I often get asked by clients and subscribers what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 and this question often opens up many doors, today’s article I would like to focus on a particular project Rowan Energy (regular readers will know we have featured this project before) and how understanding their Tokenomics is a great asset when understood. Before I go into detail on that for those who are new to the subscription or our website here is an introduction to the project and Cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, were the first blockchain systems to be introduced into the market. With blockchain initial coin offerings raising billions of dollars, as well as global financial authorities across the globe finally offering a clarification regarding the regulations applicable to blockchain businesses and ICOs, 2020 is set to witness the emergence of a digital token powered economy. So, if you are searching for the best cryptocurrency to invest in, then continue reading further.

The latest developments in the regulatory environment across the globe are indicative of a future when the blockchain token will be issued for transferring assets, like real estate or even securities, in a lawful as well as the compliant manner in different financial jurisdictions.

Like real estate, electricity can also be traded for automating the purchasing and selling of renewable energy. This would take away the power from the large shareholder based providers and bring it back to the community or the people. This is where Rowan Energy comes into the picture!

Rowan Energy was set up to establish a one-of-its-kind blockchain that was both decentralized and encouraged people to purchase and use green energy through the installation of solar energy panels. Within the Rowan Energy community, members validate all the energy-related transactions and get rewards for contributing to the Rowan community. This makes Rowan Energy possibly one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 as they are aiming to revolutionize a major industry.


Rowan Energy (https://www.rowanenergy.com) was established by its CEO and founder David Duckworth. Originally, Rowan was established to reward individuals for embracing sustainable living, However, Rowan Energy, possibly the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020, was committed to its goal of encouraging the homeowners in the UK to install a rooftop solar panel.


Rowan Energy is the first green energy blockchain in the world, which is the community-supported and utilizes low powered Proof of Authority Consensus method. Members of the Rowan Energy community will be able to sell Carbon Offset Certificates (REC’s) produced by their Smart Miner as part of the process of creating energy.

Thus, solar energy panel owners, Crypto investors, Green investors, traders of all levels who are looking for one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020 should take the time to understand the Rowan Energy project.

It must be noted that the installation of solar panels can be a costly affair. But, with Rowan Energy blockchain, one can end up making the most of this investment through its ecosystem after a couple of years. Continue reading to learn more about the Rowan Energy blockchain, how it benefits the community, and what makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020.


The existing system of rewarding households with rooftop solar panel installations and generation of electricity is prehistoric in terms of design, and also uneconomical. Besides, there isn’t any way to monitor the power/energy that rooftop solar panels generate back to their source of generation. Additionally, using blockchain technology utilising Proof-of-Work for encouraging green energy isn’t viable owing to the huge amount of power/energy it requires to mine as well as validate transactions.


Rowan Energy, is one of the best cryptocurrencies which you can invest in during 2020 enabling users to sell their energy P2P with others in the community, thus bringing in instant payments, and that too at a higher rate. This, along with REC’s results in an increase in the income of solar panel owners by over 70%. By using Rowan Energy’s custom-designed blockchain system, the consumer will know when, how much, and where the electricity or power was generated. How much on-site consumption of power happened and the amount that was fed on the grid. The company has a POA based blockchain, which is low-carbon and low-powered. Also, both their partners as well as regulators can host the validation servers, and it can also be hosted on Rowan Energy’s infrastructure.


Rowan Energy is primarily targeting the rooftop green energy or solar panel owners. The company is also looking to target consumers searching for affordable and green options, as well as the businesses that are planning to minimize the carbon footprint. As a result, with Rowan Energy, both the commercial and residential clients can benefit significantly.

Thus, those who choose to either use Rowan energy solution, invest or add to their current portfolio a portion of RWN tokens have an opportunity to not only be part of an energy revolution starting in the UK but also reap the rewards of possibly the best cryptocurrency to invest in during 2020.

One of the major reasons why an increasing number of people are getting attracted to the Rowan Energy project is because it will also benefit energy companies. This is because all those energy companies that sell renewable energy to power grids, need to have a certification in place. This certification helps them to ensure that their energy is environment-friendly. Also, called the REGO certification, this certificate is crucial for energy organizations for purchasing before they sell anything. However, Rowan Energy will assign this REGO certification to all the energy firms, which means they won’t have to purchase it from anywhere else. This would not only help them to save time but will also be convenient and affordable for these giant companies. This is another reason why both individuals and huge corporations are taking a keen interest in the project, which has become one of the best cryptocurrencies, to invest in during 2020.


To understand the subtle nuances of a companies Tokenomics one must first understand what the token will be used for and then extrapolate from there.

So first of all, what we know is:-

  • Rowan Energy (RWN)
  • Total Supply: 45,000,000 RWN
  • Initial Exchange Supply: 11,000,000


Rowan Energy has designed and built a custom blockchain that isn’t compatible with others based on the POA blockchain concept. Through its smart contract, Rowan Energy is planning to introduce pre-mined digital tokens for early adopters, supporters, and distributors. The ITO and Airdrop have been completed and the rowan token is now being freely traded on LATOKEN and VinDAX. With this, the company plans to support the entire community, as well as the ecosystem even as the Rowan platform is being designed & developed. As per a white paper released by the company, only 45 million Rowan token shall be offered for distribution.

The company intends to apply the transaction fee on the issue of certificates, as well as, for energy trading to produce higher revenue. It must be noted that Rowan, has reserved nearly 2 million Rowan tokens for the vault feature. This particular feature is available only for the initial 2000 customers. These saved digital tokens shall enjoy dividend payments in the range of 0.1-0.2 % per day. Apart from this, homeowners who choose to participate in the validation of the token.

Thus, using the custom POA blockchain, Rowan Energy distributes a low powered Rowan Smart Miner that can be hosted inside the home. These gadgets confirm all the transactions being carried out on the Rowan Blockchain and reward its owners on a daily basis for the same. The node (smart miner) tracks energy production by the home, produces carbon offset certs, validates transactions in a wheel & hub formation with master nodes. Besides, people can use these rewards to offset their energy or power costs in the future. Thus, in the future, members of the Rowan community will get to purchase their electricity from others in the community, in real-time, and through the P2P mechanism. Any additional energy requirements shall be purchased in the form of a club via renewable sources, providing the company the power to buy a large base of customers, and thus negotiate amazing deals.


Home Solar Panel owners who use Rowan Energy will typically have this experience.

  1. Each home produces an average of 20kw daily, with each 1kw producing a tokenised certificate. Rowan pays £0.25 per certificate to the homeowners.
  2. Rowan Energy Will pay every day £5 (£1820 per year) in RWN for the generated tokenised carbon offset certificates (REC’s).
  3. Home Solar Panel owner has the choice to convert the RWN to £ Using the Wallet application or holding the RWN for any length of time they choose.
best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020_Buy


So when looking at scaling this to 100 users or 1000 users or even 10,000 users it quickly becomes apparent for any trader in the cryptocurrency space that this generates a lot of buy pressure on the market. Let me explain further….

Currently, the Price of 1 RWN is £0.014758 this means that for each user per day receiving £5 in RWN (1,121.7 RWN) for energy production (it is going live to 100+ sites in September 2020).

Buy pressure generated on the market daily for RWN (estimate as the price of RWN will increase as demand rise and user adoption is an increase):-

  • 1 home solar panel Rowan User – 1,121.7 RWN
  • 100 Home solar panel Rowan Users – 112,173 RWN
  • 1000 Home solar panel Rowan Energy Users – 1,121,734 RWN
  • 10,000 Home solar panel Rowan Energy Users – 11,217,346 RWN

Creating massive demand for the token in the market from all the home solar panel owners. This model also does not account for the limited availability of the tokens as they become “locked up” by users.

Based on the PoC they would be buying for only 100 users per day 112,173 RWN. Which is rapidly going to cause a price spike as the order books flatten.

There is also sell pressure from the home solar panel owners as I am sure some owners will want to cash out at some point to collect their rewards the 100 user case study starting next month with giving a clearer indication of the selling pressure from users.

best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020_Sell


As the Rowan Energy Blockchain creates the Carbon offset certificates there is also additional buy pressure from companies who wish to offset their carbon footprint.

How Rowan Energy plan to facilitate this: –

  1. Generate Carbon offset Certificate based on the green energy production of the Home Solar Panel Users.
  2. Take payment from Traders or Businesses wanting to Buy Offset Certificates
  3. Convert the Payment or accept Payment in RWN for the certificates creating buy pressure on the market


1 Home solar panel Rowan Users – 20 Certificates produced a day – 2731 RWN per day

100 Home solar panel Rowan Users – 2000 Certificates produced a day – 273,177 RWN per day

1000 Home solar panel Rowan Users – 20000 Certificates produced a day – 2,731,770 RWN per day


Understand what drives a token price is crucial for any Crypto trader or investor.  Buy pressure that can be scaled and Sell pressure that can be scaled will certainly provide a trader with an edge when navigating the market.

One incredibly unique aspect of the Rowan Energy is instead of the token price being heavily driven by the flavor of the month fever I like to call it or FOMO as most may know it Rowan’s RWN token is driven and pushed by actual user adoption and demand, the biggest kicker is that demand is driven by people who will be making more money by using Rowan Energy than not using Rowan Energy simply by allowing Rowan to buy the REC’s the miner produces & then resell them.

For a trader, knowing customer sizes, buying, and selling trends based on this could make for a very lucrative trading strategy as well as a good long term holding crypto for a portfolio.

Given the Tokenomics and the first Big step of 100 users going live next month Rowan Energy is certainly one to watch we will be keeping a close eye in the months and weeks to come as for one I have already added RWN to my portfolio.



Rowan Energy recently announced that it has added 5 fresh blockchain masternodes to its network, thus increasing the security and decentralisation of the Rowan platform. (https://medium.com/@platinumcryptoacademy/rowan-energy-adds-5-new-blockchain-masternodes-to-existing-blockchain-architecture-c3ed0c591408)

2. Rowan Energy Introduces the Rowan Hub and Smart Miner Solutions

Rowan Energy announced the release of Rowan Hub as well as the smart miner solution for home users. ( https://www.platinumcryptoacademy.com/press-release/introducing-the-rowan-hub-smart-miner/)

3. Benefits of a Blockchain-run Green Energy Market in the UK

Rowan Energy helps to resolve the issues in the renewable energy market. (https://medium.com/@RowanEnergyRewards/benefits-of-a-blockchain-run-green-energy-market-in-the-uk-9cbc3371acea)


There is no denying the fact that the Rowan Energy is fighting for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020, as it will transform the renewable or solar energy market for the better. With consistent changes within the system happening as a result of technology, Rowan Energy offers an excellent way to safeguard the existing energy sources. Rowan offers the ideal solution for creating more awareness around green energy, encouraging almost every homeowner to rethink their investment in the home solar panel as well as other green energy projects.

Remember, in the end, we all want to put funds into the projects that ensure returns. While conventional energy fails to attract people, Rowan Energy, has come up with an efficient platform and reward system to ensure that renewable energy is more appealing. Given that the company is planning to build a community of over 30,000 members by 2024, investing in the Rowan project, could be the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article.

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day!

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