Post-Pandemic with governments around the globe, shutting down colleges, schools, and business operations as part of the lockdown measure seems only too close again with 2nd wave talks and more localized lockdowns, to contain the coronavirus, nearly every sector has been severely impacted. Like every other field, the education segment was also affected due to the lockdown and during the post-pandemic period. With vaccines still far away and no immediate option available to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, universities, colleges, and schools will have to bear both short-term and long-term consequences.

There is no denying the fact that the coronavirus-led pandemic has disrupted the education sector, which is one of the determinants of the global economic future. The concern, however, is that how will the novel coronavirus affect the rate of employment across the globe. In India, recent graduates are fearing that they will have to deal with the withdrawal of employment offers from companies, in the post-pandemic environment. A survey by ‘The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy’ revealed that the unemployment rate spiked from 8.4% in the mid of March to 23% in April. The report also found that the unemployment rate in urban areas went higher to 30.9%.

Thus, while many graduates had their work offer withdrawal, others had their deferred or delayed. In other words, the pandemic has negatively impacted both the education sector, as well as employment rates in the country, leaving policymakers with little choice but to look for other ways to drive learning & education in the post-pandemic era.


As far as blockchain is concerned, technology has immense capabilities to transform the education sector. There are several applications for blockchain-driven ledger technologies that can benefit the education segment post-pandemic. Below, find more details on the same.

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  1. Student records: When it comes to preparing academic transcripts, the entire task can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Before issuing the certified or the verified transcript, consisting of the grades a student has acquired, every entry needs to be manually verified to ensure complete accuracy. Apart from this, the certification of the course contents is another type of record required by the students. In the case of K-12 education, a student may need to verify the content of the course, which can be a cumbersome task for schools and universities as they need to stamp and sign every page before producing the transcript. However, if all this information gets stored on the blockchain, then in just a couple of clicks, one can acquire a verified and complete record of the course content as well as academic achievements.
  2. Certificates and Diplomas: Just like in the case of grades, the diplomas, as well as the credentials of a student, can also be issued as well as stored on the blockchain. Instead of requesting the university providing the diploma certificate to certify the paper copy, a link containing the digital diploma could be provided to the employers. This concept has already been tried and tested at MIT, which started issuing digital, blockchain-based Diplomas in 2017. It not only prevents students from submitting wrong or fake degrees to their employers but also simplifies the entire process. This also cuts ongoing costs fro employers to agents to try to validate claims of certification as it is well known many people CV’s may not be as accurate as they claim.
  3. Storage of Files: In case educational institutions are looking to store the digital curriculum, degrees, records, and other crucial information, that may take up a great deal of storage space. Saving all these documents on the hard drives highlights the issue of the centralization of the files. In case these hard drives get damaged or even compromised, it can cause a huge problem. While cloud storage solutions are an excellent option, not every institution can buy the entire storage space required. This is where blockchain-driven cloud storage solutions like Filecoin can come to their rescue.
  4. Courses and Lessons: Blockchain is capable of offering smart contracts. This implies that the courses and lessons can be easily programmed within the blockchain system and automatically executed when a couple of conditions are duly met. For instance, a teacher may set up student tasks. With the completion of every task, it could get verified automatically using the smart contracts on the blockchain. Upon completing all the tasks, teachers can be paid in the form of crypto tokens, whereas students can be provided with credits.
  5. Publishing: Graduate and undergraduate students, professors, teachers, and even researchers generate high-quality reading material consistently. However, they face difficulties when it comes to getting their work published. However, publishing on the blockchain can help emerging writers, students, researchers, and others to find a way forward. Blockchain can also help in matters related to rights management as well as safeguard against piracy.
  6. Low-cost: Many labor-intensive and time-consuming processes can be easily automated using blockchain. Hence, this will result in reduced expenses for the institution, and in turn, translate into more savings for the students. This result is especially true for students who end up spending several years paying off their loans. Universities and schools can also minimize costs about storage space, as well as cut out the middlemen in several of their activities.
  7. Rewards: All the nodes on the computer, used for verifying the information on the blockchain, get rewarded through digital or crypto tokens, such as ether or bitcoin. This process is also known as crypto mining. People who make use of computers for verifying education-based blockchain will also get tokens as their reward. These digital tokens can later be used for trading on exchanges like Kraken in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat currencies. Alternatively, one can also use the digital tokens for paying for the goods & services taken from educational institutions, which means the universities and schools can accept digital tokens in the form of payments in bookstores, cafeterias, and tuition, etc.

Given the many benefits of blockchain within the education sector, there is no arguing the fact that educational institutions can rely on a blockchain system, in the post-pandemic period, to implement record-keeping as well as for issuing credentials.


Given the current situation, and now that we are gradually entering into the post-pandemic era, it has become crucial for educational institutions to embrace the concept of decentralization. This is where Switzerland-based- ATROMG8 comes into the picture.

Its absolutely crucial for pupils to have a safe and trusted environment, to be able to share time and work together on different tools like an online school system or a special digital workspace becomes almost a necessity to ensure students of all ages are able to continue their much-needed education whatever the academic level. Also in regards to the millions of people who are teaching their Kids at home due to the pandemic, the Atrom8 ecosystem would enable the connection to the blockchain for official tests and thus achieve a secure and official accreditation without the social risk or possible impact that could have on personal health and wellbeing.

ATROMG8 is a multi-blockchain system powered by MixNet 5.0 Superstructure. It is a highly secure and fast ecosystem that supports coworking, conversations, PSP transactions, Diploma on Blockchain, data exchange as well as social media. ATROMG8 ensures complete privacy and security to its users by offering end-to-end communication protection. ATROMG8 has taken advantage of blockchain technology for developing a highly decentralized ledger system that networks can easily access or use to build their digital tokens, as well as connect with other projects within the ecosystem.

ATROMG8 has designed a unique blockchain-enabled IDSP-based application to balance the educational system for people in all parts of the world, irrespective of race, gender, origin, financial resources, and religion.

The IDSP (International Digital Students Pass) application offers an innovative digital ecosystem, designed to support all the participants in the ecosystem. It simplifies the procedures that form a part of their academic structures. This entails a list of services such as distribution and confirmation of certificates as well as assorted forms, provision for financial support, and accommodation for students who seek the same. Based on the concept of decentralization, the product ensures self-sufficiency through trusted data management and security, via the IDSP digital platform. Thus, IDSP has managed to create space for thousands of students as well as other individuals engaged within the educational systems across the globe. It does this by providing them with a secure harbor for dispersing their everyday needs related to digital transformation.

With the introduction of IDSP, ATROMG8 plans to promote innovation and leadership via education, community, research, as well as technology services with governments around the globe, shutting down colleges, schools, and business operations as part of the lockdown measure, and to contain the coronavirus, nearly every sector has been severely impacted. Like every other field, the education segment was also affected due to the lockdown and during the post-pandemic period. With vaccines still far away and no immediate option available to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, universities, colleges, and schools will have to bear both short-term and long-term consequences.

At present, this application is helping European and Italian students, as well as faculty members in fulfilling their educational and professional goals. ATROMG8 is hoping that its IDSP application will positively impact the countries and the institutions by offering support for their training as well as other procedures required for meeting the global standards. This project will get implemented in three different phases. In the first phase, ATROMG8 has already signed up (in Jan 2020) with several Italian research companies, and the trial will begin at the Institute of Polytechnic of Applied Arts and the company, PoliArte of Ancona to build as well as test the capabilities of the IDSP ecosystem. ATROMG8 will also support the university with its online blockchain certification. In addition to this AtromG8 is also in preparation for programs in India and Brazil will be further updates are expected in the coming months on these developments.

As already mentioned above, IDSP is designed on the 5.0 MixNet Superstructure, which is a subset of Accubits Technologies, a leading company in the area of AI and Blockchain. Apart from this, many discussions are also being carried out with other European Union nations, Brazil, India as well as the other LATAM States.

Once the clearance is in place, the teams will begin enrolling IDSP at different Italian universities, and other participating countries in Europe. In its 2nd phase, these institutions, as well as ATROMG8, will together create an ecosystem for disseminating specific digital tokens for every university that meets their faculty requirements in exchange for information as well as digital data in a highly secure and effective manner.


Insurance policies are a relatively new phenomenon in the digital asset markets. It was only recently that some exchanges have started to provide fund insurance to add an additional layer of security for their customers’ holdings. But what about insurance in the booming Defi market? We will be releasing a further article on exactly how this will impact the student area as well as how the Atromg8 ecosystem will be able to provide this layer of protection for Students and beyond.


ATROMG8 has adopted a systematic approach as well as the course of action towards designing an educational system, which is both flexible and resourceful, in the student and faculty’s interest. The project, featuring some of the best ideas, will ensure the development of an efficient and secure education ecosystem in the post-pandemic era.

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