How to trade cryptocurrency is a question many people are asking today with the global digital currency market stood at 754.0 million USD in 2019 and is likely to surpass 1,758.0 million USD by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.2 percent. The increased popularity of crypto assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, among other cryptocurrencies, are the primary reasons behind the growth of the crypto market.

Also, digital currencies are used in integration with blockchain technology for attaining decentralization, as well as efficient transactions. It is because Blockchain, as a technology, offers fast, decentralized, secure, reliable, and transparent transactions. These benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have encouraged organizations like QoinIQ to deliver quality, innovative, and feature-rich cryptocurrency trading platforms. Thus, if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency investing, and would want to find out how to trade cryptocurrency, then read on to discover more about the QoinIQ platform.


If you have just entered the crypto market and would want to maximize your gains through crypto trading, then one of the first things you need to do is search for a reputed cryptocurrency exchange. Although there are plenty of crypto exchanges out there in the marketplace, you should pick one that is available in the area or country where you reside. Next, and one of the most important steps is to choose a reputed crypto exchange, which is both secure and easy to access. Next, look for an exchange that offers reasonable exchange rates and spreads.

Once you’ve found a cryptocurrency exchange that meets the above requirements, you need to set up your account by signing up with the exchange. Start by creating your account i.e. an individual account and agree with their terms of service to confirm your account. It is equally important to opt for phone verification and add a method of payment as it helps to ensure the safety of your account. Once your identity has been verified, you can embark on your trading journey to earn profits. However, don’t forget to safeguard your cryptocurrencies, or else you will soon find your account being emptied by hackers. The ideal way to ensure the safety of your account is to set up a digital wallet. This wallet maintains your public address and a private key that further helps you to store, send, as well as receive digital currencies. Depending upon your requirement, you can either opt for a hot or cold storage wallet. Almost every exchange today provides its users with an easy and simple to use trading interface. However, they charge you with trading commissions and withdrawal fee, based on your transaction.


In case you are new to QoinIQ and don’t know how to use their multi-exchange, decentralized, and highly sophisticated crypto investing and trading platform QoinSuit, then continue reading further. If you are wondering how to trade cryptocurrency on the QoinSuit platform, then one of the first things you should know is that at the core of QoinSuit are several features that make it unique and powerful.


Decentralized order management

Unlike the traditional asset management platforms, QoinSuit allows traders to operate autonomously by simply managing all the orders that differ from those being provided by any crypto exchange, thereby setting the highest standards of IT and security excellence. As far as QoinSuit is concerned, order management resides within its secure servers, and hence traders can trade both safely and freely.

Multi-book Trading

With the Multi-book trading feature, traders get to pick the data they want to display and the vehicles they would like to negotiate. As a result, traders can benefit from the mispricing within the same cryptocurrency on different exchanges. Traders can also control and manage their orders concerning spot cryptocurrency, options, and futures simultaneously.

High-frequency Trading

Traders often search for high-frequency cryptocurrency investing and trading opportunities. With QoinSuits’ scalper book, a tool that would be introduced for traders and investors that offers high operational capacities, QoinIQ makes high-frequency crypto trading smooth and quick. The company plans to design APIs that will support simplified interfacing with 3rd party programs, which, in turn, will facilitate high-frequency trading.

Margin Trading

Today, only a few of the exchanges available on the market provide traders with short selling opportunities. However, with QoinSuit, traders can try margin trading to manage their short-selling activities if their preferred exchange supports it.

Simultaneous Market Overview

Still not sure how to trade cryptocurrency on the QoinSuit platform? Well, with QoinSuit’s simultaneous market overview feature, traders can trade their preferred cryptos with minimal effort. This feature lets you switch from a screen to another or open multiple windows as and when required, all within one display. Thus, traders can operate in different crypto exchanges simultaneously, using the latest and innovative horizontal book. Additionally, they also get completely personalized overviews of the cryptos available in all the crypto exchanges

Extended conditional orders

With this feature, QoinSuit helps to resolve your queries regarding how to trade cryptocurrency on the QoinSuit platform to a large extent. Traders can use this highly innovative feature to manage their orders by introducing distinctive conditions, either for the complete trade, or for partial trade orders. It helps even the novice crypto enthusiasts trade like professionals and works as an instrument capable of protecting their positions. In other words, you can also use the extended conditional orders feature to design, as well as implement different trading strategies for maximizing your profit potential.

Price comparison in Real-Time

Whether you are new to cryptocurrency investing or even if you are a professional, the one thing that is true for every trader is the timing of their orders. Yes, choosing the ideal moment for placing an order makes a huge difference. Using QoinSuit’s market scan tool, traders can analyze, as well as monitor trends and compare prices for their preferred cryptocurrencies in real-time. It implies that traders can trade where the prices are more attractive and exploit opportunities for arbitrage between different exchanges.


One of the best aspects of the QoinSuit platform is its multi-exchange feature. Other multi-exchanges fail to offer short sale opportunities, even when a trader’s preferred crypto exchange provides it. As a result, traders fail to take advantage of margin trading. However, that is not the case with the QoinSuit platform. Using the QoinSuit system, traders can leverage margin trading on their chosen crypto exchange.

In a nutshell, QoinSuit provides an unmatched suite of tools and features to all traders and investors by bringing the best crypto exchanges on one platform and making them available in one global trading ecosystem. With the QoinSuit platform, traders enjoy the highest execution efficiency and decentralized order management. Thus, if you are still wondering how to trade cryptocurrency on the QoinSuit platform, then you must know that the QoinSuit system facilitates crypto trading among different market participants. But, it does not allow you to deposit or transfer cryptocurrencies, fiat currency, or other types of financial assets through their own platform.


The QoinSuit crypto trading platform targets financial actors who understand crypto trading and are looking to broaden their offerings with digital currencies as the means for storing, negotiating, and transferring value. Thus, the target customers for QoinIQ’s advanced QoinSuit trading platform include private banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerage firms, asset management firms, family offices, individuals, and companies that hold their own portfolio of cryptocurrencies. To facilitate these financial actors, QoinIQ offers its utility tokens, which further allows them to access the QoinSuit platform & services by purchasing them via the TGE or the Token Generating Event. QoinIQ will mint as many as 100 million tokens, 60% of which, with a value of CHF 15million, will be sold during the event.

Furthermore, traders and investors can use the QoinIQ token to access the QoinSuit platform & services. Thus, users will be able to use the tokens for accessing different levels of the platform, wherein every level will provide access to chosen exchanges, varying in terms of the user membership level.

Additionally, QoinIQ tokens can also be used for accessing QoinSuit’s training version and participating in personalized training. Depending upon the subscription level, the requirements of different users will be met with layered periods and services. Aside from this, a host of packages with different rebate levels will be offered to users on their chosen subscription level, as well as periods. Also, those with long periods of subscription will enjoy high fee discounts.


As already mentioned above, the cryptocurrency market is fast emerging and growing with every passing year. In fact, the world is gradually embracing a unique ecosystem where high-end financial services are being accessed by one and all. That triggered QoinIQ to launch the innovative and advanced QoinSuit platform that facilitates cryptocurrency investing. The all-new-crypto management platform allows traders, investors, and other financial actors to benefit from the opportunities being offering by the new crypto economy.

So, if you intend to take advantage of the QoinSuit platform and find out more about how to trade cryptocurrency using QoinSuit then don’t look any further. QoinSuit will not only provide you with multi-exchange and decentralized order management capabilities, but also give access to numerous tools, such as the horizontal book, portfolio window, orders window, and watchlist, and more for profitable trading. Users can also access the platform and its unique functionalities to track the trends of each and every currency, and quickly dispatch their market orders. Additionally, they can continuously monitor their current order position size with the help of the portfolio window feature.

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