What are the problems with copy-trading?

When it comes to investing, many different strategies can be employed. Many prefer to select each stock carefully, taking a hands-on investment approach. In addition, some prefer more passive strategies, such as investing in index funds or consulting a financial advisor. Another option is copy trading, which allows investors to automatically copy the trades of other successful traders. By copy trading, investors can replicate the trading activities of experienced traders. 

How does ICONOMI solve copy-trading problems?

ICONOMI recognised these issues and developed a copy trading platform that is very popular today. ICONOMI connects over 100k cryptocurrency enthusiasts with top strategists who adjust their trading strategies to changing markets, allowing you to sit back and watch your money grow. Traders can choose from 300+ public crypto trading strategies, click copy, and your funds will be automatically mirrored. The ICONOMI platform provides a list of top traders’ recent profits and experiences so that the user can determine which copy trader to copy. 

With ICONOMI, you can access markets you may have little knowledge of, even if you are an experienced trader. By taking advantage of the expertise and knowledge of someone with more market experience than you, you can achieve greater success. Nevertheless, successful traders can’t always make you money, but ICONOMI copy trading puts you in control. If you decide that copying someone no longer benefits you, you can stop copying the trading Strategy. 

Who can use the ICONOMI copy trading platform?

The ICONOMI copy trading system has gained great popularity among investors worldwide, primarily because many of its adopters have had tremendous success. They could enhance their trading abilities and profitability without exerting any effort. The ICONOMI copy trading solution is designed to be used by experienced and novice traders. In addition, busy traders can take advantage of the platform’s full array of features for maximum efficiency.

Traders who are new to the market. People who wish to earn a living with the minimum amount of work and effort can benefit from ICONOMI copy trading. With the ICONOMI platform, they are not required to know how to analyse the markets or interpret trading signals and indicators. As a novice, you may be able to take advantage of other investors’ skills to enhance your success rates. Additionally, ICONOMI provides pound-cost averaging tools and the ability to copy trades. Thus, their portfolio will be less susceptible to volatility, and their long-term returns will be enhanced. 

Professional traders with extensive experience. A skilled trader is one who attends seminars, compiles strategies, follows all market trends, and pays expert trading fees. Experienced traders can use the ICONOMI platform to teach beginners how to copy their trading strategies. Thus, they will be able to assist them in potentially earning a good profit while enjoying regular commissions. Additionally, they can use copy trading to learn new trading strategies and increase their success in the online trading market.

How does ICONOMI contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrencies?  

ICONOMI’s copy trading platform enables users, from beginners to blockchain experts, to securely manage their crypto portfolio. ICONOMI copy trading facilitates the entry of novice traders into the cryptocurrency market, accelerating cryptocurrency adoption. The volatility of cryptocurrencies, the complexity of market analysis, and the amount of time required to learn trading make it challenging for many novice traders. ICONOMI copy trading allows novice traders to follow experienced traders’ trades without having any prior expertise or knowledge of the market. 

The ICONOMI copy trading platform enables users to build trust in cryptocurrencies. Because of many fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency market, many traders cannot trust trading platforms and cryptocurrencies. ICONOMI helps build credibility and trust in the cryptocurrency trading industry by connecting beginners with over 2000 skilled traders in a fully regulated environment, providing users access to successful traders’ trading strategies and performance data over time. 


ICONOMI offers a broad range of unique and user-friendly features that simplify the process of cryptocurrency trading for both novice and experienced traders. With the AutoInvest feature, traders can seamlessly build a diversified portfolio over time without requiring manual intervention. The platform’s copy trading feature helps novice traders to profit from crypto trading effortlessly, while experienced traders can optimise their Strategy. Overall, ICONOMI’s mission is to simplify the world of crypto trading and make it reliable for everyone. So why not start now? Get started with ICONOMI today and maximise your crypto gains!

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