What is the Candao Social Media Launchpad?

Candao’s multi-blockchain social media platform lets crypto enthusiasts network with other crypto enthusiasts. Powered by a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, it issues a native crypto asset CDO. The system is decentralised, so members’ opinions and contributions matter and are taken into account, no matter how small or large they are. The goal of Candao is to create a new global economy and society by anchoring the advancements of modern technology. Candao’s users can take advantage of the following features:

What are the obstacles that crypto startups face?

Nowadays, startups face a wide range of challenges. Without a solution, great and impactful projects will be robbed to the world. It has been observed that numerous initiatives failed after their inception, due to a lack of long-term commitment. For general startups, the biggest challenge is raising funds for their ideas, since money is their lifeblood. Furthermore, some analysts believe nearly 90% of the projects offered for sale on this market were scams. Below are a few of the biggest challenges new crypto startups face:

Problems with funding

Crypto companies’ reputation with customers is a bit sketchy due to the inherent volatility in cryptocurrencies and the high-profile scams that occur. The vast majority of cryptocurrency startups do not manage to secure funding. Every client is looking for a firm with a reputation for being credible. The community lacks a system to provide funds to individuals based on their skills.

Insufficient opportunity to share creative ideas

In the world, there are several social media networks. However, there is no special community for crypto investors to share their thoughts. Therefore, individuals can never get the chance to share their innovative ideas. This is another major obstacle for startups.

Customer-specific networks are not available

People work in business environments for various reasons, such as employees, investors, clients, and creators, among others. You can find subgroups of these organisations on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many people working for a single company are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of advertisements broadcasted while performing multiple tasks simultaneously. As a result, they experience real difficulties.

Having a complex onboarding ecosystem

New users require extensive technical support, moral support, third-party extensions, and third-party software in the current onboarding system. Furthermore, new users who are unsure how to manage their crypto assets may find it difficult to track and manage them.

No privacy or security

Social media users are increasingly concerned about their privacy due to data breaches and misuse of their data. Social media monopolies share user data with advertiser companies for economic gain. The company tracks and saves all user behaviour to improve the user experience.

Inequitable Distribution of Income

The distribution of all profits on most crypto platforms is unfaithful. Much bigger fish are getting a lot of profits, but small investors earn nothing.

Startups are hard to market

Candao’s solution to problems

Candao's solution to problems - Infographic

Candao eliminates the basic obstacles that keep individuals from seeing their ideas through to completion. This annoying noise will be reduced by connecting a business to its associated partners through blockchain technology. In addition, it will reduce acquisition costs for businesses and create a synergy effect for all participants. The following are some of the solutions offered by Candao to these problems:

Establishment of the DAO

With the aid of a decentralised organisation, Candao establishes long-term visions for business and private investment developments. Decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) operate according to rules defined by smart contracts.


Candao proposes using tokens instead of capital. Those who trust a project are more likely to take tokens in exchange for their time. Project costs will be significantly reduced by taking even a small portion of their fee in tokens. The public should realise that tokenisation can greatly enhance the remuneration of excellent projects.

A team of experts is available to assist

Finding a trustworthy crypto expert on other social media platforms was very difficult. Candao, however, solves this problem by creating a smart community. Candao has a dedicated social media network where investors can contact experts.

Global DEX for assets

How individuals & businesses can benefit from Candao

Candao is a comprehensive over-layer service that facilitates social cryptocurrency exchanges. Candao connects every layer, chain, and decentralised application through its network. With Candao, you can connect different crypto communities through a multichain platform with an overlaying set of tools and solutions. Individuals and businesses can gain from Candao in several ways, outlined below:


Candao has introduced a host of tools and solutions to enable users to connect and share value within the ecosystem and pivot their activities within it. Members of the DAO can also use these tools to unlock the superpowers that they can all use and benefit from. Candao has built decentralised applications (dApps) for the ecosystem around three fundamental values. Consensus, engagement, and gamification comprise these three pillars. All dApps allow users to create value for themselves.

Candao’s Matchify dApp provides users with a wide range of recommendations based on their on-chain and off-chain activity. In addition, this app provides investors with similar portfolios, feeds that may interest them, investment strategies, advisors, and other investment opportunities. The feeds will be matched to what might be expected by a potential user. Using The Candypad, users can access new projects and their tokens on a trustless, allocation-free, progressive, scalable platform. Several other dApps are also available, including Candyshop, CandID, CandyGroup, Candy Chain, Metascan, and Bon Bon (BB).

Decentralised Governance

In Candao, members’ opinions matter, and their contributions matter, no matter how small, to foster community growth. This contrasts sharply with the mode of government in centralised systems. Through the project, a platform for social media will exist without central control. A native token CDO will power the governance model. By giving holders voting rights, it allows them to participate in key decisions affecting the DAO.

An equitable revenue distribution

The Candao platform offers a solution to the problem of fair revenue distribution within the platform. The company built a Candypad app that helps companies distribute profits. In Candypad, users can vote on whether funds should be released to fundraisers based on pre-agreed key performance indicators. Candao is making an excellent move to strengthen its community.

It is possible to create tokens for users

The Candao platform allows users to create their own tokens. Participating in the community allows the user to maximise their potential and create tokens. Candao makes its users feel in control of how much data they generate by making their money appear as data. In the Candao ecosystem, trust and goodwill serve as the basis for money. Token creation allows users to earn money from the project by creating more tokens.

Social Network for Dedicated Users

Candao provides investors with a decentralised social media platform without a central server. The entire network itself will be responsible for managing the social network using blockchain technology. The content on decentralised social media platforms cannot be controlled by Facebook, YouTube, or any other single entity.   

Candao Social Network Launchpad enables startup founders to connect and utilise their tokens. It also allows them to grow their communities and raise funding. With Candao, anyone can present their business concept, build a community around it, use different marketing tools, implement their solution in the real world, and monitor their impact in real-time.

Protected Network

Is it Worth Investing in Candao?

The main goal of Candao is to inspire, engage, and build values while working towards similar social and business goals. By joining Candao, you can connect with individuals who have similar business interests. It allows you to team up with the appropriate teams related to your project. The Candao Matchify app makes it possible to receive a wide range of recommendations. Getting recommendations on user-based activity ensures that you will most likely interact with business-minded users. Further, dApps can be used to get the most out of the platform.  The company plans to launch social platforms and list $CDO on UniSwap.


Candao’s vision is to give people complete control over their wallets, rather than allowing that authority to be held by any organisation. In Candao’s view, passive income creates wealth, and all assets present are converted into passive income streams. It is impossible to find a better work environment where people share the same ideas, mindsets, and social interests, and are passionate about the same business issues. The company’s mission involves using cutting-edge digitalisation practices to create fair and transparent economic and social structures. You should join Candao to see a new advancement that will benefit our society. Investing in Candao is a good way to maximize the return on your investment. Don’t wait any longer! Claim 25 $CDO today!

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