It further eliminates the need for a centralised financial model as investors can use various financial services regardless of their location. Through internet connectivity, they get access to distributed databases at several locations and can lend, borrow, trade, or invest.

With the evolution of technology at a rapid pace, investors across the globe are seeing DeFi as one of the most promising ways of multiplying their money. It has witnessed a whopping deposit of $160 billion in just one year. More than 2 trillion capitalisations in DeFi indicate that the cryptocurrency market is here to stay.

The increased number of investors is directly proportionate to the increase in the number of platforms supporting DeFi investments and growth. Yield farming has helped most investors to maximise their profits, minimise their risk and save a lot of time required in transactions. 

Problems with Best Liquidity Determination!

Before we venture into liquidity determination, let us understand what liquidity is. It refers to the ease with which an investor can trade one cryptocurrency for another on a cryptocurrency exchange. In other words, the liquidity of a token refers to the number of tokens locked in a pool. If in any particular pool, the liquidity or number of tokens is less, then it will be difficult for the investor to sell the tokens as per their wish.

In yield farming, a user is supposed to invest in a pair of tokens such as ETH and USDT in a particular pool. In return for their investments, they have rewarded an LP or liquidity provider token as proof of their investment in the pool. Now the investor is entitled to share profits proportional to their investments from the pool.

They can either earn profits by converting their LP token into the base token and reinvesting in the pool or by reinvesting the profits earned in the pool to compound the interest also known as APY (Annual Percentage Yield). 

  1. Impermanent Loss: One of the problems in liquidity determination is impermanent loss. It is the loss that the liquidity provider may have to incur if the value of the token they have invested in the liquidity pool reduces. The loss is temporary as an investment can be recovered when the pool rebalances. If an investor withdraws at the time of reduced price, this loss can also become permanent. Investors do not face this loss of value in their investments if the tokens are stored in their wallets only. 
  2. Placement of liquidity: Another very big challenge faced by liquidity providers is to analyse the profits offered by various pools and place their investments in a pool offering the highest APY. Since the number of liquidity pools is high, manually analysing the performance of each pool and then shifting the investments is confusing as well as time-consuming. At times, you may miss the right chance and your investments continue to stay in an inefficient pool. Since protocols pay you every minute, every hour, daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually, keeping a track of returns and manual investment is an open invitation to mistakes.

Unlike other yield generators where you need to follow multiple steps (more than 10) and a fair number of technical skills to make investments, has made your work very simple and convenient. It is a simple three-step process to kickstart your DeFi journey.

  1. The first step is to choose the Autostrat pool of tokens you trust or the tokens already present in your wallet.
  2. In step 2, you just have to deposit the tokens and will take over from here. Its automated system will find the best DeFi protocol for your deposit and you will start earning maximum profits with minimum risk. 
  3. In step 3, you can keep track of your investments using beautiful analytics designed by You can use it to keep a track of your portfolio growth, redeem your deposits or redeem your investments. 

Sustainability of the Product!

The best way to judge the sustainability of any product is by backtesting it against actual data rather than depending only on forecasts and anticipations. Backtesting of gave a fair assessment of its strategy and work model. are back-tested against data retrieved from Beefy Finance API, a giant yield aggregator in the market. 

The top 3 standards on which strategies were tested against conventional stakes and hold strategies are:

  1. Changes in APY across various pools
  2. Balance in deposits of users due to market volatility
  3. Profits earned by liquidity providers

Backtesting also included analysis of APY and profits offered by other yield aggregators such as Sushiswap, Pancake, and Curve on DeFi and compared it with APY and profits produced by UNO farms. gave out a spectacular result by outperforming its competitors by a difference of 55% in terms of APY and profits. In some funds, there was also a whopping difference of 143% and 202%.   

The back-testing analysis also showed how quickly responded to market volatility and delivered the highest APY to its liquidity providers. 

It can be seen that is a sustainable product that has outperformed conventional stakes, hold strategies, and other yield aggregators in the market. 

White label solution! is a white-label solution to all liquidity determination problems in DeFi. 

Market Volatility Problems:

  • It can protect the investor by minimising the risk in an otherwise volatile market. 
  • They run a pre-audit of every yield source before making it available for the liquidity provider. You can completely trust the yield source suggested by as it is audited and verified by a team of experts. 
  • It offers an anti-rug pull system as a front-running solution to its users.
  • have moved one step ahead of their competitors by offering an insurance fund to cover every potential loss in yield farming.
  • It also provides you with an inheritance mechanism to ensure you always have access to funds. In case you lose your key to your funds, the inheritance mechanism can come in handy for you. 
  • not only audits outside yield sources, but it also has strict audit policies for its codes and smart contracts created with the liquidity providers.   

Technical Problems:

  • brings all the yield sources under one tool.
  • It has simplified the entire method of liquidity depositing, yield farming, and liquidity mining into three steps. With a few clicks on your computer, you can easily harness these complicated processes. 
  • Liquidity depositors will not have to waste time, money, and energy in a manual search for the best yield in the market. runs on multiple blockchains and has automated processes to determine the best yield for the user. It prevents a lot of confusion and user deposits are not left unattended in inefficient pools with low APY.
  • Detailed analysis of every transaction helps the user to keep track of their investments and growth. They are spared from the tedious job of manual tracking and make investment decisions without any confusion. 

Conclusion is all set to organise investment in DeFi, add to the clarity and authenticity of the process, declutter confusion from the user’s end, simplify the process and help them earn maximum profit.

Now, users don’t need to analyse or track various pools manually to make investment decisions. The automated process of finds the best yield source with the highest APY and reinvest the liquid fund of the user in that to maximise the growth and profit and minimise the risk.  

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