Investment management applications, is there a place for them in today’s world? Investing mindfully is the ideal way to build a secure future. But, when your investment portfolio begins to grow and expand, keeping track of all your securities/investments can be quite the task. This is where investment management applications come in handy. Investment management platforms and applications allow investors to manage, as well as track their portfolios with minimal effort. With the advent of appdriven investments in the past couple of years, investing in startups has become easier for both individuals and companies.

Today, a number of prominent applications have simplified investment for individuals, regardless of their previous investment experience. A major reason behind the increase in the popularity of investment management applications is the need among people to constantly manage, improve, track as well as protect their investment portfolio against difficult market conditions.

Over time, several new-age investment applications have emerged that are facilitating the investors in several ways. Below, check out the top 5 investment management platforms.


As already mentioned above, blockchain has the power to transform the investment management applications industry. It allows investors to carry a highly trusted and easy to use digital identity, which is further linked with their financial records as well as transaction history.


1.QuiverX Capital: It is a crowdfunding platform that uses blockchain technology, providing investors an opportunity to earn like professionals. The platform allows investors to take their investment capabilities a notch higher. With blockchain, individuals can invest stable coins into whichever startup projects that they find appealing on the platform.

2.Kickstarter: Kickstarter is a unique crowdfunding platform that helps people to gather funds from the general public, that circumvents traditional investment avenues of investment. It is an excellent platform that enables people to transform their ideas into reality. It provides traction to unique

projects which when rightly executed, can help people to build their own small companies. Project creators can select a preferred deadline as well as a minimum funding goal, and Kickstarter applies only 5% as its fee on the amount of money raised.

3.Mint: Mint is another popular investment, as well as a money management platform that offers a quick link to your investment accounts. Mint tracks all your accounts including banking, investment, retirement, and credit. Mint also provides information related to your fees, allowing you to discover the amount of money that is not being invested in your future.

4.Indiegogo: This is another excellent crowdfunding platform that provides support to people or small companies with innovative products. With Indiegogo, investors get a chance to support new entrepreneurs and technology right from their initial stages. This means you can evaluate a project/campaign and contribute as much as you intend to.

5.GoFundMeGoFundMe is a leading crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to raise funds for events like celebrations, graduations, illnesses, and accidents. People can raise funds individually or choose to invite other people to join their fundraising team.


Initially, blockchain gained prominence as a revolutionary technology that underpinned high-profile cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, now the technology is getting a significant amount of attention due to its ability to offer a solid infrastructure for recording and executing transactions. Blockchain has tremendous capabilities in transforming the investment management applications sector through the use of digital identities, smart contracts as well as other innovative components.

In simple terms, blockchain works as a decentralized and distributed ledger-based system, capable of recording transactions securely as well as in a permanent and verifiable manner.

As far as the banking & finance industry is concerned, it has been one of the key contributors in the area of blockchain application development. This is because blockchain impacts the investment management industry in multiple ways. To begin, it offers tremendous scope for open collaboration. Apart from creating resiliency, blockchain technology allows different networks to openly collaborate with each other.

Additionally, blockchain offers improved privacy and security of data. It transforms how data is both accessed and stored in a network. Blockchain distributes records across different nodes, thus eliminating the chances of a data breach on a centralized database. With blockchain, one also enjoys benefits such as improved speed. A welldesigned blockchain investment management app offers real-time information concerning investment tracking, providing asset managers an insight into the data as well as the changes which can impact their client’s investment portfolio.

Also, transactions that take place on the blockchain cannot be altered or changed without the need for any network permission. As a result, the activities related to the assets are duly verified and provide an accurate record to the asset managers for further use. Investment portfolios that have been built on the blockchain-based system benefit as a result of organized data systems that DLT provides. DLT further helps in accelerating communication between asset managers, investors as well as 3rd party entities.


As far as QuiverX Capital is concerned, it is a unique crowdfunding platform that uses blockchain technology. QuiverX offers a platform for everyday investors that provides them with an opportunity to earn money like professionals. The platform allows investors to take their investment capabilities a notch higher. With blockchain, investors can own a fraction of high-yielding rewards, provided directly from company to investor.

QuiverX allows investors to make use of smart contracts designed on the Ethereum network and further invest them with complete transparency and confidence. Using their online wallet you can store, transfer as well as track trade-related information on your assets in the wallet. The platform runs on Amazon Web Services, which implies that you will never have to worry about the safety and security of your data.

The QuiverX platform is easy to access and use. Hence, investors can invest in numerous cryptocurrencies and also seek other opportunities for investment in a single centralized location. QuiverX also allows investors to accrue as much as 18% APY rewards and keep their coins secure on their servers.

QuiverX has applied blockchain to remodel the markets that are traditionally inaccessible, thereby providing opportunities for high-value investment at a low entry barrier. This further results in investors achieving a high percentage on their investments. QuiverX has been developed to enable seamless transactions on a decentralized platform.

As far as investors are concerned, some of their major concerns include entry cost and the need for initial capital. Apart from this, they are also worried about privacy, reliability, and security when it comes to investment. Other concerns such as the number of commissions or fees charged, trading at best prices, and outstanding customer support are also some of the issues that investors face today.

With QuiverX platform retail investors can access previously inaccessible investment markets that have a high fee and minimum investment requirement of around one million dollars. Investors who choose to use the QuiverX platform can use their stable coins or fiat currency to invest in startup projects listed on the site. Rewards to investors will be agreed upon with the projects at the time of listing. The highly innovative platform has been designed to process safe, secure, and high-value transactions while enabling every investor to function anonymously by carrying out verified transactions through their blockchain system. QuiverX imposes a low fee, making investment management simple and convenient, irrespective of whether investors are using cryptocurrency or fiat money. The QuiverX token functions as a utility token as well as a credit system that delivers numerous functions, such as granting specialized access to holders and paying for services on its site.


The QuiverX platform is designed to offer both reliability and security. Using the QuiverX utility token, which is basically an ERC-20 digital token that can be easily held in an Ethereum ERC20 wallet, and one can easily trade on different exchanges. In the near future, these tokens can also be utilized for loading point of sale payment card option, buying cryptocurrency within the application, and used to pay for services on the website, promotions, advertisements, listings, and transaction fees. Users are incentivized to hold the utility token in order to get early access to investment opportunities, reduced network fees, and monthly rewards for being QuiverX holders, which are generated from a portion of advertisement and promotion fees. All the potential investment options will be displayed within the website and the holders of the QuiverX token will be able to scroll through them to pick and buy into the projects that they are interested in.

Additionally, investors can also stake their digital coins, by leaving the desired token amount on the crypto exchange and earn around 18% on an annual basis. This amount will be payable only after their staking period comes to an end, and based on the amount that they may have staked.


Investment management applications and platforms have become quite popular among seasoned as well as new investors. This is because of their easy to access interface and host of features. Over the last couple of years, there has been a drop in the startup, asset, and IPO investors and. This drop has taken place also due to inflation, it has a diminishing impact on the initial amount of capital required for investment. While most of the high-value projects look to acquire capital through angel investors, experienced investors cannot do the same easily. This is one of the reasons why the QuiverX Capital platform is special. It basically bridges the gaps lying between developers and investors, which means any project can easily be funded by several small investments run on a blockchain-based platform. This further provides every single investor an opportunity to claim a small percentage of the project that they have invested in.

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