The DeFi ecosystem is booming, to say the least. The biggest advantage with DeFi protocols is the potential to generate a substantial passive income with minimum investment. However, with more and more investors actively diversifying their conventional portfolios and investing in DeFi protocols, rug pull and scams are mushrooming.

It’s concerning and explains why one must learn to distinguish between brilliance and mediocrity when choosing where to invest. At the Platinum Crypto Academy, we actively help traders and investors learn and make informed decisions. Here, we introduce you to a super-exciting and promising DeFi project – Gain Protocol – that’s grabbing eyeballs for all the good reasons, which we explore in our in-depth Gain Protocol review.

Trust Imbalance For Investors : What’s Wrong With Most Make-Money-From Crypto Initiatives?

As DeFi makes it easy to enter a whole new world of finance with endless opportunities, the number of “options” positioning themselves as the ultimate make-money from crypto alternative is growing indiscriminately. Most of these projects have an inherent trust deficiency. With no vision or value, a significant majority of the projects mushrooming each week, get busy selling themselves as one of the best fixed-reward tokens. Many investors have been preyed upon by organised groups of cybercriminals masquerading as blockchain pioneers dedicated to creating the most profitable DeFi solution. One of the key aspects of becoming a successful investor is to make informed decisions. However, we do acknowledge that the complexities involved in distinguishing DeFi projects based on their technical architecture and underlying infrastructure is beyond the abilities of an average investor. It leads to a growing trust imbalance. Most make-money-from-crypto-projects have nothing to fill the gap because investor protection and risk mitigation is what they are least concerned about.

Introducing Gain Protocol

Gain Protocol is one of the top DeFi projects with unique fixed rewards tokens to help investors create a fixed static income for themselves with their parked crypto assets. It also provides investors with the highest levels of transparency and security with their Whale Protection design, which keeps your investments safe from the market manipulators with big pockets. The Gain Protocol ecosystem features seven different ingenious protocols to protect investor interests.

Gain Protocol also features some exciting, unique opportunities through Sweepstakes, which allows token owners to earn exciting rewards every week. Its community-driven approach puts retail and individual investors at the forefront and extends the opportunity to earn big with crypto investments to those with limited means. The fixed rewards DeFi tokens that drive the Gain Protocol ecosystem are unique tokens built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its distinguishing static rewards feature allows token holders to keep generating a fixed passive income proportional to their holdings.

Investors Protection

One of the most significant advantages of the Gain Protocol is that it follows a zero-compromise policy when it comes to protecting $Gain Investors. One of the seven Gain Protocols – the Whale Protection protocol – is designed to protect small investors’ capital from taking a hit due to irresponsible and sometimes purported manipulation of the market by big investors often referred to as “whales”.

When these big investors go on a dumping spree, they can easily contribute to plummeting the prices of any DeFi token. With the native “Whale Protection Protocol”, $Gain Investors have nothing to worry about, and in fact, get to benefit from irresponsible indiscriminate selling attempts. Gain Protocol implements a fee that applies only to gainers who act irresponsibly and sell large amounts of coins all at once regularly.

The process from the “whale activity” charges are added to the static reward pools and redistributed to all token holders proportionally. Effectively, it means that $Gain owners not only benefit from the 3% of each transaction that’s shared with $Gain holders but they also get a share of the “X%” fee collected from the bigger sales.

The Gain Protocol also has clearly defined what qualifies as large scale additionally chargeable transactions. “If the liquidity pool currently has 100 coins, holders can sell up to 2 coins without paying the additional fee. If a holder sells 6 coins within a day, an additional fee of 16% will be charged (6-2)2. The additional fee has a maximum cap of 25%.”

Gain Protocol Advantage For Retail Investors

$Gain are getting increasingly popular amongst retail investors. One of the top DeFi tokens on the market, the Gain Protocol has unique advantages for its retail investors. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

1.Easily Accessible: Investing in Gain Protocol is easy. One can simply visit the Gain Protocol website and purchase $Gain. The tokens are already listed on PancakeSwap.

2.Fixed Rewards for Investors : If you’re an investor looking to create a fixed reward passive income from your crypto holdings, $Gain is your best bet. $Gain owners get access to the best and most secure earning opportunities to create a passive income for themselves. All $Gain token holders continue to earn fixed rewards in perpetuity as the transactions on the network are taxed and proceeds redistributed to token holders. The best is the rewards keep on increasing as the transactions on the network grow.

3.Greener Tokens: With the debate around the energy efficiency of top tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum ensuing, experts are raising their concerns about the environmental impact. $Gain is created on the ultra-powerful and advanced Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to validate transactions on the blockchain. It is highly energy efficient with a near-zero carbon footprint. Unlike conventional Proof-of-Work (POW) consensus mechanisms, $Gain tokens don’t involve the energy-intensive mining process. As such, by investing in Gain Protocol, you also get to contribute to creating a more sustainable and secure means of value storage mainstream. Gain Protocol offers a true sustainable passive income solution with the highest levels of transparency and security.

4.Additional Earnings With Sweepstakes: Gain Protocol provides users with additional earning opportunities through Sweepstakes. These are native draws – 7 Sweepstakes protocols are held every day using the 1.5%-3.4% fee. The proceeds from the draws are given to random token owners. Because the Gain Protocol Sweepstakes are automated, there is no chance of any fraud. To retail investors, it means there’s always a chance to win big – seven times a week.

5.Reasons Investors Can’t Ignore Gain Protocol

Cryptocurrency DeFi investments are soon going to take over conventional investments like stocks and precious metals for sheer utility and accessibility. Even the IMF and their counsellors now agree that the blockchain-based monetary system has the potential to provide financial services and solutions to the unbanked. Gain Protocol is committed to removing the biggest investor bottleneck in DeFi – and that’s security. The project allows investors to earn static rewards and is one of the best DeFi projects offering highly profitable, fixed tokens designed to benefit private investors. If you’re reading our Gain Protocol review this far, we understand that you have been looking to get a sustainable passive income solution with your crypto investments. Gain Protocol’s fixed rewards tokens are simply something you can’t afford to miss.

Here’s why:

1) Whale Protection Protocol: Securing retail investors’ assets from undue and artificial depreciation due to irresponsible activities of bigger investors who start selling indiscriminately, triggering a panic, which subsequently leads to a price drop, Gain Protocol’s Whale Protection solution is designed to deter such attempts to manipulate the prices. Gain Protocol charges a separate fee for bigger transactions. The fees from these transactions are redistributed to token owners.

2) Swap X: As a retail investor, one of the biggest advantages you have with Gain Protocol is the ease of sale and purchase. You can easily acquire and diversify your $Gain directly from their website’s advanced Swap X feature. It allows users to directly purchase, sell and swap $Gain.

3) Audited Smart Contracts by Solidity Finance: As DeFi gets popular, we see how rug pulls and Ponzi schemes are duping investors globally. The smart contract is the ultimate recourse to ascertain the legitimacy of the claims. Gain Protocol is increasingly drawing investor interest because it already has its Smart Contract audited by a reputable firm, Solidity Finance.

4) Dynamic Liquidity Protocol: One of the most critical components of any DeFi protocol is liquidity. While in conventional markets, we have an intermediary financial institution determining and influencing the price movements, the decentralised crypto exchanges function on Automated Market Makers (AMMs). The prices are determined by the free market forces and the availability of buyers and sellers. The dynamic liquidity protocol is designed to ensure there is no dearth of liquidity and $Gain users get the best value for their assets. Gain Protocol’s smart contract applies a fee on all transactions, of which 2% is automatically transferred to a dynamic liquidity pool to ensure seamless supply. This benefits token owners and helps stabilise the price and availability.

5) Pioneering Philanthropy 3.0: Integrating blockchain with charity, the Gain Protocol also features a dedicated charity pool. With an innovative and more transparent way to help promising charities, with $Gain, you will also be pioneering Philanthropy 3.0, which is now happening through blockchain networks. One of the key advantages of Gain Protocol’s charity pool is that it ensures the highest levels of transparency and allows you to be a part of a thriving charitable initiative while also earning fixed rewards from your crypto investments.


DeFi projects, sloganeering “Make-money-from-crypto”, are a dime a dozen. However, when the dust settles in the coming months, only the projects that prioritise investor protection, are rug pull-proof and have a solid foundation of advanced technical architecture will survive. Gain Protocol checks all the boxes and prioritises investor interests. Features like Whale Protection show the commitment and the underlying philosophy that inspires the Gain Protocol team. Gain Protocol also has Swap X features, which makes it easy for investors to buy, sell or swap the tokens directly on the Gain Protocol website, without having to visit Pancakeswap Dex. It shows that the platform is investor-oriented. With such advanced features, it’s not at all difficult to filter Gain Protocol from the rest of the fixed rewards tokens. As a DeFi enthusiast or serial investor, you would definitely want to explore how to make $Gain a part of your diversified portfolio.

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