With more than 100,000 people on the pre-launch waiting list and independently-verified simulations showing as much as 75% additional annual returns, AuBit Freeway could be the next big thing in finance.

Most investors today seem to lean towards one of two camps: crypto investing or traditional investing. Crypto investors have seen or made wild gains and know they’re real, whereas traditional investors feel far more comfortable with their 8% benchmark returns per year. One company, however, is using blockchain technology to combine the best of both worlds and maximise investor returns with no additional risk by reducing and redistributing revenues for the benefit of all investors.

Introducing AuBit Freeway: The world’s first investment platform
that gives you more of the assets you buy through revenue redistributions

“The network effect has revolutionised just about every industry. However, no one has yet used the right tech to leverage its potential in the world of finance, until AuBit.” — Joel Krueger, Global CIO at Aon Insurance, former $75bn APAC manager at Prudential, and AuBit’s Chief Investment Advisor

In building the Freeway platform, AuBit has put together a crack management team of leading financial experts from the world’s top financial companies like Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, IBM, and Google to combine the benefits of both crypto and traditional investing.

In traditional asset management, only the value of your assets vary — the price of your crypto assets, stocks, bonds, or gold may rise or fall. The volume of assets in your account, however, remains unchanged.

With the Freeway platform, AuBit turns the traditional model on its head by giving you more of the assets you own through ongoing trading revenue redistributions. Specifically, AuBit takes 80% of all fees and product-related revenues and returns them to users in the form of the underlying assets in which they’re invested.

For example, if you buy bitcoin on the Freeway platform, the bitcoin in your account grows every time anyone, anywhere in the world buys bitcoin with Freeway. You can begin with 0.01% of a bitcoin and, without ever adding a penny, hypothetically, earn 0.02, or 0.03 bitcoin over time.

So no matter what happens to the price of bitcoin, you minimise your risk and maximise your rewards by holding more of it. Unlike any other investment platform in the world, with AuBit, you get both value growth AND volume growth.

Independently-verified, simulated returns project
75% additional returns on active products

It will come as no surprise to you that blockchain enables lower costs by removing intermediaries. What will be surprising, however, is just how astonishing the potential additional returns are from fee redistributions.

In fact, simulations independently verified by London investment bank 01 Capital show that AuBit users could get as much as 75% additional gains per year above the market benchmark on active products. That means that, if an active product delivers 10% returns per year on a traditional platform, with the AuBit Freeway platform it could return 17.5%. Compounded, that leads to seriously better returns — without increasing your risk profile.

On passive products, where trading is less frequent, additional returns still far outpace the benchmark. And it is this that bridges the world of traditional and digital finance. On the Freeway platform, users will have the choice to supercharge both crypto assets and traditional assets — all on blockchain. Seeing the returns live, traditional users may, for the first time, be tempted to leverage a part of their portfolio into crypto assets for greater rewards without the additional risk.

Of course, prior to launch, these remain simulations. However, by May 2021, AuBit expects to have onboarded the first 10,000 users and to have proven their model of network-enhanced returns through fee and revenue redistributions.

The Freeway token has real utility in fueling
network growth and maximises investor returns

Here’s where things get really exciting, and the bridge between crypto and traditional finance meets in a way you’ll never have seen before.

The Freeway token (FWT) is the native utility token for the AuBit Freeway platform, and you can think of it as your catalyst to even more additional rewards.



1) Holding FWT gives Freeway users preferential AuBit Redistributions

You’ve seen what makes the freeway platform different and better: better returns with no additional risk through redistributions. Well, if you own and hold FWT inside your Freeway account, you supercharge your share of redistributions, meaning you get even more of the assets you own from every trade anyone makes anywhere in the world.

2) FWT is required to access preferential gains from the AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund

Soon, you’ll discover how AuBit makes the platform available in more than 180 countries from day one — which is great news for an investment platform that grows your assets on every trade. The more people that join the platform, the greater the redistributions and the greater your asset growth.

But access to everyday products isn’t the only thing AuBit has up their sleeve. AuBit has already made, prior to launch, access available to quant funds that regularly deliver investors 50%+ returns. Usually, you’d need connections and 7-figures in liquid assets to access such a fund. But with AuBit, any eligible user can access the fund from just $1.

However, you must match the value of your AuBit Hedge Fund products with at least 25% of the value in FWT, adding to the Freeway token’s utility value on the platform as an inevitable rush for access occurs upon launch.

3) FWT offers Freeway users discounted trading fees

On most Freeway products, you pay a single, small one-off fee to buy. There are no annual or ongoing fees on the vast majority of products. What’s more, you can reduce their fees further by as much as 50% by choosing to pay in FWT rather than a fiat currency like dollars, pounds or euros.

FWT’s potential utility is so high, in fact, that the publicly listed candian merchant bank, Greenbank purchased 400m Freeway tokens in a multimillion dollar cash plus equity deal just weeks following the Freeway token’s public launch in late 2020.

In a press release widely published on the websites of Nasdaq, Bloomberg, and Yahoo finance, David Lonsdale, CEO of GreenBank, said that “Here at Greenbank, one of our declared objectives (and the objectives of the investment companies in our portfolio) is to invest in and work with companies that can scale globally and have a valuation potential of at least $1b. We believe AuBit fits those criteria very well indeed“.

Given AuBit’s progress to date, Lonsdale’s comments may turn out to be quite an understatement.

$3m in referral rewards and more than 100,000
verified Freeway waitlist users prior to launch

Purposely under the radar prior to launch, AuBit has relied on an organic approach to marketing to date and regularly communicates with an unusually loyal community in Telegram and by email.

A quick look at the team behind a big idea like AuBit, however, and it’s little surprise that, despite the refreshing lack of hype, they already have more than 100,000 waitlist users signed up as a result of their $3m Freeway Forever Rewards Referral Program.

With the beta launch just around the corner, scheduled for April 2021, all eyes are on AuBit and the Freeway Token as the platform prepares to launch in more than 180 countries and serious marketing begins in earnest.

For more information about AuBit and to join the Freeway platform waitlist, visit aubit.io.

For any questions of the AuBit team join the AuBit Telegram group.

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