Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a remarkable use case of revolutionary blockchain technology and Werewolf NFT is one such NFT. While the idea has been there, NFTs shot to popularity in early 2021, with Beeple’s $69 million sales at Christie’s. That sale was a breakthrough, and the event grabbed the eyeballs of crypto-savvy investors from across the globe. However, once NFTs started making headlines, we got to learn about the value proposition of these rather different applications of blockchain.

Overview Of The Werewolf NFT

Werewolf cuts through the noise. It has created a refreshing Werewolf theme-based unique ecosystem where one can benefit from investing in Defi. Following the launch of their proprietary design NFTs, users can also purchase different types of exciting “Werewolf NFTs” directly on the platform. In the initial days, the Werewolf exchange’s NFT tokens gained immense popularity that continues to surge. In this article, let’s take a deep dive and see what makes them one of the best NFT projects on the market.

Werewolf NFTs are a unique set of non-fungible assets. These are ERC-721 standard tokens built leveraging Ethereum’s network. As the Werewolf exchange is planning to add exciting gamification features to its already popular Defi exchange, the non-fungible crypto assets will be used for the gamification on the platform.

The NFT tokens are classified into three different categories: the Alpha, Beta, and the Omega Werewolf tokens. The three different classes of Werewolf NFT crypto-assets represent the different canine attributes.

Which Three NFT Token Types Are Available On The Werewolf Decentralised Exchange?

There are three different kinds of Werewolf NFTs available on the platform. These non-fungible assets can be directly purchased using the WWC tokens or WOLF Tokens on the platform. While we will be discussing in detail the steps to purchase Werewolf NFTs in the subsequent section, here’s a brief of the three different types of tokens listed on the Werewolf platform:

1.The Alpha Non-Fungible Assets: The most distinguishing non-fungible on the Werewolf exchange is the Alpha class of NFT tokens. Alpha has distinct features and is amongst the most dangerous types of “Werewolf.” What characterizes Alpha Werewolf is that they have big shiny red eyes and are the most ferocious of all other Werewolves. Additionally, in their canine form, the Alpha Werewolves are bigger than their Beta and Omega counterparts. On some rare occasions, unlike the other werewolves, Alpha werewolves can also transform into real wolves. They can also take any other shape. Once the Alpha starts changing its shape and form, its eyes glow red. These types of werewolves have a remarkable spark of power that allows them advanced abilities to change forms. They are also the most capable in terms of individual strength and can have supernatural abilities. The special characteristics peculiar to Alpha werewolf are power absorption, pain transference, full moon power enhancement, mind-melding, telepathy, resistance to cold and silver damage, amongst others.

The top and the most powerful NFT asset on the Werewolf platform, Alpha always marks its presence. They have their territory. It is so designed that the total number of Alpha on the platform will be equal to the total number of territories that exist on the planet. Alpha NFTs can be bought using the native tokens, the WWC.

2.The Beta Non-Fungible Assets: The Beta NFT assets are the second most powerful non-fungible asset type on the platform only after Alpha. They are the ones that will follow the Alpha werewolves. While the Beta werewolves are powerful and ferocious, they are not as savage as the Alpha. Their strength is slightly lower than the Alpha but more than Omega werewolves, who are the third on the list of non-fungible assets on the Werewolf exchange. The distinguishing features of the beta werewolves are that they are the most common types and represent the main members of the pack. Contrary to the Alpha, who have glowing red eyes, the Beta werewolves are different with golden eyes. On the Werewolf platform, like the Alpha, the beta werewolves will also be born in separate territories that are assigned to the Alpha werewolves. However, one Alpha werewolf will be leading various Beta werewolves. The power structure of the werewolves is exciting, though. All different types have some of the other distinguishing power that only belongs to their pack. For example, Beta will have powers that are not found in the Alpha. While Alpha is stronger, Beta does command some different powers like Superhuman stamina and Superhuman endurance, rage enhancement and extraordinary Superhuman leaping, amongst others. Beta non-fungible assets can be bought using WOLF tokens.

3.The Omega Non-Fungible Assets: On the Werewolf platform, the Omega non-fungible assets are on the lower end of the hierarchybut their lower rank does not let you undermine the power of the Omega werewolves. What makes Omega werewolves separate from the Alpha and Beta werewolves is that they don’t form a part of the pack that comprises Alpha and Beta werewolves. Also, one of the ways to differentiate the Omega shapeshifters from Alpha and Beta is that the Omega shapeshifters’ eyes will glow steel blue instead of red and golden in the case of Alpha and Beta, respectively. As the Omegas are not members of a pack, they are comparatively weaker as they don’t receive power from symbiotic balance from each other when in a pack. On the platform, the Omega werewolves can be survivors of a pack’s destruction, or they can be alone, depending on their choice. Another interesting characteristic of the Omega werewolves is that they are humanoid carnivores. They are more like predators, and they look like a wolf with long, sharp claws, and fangs which grow and are enhanced once these werewolves are excited.

Because the Omegas are discarded in the Werewolves’ societies, they are always in search of a community and keep trying to be a part of a pack.

Steps To Purchase Werewolf NFT

The Werewolf NFTs are available on the Werewolf exchange, and anyone can purchase the most promising and one of the best NFT tokens on the market. However, the werewolf NFTs can be bought using the Werewolf (WWC) tokens Or WOLF Tokens (WOLF). The Werewolf Defi ecosystem has two different tokens apart from the three different types of non-fungible assets. Here’s how you can get the Werewolf tokens (WWC) necessary to purchase the Werewolf NFT.

Step 1: Purchase Werewolf Tokens (Wolf Tokens)

The first step to getting started with the Werewolf Defi exchange is to purchase the native WOLF tokens. To purchase the WOLF tokens, visit the Werewolf exchange. Once on the exchange app, you will have to connect your Metamask wallet to the Werewolf Defi interface. Remember, if you don’t have a Metamask wallet, please create one before visiting the Werewolf exchange platform. Because the Werewolf Defi is Ethereum based, you’ll have to deposit Eth coins to purchase the WOLF tokens to get started. Once you have successfully deposited ETH on the Werewolf exchange wallet by connecting to Metamask, you can select BUY Wolf Token. Once you’ve purchased the WOLF tokens, you’ll get a transaction confirmation, following which your WOLF tokens will be transferred to your wallet address.  

Step 2: Stake Tokens on the Dedicated Werewolf Pools

The Werewolf exchange platform yield farming protocol for staking which they call the Full Moon pools. Full Moon pools are exclusive staking pools and are hosted as an event from time to time that mimic lunar cycles on the Werewolf exchange staking platform. All WOLF token owners can participate in the pools and stake to earn rewards.

To stake in the Moon Pools, you’ll have to visit the Werewolf exchange.

Once on the exchange platform, select the Stake menu. You’ll be asked to enter the amount of WOLF tokens you want to stake in a pool. You can fill in the amount and wait for the transaction confirmation. Once confirmed, you can start staking WOLF tokens on the Moonpool of your choice.

Step 3: Getting Werewolf Tokens (WWC)

Once you have deposited Ethereum to purchase WOLF tokens by connecting your Metamask to the Werewolf exchange, you can participate in the native Werewolf moon pools. After staking in the moon pools on the Werewolf platform, you’ll be able to see your WWC tokens in the same pool. ON full moon, once the pool gets over, you can withdraw your WWC tokens. The WWC tokens have multiple utilities within the Werewolf ecosystem, including purchasing NFTs. They are also fully tradable. You can earn more WWC tokens if you invest early in the next moon pools.

Now that you have purchased the Werewolf Tokens (WWC) buying, Werewolf NFTs is easy.

You can visit the Werewolf platform and click on the NFT menu. From there, select Born/Start and then select the NFT type [Alpha/Beta/Omega Werewolf]. Once you’ve chosen the NFT type, you can lock it by pressing the Confirm button and proceed further.

Werewolf NFT Raffle – A Quick And Easy Way To Raise Funds!

Recently, Werewolf launched their NFT Raffle program. The main idea behind the NFT raffle program is to provide users with limited investment capacity the opportunity to own high-value assets like NFT. Because one cannot afford to buy a high value NFT, the Werewolf NFT Raffle program allows users to participate in pools by collectively financing. A smart contract’s pseudo-random algorithm selects the winners of the Werewolf’s NFT raffle program.

The raffle program also allows other NFTs to raise funds by listing themselves on the platform. “An NFT holder can go on the platform and create its own NFT Raffle Pool by entering required details about NFT like Token Contract Address, Token ID, NFT value, Raffle ticket price and Competition end date etc. At the time of creating the raffle pool, NFT will be transferred in the smart contract and staked until the raffle pool creator sets the end time,” the Werewolf team said in a recent announcement.


The Werewolf NFTs are exciting and unique. They can be bought using the WWC token, which you earn as you stake in their highly rewarding Moon pools. The more you stake and the earlier you do, the more WWC tokens you can earn on the platform. The Werewolf line of NFTs is highly intuitive, and you can even customize your “Werewolf Non-fungible Asset” by selecting a name of your choice. While the Alpha is the most powerful, don’t let the “power” factor keep you from exploring the Beta and Omega wolves. They have their magical powers. Stake more and gain more to claim more and more territory. Start staking today to get the WWC tokens and become a proud owner of your Alpha Werewolf with transformative powers!.

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