growth percentage of almost 60% every year. As a result, the crypto market has turned into an over $250 billion industry.

Today, many people are interested in earning bitcoin. For instance, many of them look to create a Cryptocurrency interest Account, an extremely simple and easy way to earn Bitcoin. You earn Bitcoin for free as interest by simply storing some in your Crypto interest account.


It must be noted that cashback is essentially an eCommerce system designed to provide rebates and rewards to users for shopping. Each time a user carries out online shopping and in certain cases when they conduct in-store purchases, they earn as much as 1% of their transaction money back. Today, there are plenty of cashback programs that dispense rewards as cryptocurrency, also referred to as cryptoback.

While purchasing bitcoin is always easier and an excellent investment, one can also earn bitcoin if they are unable to buy them. So, if you are looking to earn Bitcoin then consider online shopping. You can turn to everyday online shopping to earn bitcoin. For instance, when you purchase an item from a cashback providing platform such as Lolli, you get Bitcoin as your reward. Pei is another cashback system that rewards you with BTC or even fiat money. Pei basically works with your existing debit and credit card as well as can be utilized for in-store purchasing. Another way to earn crypto cashback is through a cryptocurrency debit card. For example, Crypto.com and Wirex are two highly popular platforms that provide 0.5% in cashback, which is usually paid in BTC.



Based in Australia, BitcoinRewards was established in 2017 to offer bitcoin buyers with the opportunity to acquire cashback in Bitcoin. In order to earn rebates through the platform, users need to first sign up with the platform, as well as add the browser extension, and also browse the retailers to be able to carry out a purchase. The rebates are in the range of 0.8% and 40% as well as are transferred into the BitcoinRewards’s native Bitcoin wallet. In addition to this, rewards can be earned in Binance Coin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


A highly sought-after mobile application from micro task as well as earning platform called Stormx. It allows shoppers to receive cryptocurrency rewards for online shopping and is present in more than 187 nations including the United States.


Lolli is another highly popular cryptocurrency cashback platform available in the crypto market. They provide kickback on several popular sites including Macy’s, Groupon, Gap, GoDaddy, CheapOair etc. In order to make use of this service, you must visit the company’s website to set up a free of cost account.


Unlike what many users believe, they can earn interest through Bitcoin. Bitcoin was criticised by people for being one asset which yields no dividends. However, this isn’t true anymore. Many crypto users are not earning interest up to 8% onwards on their Bitcoin with the help of an interest account.



While most of the lenders provide varying rates based on different currencies, Nexo is entirely different. The lender offers 8% guaranteed interest across different fiat currencies such as EUR, GBP and USD as well as stable coins like USDC, SAI, USDT and PAX.


Celsius is much similar to Nexo as it offers a fixed interest rate across almost all the stable coins i.e. 7% for GUSD, TUSD, USDC, and PAX.


After Monaco acquired crypto.com in 2018 an attractive rate of interest is 6% on 3 stable coins (TUSD, PAX and USDC) and three highly popular digital currencies including BTC, XRP and ETH.


The Finalmente Program is a highly innovative program that helps you to earn Bitcoin and achieve your dreams of earning. One of the biggest advantages of the Finalmente Global program is that it is very simple to use. When you sign up for the same, you can earn automatic referrals and take advantage of auto upgrades and auto withdrawals. The program is highly affordable as it allows you to earn Bitcoin, lend as well as get paid. The program receives participation from Bitcoin users across the globe. In fact, if you are searching for a program that lets you earn money online, then this one is ideal for you.

It must be noted that Finalmente Global was established in 2019 by a team of three partners who were extremely active within the online earning and online marketing industry. The goal of the company was to create a platform that offered a legit program to earn crypto. In fact, if you are looking to earn a huge amount of bitcoin through lending, then the Finalmente solution is ideal for you.

Once you become a member after signing up then you can lend as much as ₿20.0 based on your plan. For instance, the UNO Starter plan allows you to lend minimum ₿ 0.001000 and maximum ₿ 0.002500. It offers a maximum growth opportunity of 101.04%. Similarly, the UNO Classic plan permits a minimum lending of ₿ 0.001000 and maximum lending of ₿ 1.500000.

The growth rate for this one is 107.0% upon expiry. Apart from this, the program also offers the Due Novice Minimum plan of ₿ 0.015000 and Maximum Plan of ₿ 1.500000. For TRE Business, the Minimum Plan is ₿ 0.003500 whereas the Maximum Plan is ₿ 5.000000. On the other hand, the Quattro plan provides a Minimum Plan of ₿ 0.750000 and a Maximum Plan of ₿ 10.000000.

Thus, once you have joined as a member, you can earn Bitcoin on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In case you don’t have any funds to initiate the lending process, then you register as well as promote the platform as an affiliate marketer. The Finalmente Global affiliate program pays a referral commission that can be easily withdrawn on 4 different levels. While level 1 shall provide you with a 3% commission on every deposit of Bitcoin made through your referral, Level 2 provides a 2% commission. Similarly, for level 3 as well as 4, you will get a commission of 1%.

The platform also offers competitions and promotions on a regular basis where they can earn Bitcoin only by performing simple tasks such as voting online.


To sum up, the Finalmente Global program offers free of cost membership. Users who want to earn money through the program need to put as much as 0.001 BTC. The program offers an average return of 7-10% every week. However, earnings are entirely based on your choice of package and are calculated on a weekly basis.

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