What are the common health hazards of Fluid Chemicals?

About 350 million tons of toxic and harmful chemicals are produced each year across the European Union. That is a staggering number. Although they are treated before disposal, many of these substances are still classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, as well as chronically toxic or highly flammable and explosive. Suitable environmental and health-friendly substitutions for these professional cleaning chemicals have so far been lacking.

Health effects depend on the amount of exposure (concentration and duration) and the type of hazardous substance. A hazardous substance can be inhaled, splashed onto the skin or eyes, or swallowed. Some of the possible health effects can include: 

●        Blood poisoning

●        Vomiting and uneasiness

●        Headache

●        Skin rashes and sensitivity

●        Chemical burns

●        Birth defects

●        Disorders of the lung, kidney, or liver

●        Nervous system disorders

What are Intelligent Fluids?

There are various health risks and high potential damage to the environment, which derive from common industrial solvent usage in the cleaning processes. Legal regulation and complicated disposal or reprocessing of contaminated liquids are negative factors on the company’s balance sheet.

A huge global market of more than €50bn of toxic chemicals is waiting to be challenged and replaced. This can be done through Intelligent Fluids.

German DeepTech company Intelligent fluids are designing and producing sustainable, high-performance cleaning fluids that have the potential to replace aggressive solvents and harmful/toxic cleaning chemicals in industrial applications worldwide. These are known as Smartchem (SMAC). They mark the beginning of a new era of professional cleaning for industrial applications, linking the highest performance with sustainability and marking the beginning of a post-solvent era.

The technology of Intelligent Fluids combines gentle ingredients with tailor-made phase fluids that can penetrate and fragment organic layers and remove organic contaminants effectively and gently, by molecular teamwork like a micro-earthquake.

Intelligent Fluids eco-friendly cleaning products can have a big impact on the environmental footprint. Smartchem (SMAC) is the token of the Intelligent Fluids company. This utility token aims at creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable world for its partners and communities.

Intelligent Fluids aim for the Smartchem Platform to enable Industrial Cleaning Buyers to change beneficially from aggressive solvents to Green Chemistry and enter into an agreement. The SMAC token is based on the ERC20 standard token and the platform uses smart contracts and offers tokenised reward vouchers to execute and manage all transactions. This platform exudes all the features of the Ethereum blockchain to store this information in an immutable, transparent, and secure way so that the authenticity of all contracts can always be validated independently of Smartchem.

How do Intelligent Fluids solve these common problems?

Smartchem by Intelligent Fluids are free of harmful or toxic substances and are therefore safe for users, the environment, equipment, and substrates. The cleaning effect of these smart chemicals is based on a physical function instead of a chemical function, making use of the natural trend, the greatest possible distribution of molecules (“entropy“) and the urge for fast conglomeration (“Ostwald ripening“). As a consequence, an amazing constant molecular teamwork and interaction between hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics takes place (so-called “micro-earthquake effect”, “bottled ultrasonic”). The highly dynamic fluid is heavily water-based, biodegradable, dermatologically approved, non-inflammable, pH neutral, thermodynamically stable, and can easily be removed by rinsing with either water or alcohol. Instead of aggressive chemical dissolving, it gently and physically detaches unwanted remains (particularly organic layers on inorganic substrates). Both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties of the fluid make it unique and open up a wide field of major applications in decorating, such as:

●       Cleaning of dirt/residues/stains: removal of resists from equipment, areas, machine parts, tanks, vessels

●       Degreasing of oils/fats/greases: removal of oily/fatty layers to prepare substrates for further manufacturing steps

●       Stripping of varnishes/lacquers/colours/paints/inks: removal of photoresists and metal layers from wafers and photomasks, especially in the back-end-of-line (BEoL) in combination with copper-substrates or other metallisation’s (i.e. FEOL, BEOL, BE) in microelectronic and electronic applications, removal of colour residues in industries, graffiti removal in facility cleaning, etc.

●       Removal of adhesives/glues/resins: removal of adhesive residues from varying substrates (i.e. flat panel display, temporary bonding), other adhesive challenges.

Powerful Intelligent Fluids hold significant advantages as compared to fluid chemicals. Their cleaning technique is not only innovative but highly effective, and is also able to reduce process costs at the same time. Furthermore, they are environment and user-friendly.

●       Sustainable: With the wave of sustainable development going around the world, more and more consumers are making informed, sustainable choices. Brands have started manufacturing products that are environmentally and user-friendly. When it comes to Intelligent Fluids, the sustainability trend is more than just using eco-friendly products. It’s about being easy for the user too, and Intelligent Fluids cater to that.

●       Reduction of Investments and Runtimes: Introduction of simpler and reasonable systems without expensive fluorocarbon lining and explosion prevention can reduce the overall investment.

●       Time Savings, Reduction of Energy Costs: Process steps, as well as costs for cleaning and decorating, can be reduced significantly.

●       Employee Health: Significant minimisation of health risks for employees while handling the products.

●       Eco-Friendliness: Lower exhaust of emissions, easier and gentler disposal in comparison to conventional, aggressive chemicals.

Features of Intelligent Fluids

Unlike solvent-based chemistry, SMAC is providing ground-breaking solutions for a stable and sustainable world with the following features:

●       Dermatologically approved, pH neutral makes it easier to use

●       Biodegradable, up to 70% less consumption, filtrable

●       ⅔ energy reduction, non-inflammable, no ATEX required

●       Reduced process cost by reducing and optimising process steps

●       No identification of hazards

●       No high operating temperatures are necessary

●       Heavily water-based, thermodynamically stable

●       100% regulatory compliant & future proof Intelligent Fluids, apart from having the above benefits

●       Molecular teamwork of highly dynamic fluids

●       Customised product design, which is based on proven and safe ingredients

●       Easy physical detaching instead of aggressive, chemical dissolving processes

●       Suitable for wide organic layers on inorganic substrates

●       Wide application due to lipophilic and hydrophilic properties

●       Easy disposal by rinsing with water or alcohol

SMAC Platform

Intelligent Fluids SMAC token is a cryptocurrency developed for this green chemistry fluid. Based on Ethereum smart contracts, SMAC is an ERC20 token that functions as a utility asset. It can be used for various purposes, which includes the purchase of Intelligent Fluids, discounted purchases, donations, and more. Additionally, it can also be traded for other crypto and fiat currencies. SMAC token has utility meaning and is used for utility transactions. SMAC was developed with the Smartchem platform in mind. The Smartchem innovative platform is dedicated to Intelligent Fluids cleaning products that are environmentally-friendly and eco-friendly. Organisations and users can utilise the SMAC platform to redeem SMAC tokens, buy their Intelligent Fluids necessities through the platform, and make donations to the different projects automatically. Smartchem was developed, keeping in mind the price reduction for Intelligent Fluids product purchases and to entice early adopters to take advantage of green chemistry. For this reason, it is advertising a zero-fee system for transactions that use SMAC tokens for trades.

The Smartchem team also believes that this innovative platform will expedite seller and user interaction and transactions. Smartchem leverages blockchain technology, particularly smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and it is a novel Smartchem protocol to facilitate fiat and cryptocurrency for Intelligent Fluids purchases. The faster clients change from aggressive and harmful solvents to smart green chemistry of Intelligent Fluids, the higher the reward.


Intelligent Fluids are based on a technology that creates smart and green chemistry, which has the potential to replace harmful and toxic solvents and chemicals all around the globe. The main focus of Intelligent Fluids is the B2B volume markets such as microelectronics, oil & gas, and maintenance-intense industries. The targeted market of wet chemistry is supposed to be around 4bn EUR in microelectronics, around 10bn EUR in oil & gas, and an estimated 5bn EUR in industrial maintenance. The token named Smartchem (SMAC) stands for that smart chemistry and will be the utility token of the Smartchem platform. This holds a lot of potential for the transformation of industrial cleaning globally.

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