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Coming off the back of a phenomenal week in the crypto world. I wanted to spend some time discussing how to trade altcoinEOS and Tron, two of the biggest % gains of last week.


EOS is currently selling for $18.83, which puts the altcoin up 62% in the past 7 days. EOS is currently sitting at $15.5 Billion and number 5 in market capitalisation.

EOS has been ramping up since the second week of April, with EOSIO Dawn 3.0 launching and further preparations moving us towards EOSIO 1.0. Unlike last time, EOS looks to be maintaining its 5th place ranking over Litecoin (LTC). EOS currently has a market cap of $15.5 billion USD.

Monday last week EOS was added to the eToro trading platform. eToro has 9 million users, all of whom now have access to EOS.

EOS Project

EOS is the third coin that was developed by Mr Dan Larimer. He is responsible not only for the development of the Steem blockchain, but also Bitshares which can be described simply as a blockchain exchange.

Without question, the most important aspect of EOS is the fact that like Steem, Bitshares and Peerplays, it utilizes a technology known as graphene. Graphene is thirty magnitudes of ten, faster than Ethereum. This throughput allows for real-world scaling like we have not yet seen in terms of applicability.

EOS can be written in any programing language. This is unlike Ethereum which requires its own (and untested) language. EOS allows anyone to be able to innovate on the blockchain in a reasonable way, where they can use the resources they have already developed within themselves, as a means of achieving a world-changing altcoin. EOS is looking like the one coin that could rule them all.






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Tron is currently selling for $0.095379  which puts the coin up 76.91% in the past 7 days. As is currently sitting at $6.2 billion Market cap and number 9 in capitalisation.

TRON also referred to as TRX, received wide acceptance and recognition from investors from diverse backgrounds and industries. In fact, the cryptocurrency gained a great deal of popularity in 2017 and went on to grab the number one spot (in terms of trade volume, popularity and market size).

Investors who’ve been trading cryptocurrencies have already come to realise that the easiest route to creating a dynamic crypto investment portfolio is to trade altcoin that comes with distinct features. According to the cryptocurrency experts at Platinum Crypto Academy, UK the smaller virtual coins are providing investors with immense scope for making money.

Thus, those looking to purchase TRON can do so via Binance. The exchange offers a quick and effective exchange of a number of cryptocurrencies.


TRX is essentially a digital currency that’s been specifically created to allow users to publish, own, as well as store entertainment-related data in an autonomous and decentralized format. Additionally, the owners of the content take decisions with regards to the subscription, distribution as well as pushing of the entertainment content.  With an existing cryptocurrency market capitalization of around ten billion dollars and a volume of nearly 700 million dollars created on a daily basis, the virtual coin has already captured the number one position only 4 months after its creation.


One of the biggest reasons why more and more investors are turning to TRON is owing to the market it targets i.e. the entertainment sector.  The entertainment segment has an online capitalization of more than one trillion dollars. Having decentralized the entertainment industry, TRON has enabled the artists as well as the owners of entertainment content to breathe easy and avoid being suppressed by wealthy promoters and distributors. TRON allows artists and content creators to exercise complete control over their entertainment content.

TRON was created by Justin Sun who is also the CEO of Peiwon App. As an expert in blockchain technology and after having worked for Ripple in China, Sun has played a pivotal role in enhancing TRON’s compatibility with Peiwo, which is basically an audio application that is followed by over ten million people/subscribers around the globe.


As you have read, these two coins have performed superbly for our members and subscribers over the past week.

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